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Petition Drive Launched to Support Palin’s AK Series

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 21, 2010

Graphic by Karen Allen

As most of our readers know, Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS) comes in many forms. We see it every day in the mainstream news media,on the Internet, and elsewhere..  Recently, it reared its ugly head as extremist environmental groups launched petitions to pressure Discovery Communications to drop Governor Palin’s Alaska documentary series.

So the authors of Sarah’s Web Brigade have decided to launch a counterattack. We are launching a petition drive to support Sarah Palin and Discovery Communications and  to promote their upcoming Sarah Palin’s Alaska series. We are all looking forward to this series with great anticipation and will not allow political malelovents to distract from what is promising to be an awe-inspiring look at the natural wonders of Alaska and an introduction to its history and everyday life.

Each of our SWB authors has a website of his/her own and will be posting a graphic that is hyperlinked to the petition. All Sarah Palin supporters are invited to join us in this effort.. Becoming a sponsor of the Support Sarah Palin’s Alaska Documentary Series is a show of support for Governor Palin and Discovery Communications as they launch the Sarah Palin’s Alaska documentary series. There is no charge for participating.  The only requirement is that each sponsor website post a copy of the hyperlinked graphic on their website and post the link to the petition on Twitter, Facebook, or other social networking site.

Anyone who would like to participate can leave a comment in the comments section of this blog.or send me a tweet at @sarahpalinlinks.  Once you are approved, the name of your website will be added to the list of sponsors on the petition.  This will be done on a first-come-first-serve basis determined by the available space on the website.

Whether you participate as a sponsor website or not, please show your support for Governor Palin by adding your signature to the Support Sarah Palin’s Alaska Documentary Series  petition at  A hyperlinked graphic that will take you directly to the petition can be found at the top of this article as well as on all participating websites.

131 Responses to “Petition Drive Launched to Support Palin’s AK Series”

  1. Mary Waynick said

    I enjoy watching the Discovery Channel.looking forward to Gov. Palin’s Alaska series.

  2. You do know that there is a deep seeded, almost born of panic, and a desire, to see Sarah fail. Most women, who do not like Sarah, are envious to a point of pure hatred. If Freud was still alive, I imagine he would have a field day trying to figure out this new phenomenon. I guess it is mainly the astonishment at the way Sarah carries on a standard, most men, couldn’t keep up with let alone women. How she juggles a complete male life style, while keeping her feminine Wife and Mother life style in tact. This of course, cuts into the grain of every feminist, and leaves them totally befuddled, and totally contemptuous.
    There is know hope for the feminist, Sarah has disproved it, and is about time the feminists get over, and get moving, because you feminists, are already out touch.

    • Sage said

      Some women who want to see Sarah fail have simply become bleating sheep with blinders on and parrot the panic-driven feeding frenzy. (Same is true for some men.) We don’t need to paint everything with a broad brush here; I’ve always considered myself a feminist and refuse to let the left-fringe liberals define my way of being in the world.

      There’s a broad spectrum of people who love the United States and can think for themselves who support Sarah Palin with fervor and resolve. Her courage, to-the-core integrity, intelligence and sense of humor remind me of my mother in many ways. She’s the kind of woman I was raised to applaud and emulate. God Bless her.

  3. Angela said

    I just want to thank the Discovery Channel for giving me,and my family and friends,the opportunity to see and experience the beauty of Alaska’s wildlife,that Sarah speaks of so proudly.She truly loves Alaska,and now,thanks to Discovery,we get the chance to see a loving,beautiful person,show the beauty of nature in her own state.Awesome:)

  4. Sarah palins’s strength of character, work ethic and love of God, is and sublime example , of which we could only hope and pray many young people find her to be an Icon to emulate. She is an exert of Alaska and all things Alaskan, besides having a pioneer’s background here in th 21st century. She is so much a down to earth normal regular woman of intelligence; who has acchieved much , and because she is such an admirable woman she attractss hate from lower 48 so called accomplished women who know full well she so overshadows them in every way. She makes most so called professional career women, who for the most part appear to be self indulged, egocentric ,
    whimps next to Sarah. Sarah is light years ahead of the lower 48 career woman as a whole woman and as one who can cope!!
    Her Love and knowledge of Alaska exudes from her pores, and most American who watch this program will have confidence that they are learning accurate information.
    R Chanin

  5. Laudrey Saa said

    I can’t. wait to see gov. Palin

  6. Diane Nocito said

    I am support of anything involving Sarah Palin. She is a special person and is beneficial to any network. She is a wonderful speaker. She will make her show about Alaska entertaining to watch. Thank you.

  7. betsy knight said

    I visited the great State of Akaska in the fall of 2008 and found the most beautiful place on earth! I wish I could live there. I look forward to my choice for our next President of this United States of America,appearing on Discovery to lead me on a tour of.Alaska. Sarah Palin is so open, honest and moral I think she is the perfect person for leading the rest of us through her magestic,magnificent State of Alaska. Just wish I could be there with her breathing that clean,fresh air


  8. LORRAINE said



  9. Erwin Brady said

    I am a member of Team Sarah. So I’m working to do my part in supporting Sarah Palin.

    Thank you.

  10. S P said

    I support the show and look forward to watching it. Unlike what Obama and his left leaning supporters think, Alaska is part of America and is one of our most beautiful states. Those environmentalists who are outraged that Alaskans cull wolves and coyotes and other over-populated wildlife herds are hypocrites – in Illinois and other states throughout the midwest and beyond, environmentalists at city, county and state agencies annually conduct deer and coyote cullings. In other words, they kill them off to thin the herds. There justification is that an abundance of deer harms native plant and tree species and they must create a “balance” in nature, they must control the number of deer that live in any given preserve, state park or natural area. So when they complain about Alaska doing aerial inventories and shootings, they must go after all the other states that do the same. Their efforts are strictly politically motivated. Discovery should let Sarah’s voice be heard and the beauty of Alaska be seen.

  11. Carol Drebert said

    I commented to Discovery:

    Sarah Palin deserves to have accurate, honest, and truthful information considered, when companies such as yours, and executives such as yourself make decisions on whether to air programs featuring her as a spokesperson. Knee jerk opinions and uninformed judgments should not be what is heeded at such times. Those who wish to harm a reputation simply because they do not wish “the other side” to have a voice, and who attempt to silence an opposing view for their dislike of it, do not deserve, themselves, to be heard in an intelligent “conversation” or discussion of an issue. Please be the balanced media representatives that our country is in great need of today!

    With my sincere thanks,

    Carol Drebert, Alaska resident

  12. Scott Broussard said

    I just want to say thank you Discovery for working on this awesome series. My family loves Sarah Palin and can’t wait to discover more of the natural beauty and culture of the Great State of Alaska.

  13. Brandy Stetler said

    No website yet but, I do get Discovery & can’t wait for the ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ series to begin. Thank you for adding such a great American to your, already wonderful, lineup!

  14. BubbaT said

    Environmental groups Defenders of Wildlife and CREDO are leading a charge against Sarah Palin and her upcoming show which highlights Alaska and is slated to be aired by the Discovery channel. They have collected some 500,000 thousand signatures requesting that the show be canceled. These signatures will be delivered to The Discovery Channel’s May 5th shareholders meeting.

    Immediate action item: Show your support today for Sarah Palin and her upcoming show “Alaska” by signing this petition:

  15. Jeannie said

    Thank you for allowing Sarah to highlight our great state. Alaska is proud of our resources and takes great pride in caring for them. Sarah will do a great job in hosting a series on Alaska.

  16. Delores Bush said

    Our family watches the Discovery Channel…..this show is FREE SPEECH……Our family has beening waiting for this series with Sarah Palin…….It is unAmerican for Haters to stop FREE SPEECH!!!!!!!!!



  18. Suzanne Cole-Rice said

    Thank you so much for putting this petition together. I have signed it & will pass it along to others. Having lived in Alaska in my tweens many years ago, I can’t wait to see this series.

  19. John Birtell said

    Sarah Palin is a person of integrity and very good for our country. I am looking forward to viewing this series.

  20. Pam & Bill Latham said

    We hope that this Alaska series will be shown to exhibit the beauty of Alaska and that politics will take a back seat to the true message of how beautiful Alaska is and the extraordinary wild life that exists there. Alaska is turly an American treasure and this series need not be spoiled by partisan politics.

  21. Andrew Harper said

    While the eco-statists use false claims of human caused global warming to stifle true inquiry and consolidate political power in their never ending effort to run our lives, Conservatives like Sarah Palin are true conservationists and responsible, ethical stewards of God majestic natural world. Go Sarah Go!

  22. This extremely educational, and the Discovery channel should be honored to show one of our most beautiful states in her glory, Alaska.

  23. LeRoy H. Golm Jr. said

    You could not have chosen a better representative, or more intriguing personality than Govenor Palin to host the series.

  24. betty said

    Let people see one of our great states………
    goodness how long will the HATE last….don’t give in..

  25. Stephen Carmack said

    The left is just pissed of because this smart and brave women is not on there side.

  26. Please keep Sarah’s show. I am looking forward to seeing the show.
    Thank You
    Alan Everett DDS

  27. Laraine Yoss said

    Who knows more about Alaska than Sarah Palin….maybe Todd. I rest my case. Can’t wait to see it.

  28. Vicki said

    I look forward to seeing Sarah and Alaska together! Who better to host such a series?…no one!
    Her love of Alaska is seen in her eyes and through her words.

  29. Janeane Bolton said

    I am looking forward to this series with Gov. Palin. She is truly “Ratings Gold” and will give you tremendous ratings! I sincerely thank you for doing the series on Alaska with Sarah!

  30. crystan lorenzi said

    We are so excited to see the new series on Alaska with Gov.Sarah Palin. Thank you for showing this great State.

  31. Stephanie said

    Please keep the documentary on Sara Palin’s Alaska on.
    She represents those that are very interested in her honesty & integrity about Alaska

  32. Sarah will do a great job ,as usual.

  33. Sarah will do a grate job as usual!

  34. sage2k said

    I signed the petition and was probably too wordy with my comments, as usual. I am, beyond all else, an animal lover. I’m a former wildlife rehabilitator and am extremely sensitive to the well being of all wildlife. I Love wolves… I have and do supported well-thought out repopulation programs. With that as a background, when I say that I’ve read the studies and rationale behind the predator control programs in Alaska and believe that it is being done carefully and humanely and with the best interests of the wildlife population as a whole, as well as the human residents of the state (particularly the subsistance hunters)… and I support Alaska’s policies .. it Should mean something.

    I’m also not immune to the emotions involved in the whole debate … but untruths and hysteria and smear campaigns do not help wildlife populations.

  35. Joyce said

    I am looking forward to the Alaska series with Sarah Palin. She will do an excellent job.

  36. Philip Cavalier said

    Mr. Zaslav,

    The very use of the word Discovery suggests that we are viewing the work of professionals who have fair ethics and are not political propaganda hacks. Should you decide to censor the Sarah Palin Alaska Wildlife program your creditability will be damage and the Discovery Channel will become a code word for radical political propaganda. It will certainly result in my removing your stations from my favorite list and stop my children from viewing any programs in the future. .

    I will also tell others who enjoy the Discovery Channel about the radical political position of the Discovery channel and its use of censure for programs that do not meet their political view. It is unreliable and one should not rely on it content.

    Thank you,

    Philip and Janice Cavalier

  37. Brenda said

    Sarah is the perfect person to narrate this Discovery program.

    Who knows Alaska better than Sarah.

    We Love You Sarah!!!

  38. I support Discovery Communications airing Sarah Palin’s Alaska.I along with countless others want to see this show so badly!Don’t let a few distractors dissuade you from airing what is sure to be ratings Gold!

  39. This is not about a television program about the state of Alaska, nor is it about Sarah Palin. This is about blatant censorship. If there are people who do not want to wacth this program, they can change the channel, not demand that no one else be able to watch the program. Sarah Palin or no Sarah Palin, I think such a program about Alaska will be fascinating and educational. I will tune in.

  40. Len Engquist said

    Governor Sarah Palin is a great choice to highlight the beauty and majesty of the great state of Alaska. I hope Discovery, Inc. will resist the pressure of the left wing to cancel the series on Alaska that they have scheduled. It is sad indeed that leftist radicals feel they must try to destroy anyone who dares oppose them and their policies. They preach diversity and tolerance, but that only applies to individuals and groups that support these policies. If you disagree with them they will do whatever they can to discredit and destroy you.

  41. Kendall said

    The radical left, emboldened by the election of marxist Barack Obama, is engaged in a full-scale assault of the United States and its traditional values.
    These leftists have no problem with a far-left radical president and a whole host of extreme “in your face” appointments to cabinet and czar positions, but see fit to attack an exemplary American. Their opposition to the non-political Discovery Channel documentary is a sign of the extreme mean-spirited derangement syndrome that afflicts the lunatic left. In November, they will learn that the American people are not going to take this outrage. And Sarah Palin is helping to lead the charge. God bless you, Sarah!

  42. Mary Finke said

    I am really looking forward to this program. My father, Andrew K. Collins, always loved Alaska and wanted to visit that lovely state for as long as I can remember. Sadly, he wasn’t able to, he passed away in November 2008. It was always his dream to go to Alaska, visit and explore that part of our country. While viewing this program, I’ll be thinking of him and his love for this country and the great outdoors he so much enjoyed. Thank you for bringing two things he liked together…Sarah Palin and, of course, Alaska.

  43. Rosanne Manner said

    There are so few worth while programs to watch currently via satellite or cable. I look forward to viewing a worthy program such as Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Thanks Sarah and Thanks to Discovery for looking for quality programs worth while spending time watching.

  44. debra said

    Like Deadliest Catch this show will draw a huge audience and become a very popular show. The misinformation of Sarah being the cruelest person to animals in the universe is completely false. She has not shot wolves from a helicopter.

    She was the governor of our state and the laws created here are like anywhere else done by our legislature and the voting public. She was governor not dictator of Alaska.

    The people who hate her will watch the show, the people who love her will watch the show and the people who are interested in Alaska the Last Great Frontier will watch the show. You have a built in audience. Thank you for being intelligent and forward thinking and seeing thru the lies and rumors. You have a real ratings winner on your hands!

  45. Patricia S Smith said

    Stop all the insanity and just let Sarah Palin do what only she can do best by representing Alaska!

  46. Gerald V. Todd said

    Looking forward to the series. My namesake Grandson is a student at UA/Anchorage – straight A’s in computer science and music. He’ll love it.

    The know-nothings protesting the series are surely not motivated by environmental concerns. My observation of their mentalities over the years is that they are CCC’s -Corpus Callosum Challenged. No matter what you say, they don’t have the neural connections to understand you. They just scream epithets.

  47. Having vacationed in Alaska on many occasions, we are looking forward to watching the Discovery Channel program. Who better qualified to present the Great State of Alaska, it’s people, natural resources and beauty than Governor Palin.
    Just goes to show why Discovery Communications is a to-notched informative channel and refrain’s from political influences..

  48. PeKay said

    Support Governor Palin

  49. sofia said

    It would be laughable if it wasn’t so hateful what “trouble souls” and “bitter” folks like the anti-governor Sara Palin crowd will stoop down to. America wants to see the natural wonder of the beauty that is Alaska. I have never been to Alaska (hope to some day) but seeing it through the eyes of a camera and hosted by Alaska governor Sara Palin I believe is an awesome opportunity for the rest of America to get to know Alaska. Thanks for hearing my point of view and I do look forward to watching this new series on Alaska by governor Sara Palin!

  50. Cynthia said

    We look forward to watching her show. These radical lefts are just fearful of how much she truly represents freedom and what America was built on.

  51. Nancy Dyer said

    Can’t wait to see Sarah Palin’s Alaska series! Way to go Discovery for creating such a fascinating series with an amazing host and subject! Nancy D.

  52. Margaret Wilkin said

    I have been looking forward to seeing Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Her back ground of being raised and then becoming Mayor and Governor will bring an extraordinary prospective into the life of what is call the last American frontier. Those who are in opposition to to this program have a strictly biased point of view.
    Margaret Wilkin

  53. Zee Garner said

    On with the show!!

  54. Patricia Accomando said

    Sarah Palin speaks for the American people. She has weathered all the smears the democrates and liberals have thrown at her and keeps fighting for the America she loves. We need a person like her. This country has not been the same since this administration took over. I look forward to 2012 when a NEW Administration will come in and try to damage control. Thank you Sarah Palin.

  55. She the only one who tells the truth with experance, others don’t like.Can’t wait till the show comes
    on it will have grate rateings. VOTE FOR HER IN 2012. GO SARAH Don’t think I will vote if she does’t run.

  56. Ms. Mary St. Michael said

    “I don’t even watch television, but I’d watch Alaska hosted by Sarah!”
    With Jesus Crucified,

  57. My family and I want to see the Palin Alaska program. So do my friends. Stand strong against intimidation and let us watch your Channel.

  58. Don McVey said

    We strongly support Governor Sara Palin. She voices our opinion on most major issues.
    It’s time we stood up to those left wing liberal lunatic fringe fanatics that try to deny our constitutional right of free speech. These people are liberal when it comes to their speech and our money but conservative when it comes to allowing our free speech and spending their money for their radical ideas.

  59. Ms. St. Michael said

    “It’s either Palin or Failin'” and Discovery knows Sarah’s a sure Win!
    With Jesus Crucified,

  60. William James said

    Folks, I’ve been to Alaska on five (5) different occasions – however, I wait with anticipation to see this new show “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”. I’m sure there will be parts that contain places I’ve been to and there will be other parts that contain places I have never been to. I want to learn as much as I can because Alaska will be my home when I retire.

  61. James and Dezmere Anderson said

    We look forward to seeing the series on Alaska by Sarah Palin and her associates.

  62. Rose Ann Lee Bright said

    I am so looking forward to the series of shows she will be doing on Alaska. What a thrill to be living there with the wide open spaces with all of God’s creatures roaming the earth like it should be.

    Way to go Discovery and we cannot wait to see it!!!!

    Way to go Sarah!!! We love you and your honesty!!!!!

  63. Linda B Frye said

    I am looking forward to seeing Sarah Palin’s Alaska series on Discovery.
    Sarah Palin can be counted on to give us factual, honest, interesting and entertaining information.
    She is a real ray of sunshine and truth and yes, hope in this
    wonderful USA.

  64. Donna Klopp said

    Sarah Palin is an icon, I am proud to say I had a chance to see her last Saturday, She is just wonderful, I do hope nat geo does not do anything as stupid as not allow the Alaska Documentary to be aired I did sign the petition. Sincerely, Donna Klopp

  65. Johnnie F. Moss said

    This hate campaign against Sarah Palin makes me sick because it has nothing to do with truth or common sense. It is all politically motivated, and sadly driven by many women who do not give a self made, hard working woman her due.
    These people would protest against any thing, any topic, any cause if Sarah Palin was involved in it, Regardless of the “rightness” of the documentary.
    Sadly a lot of our largest most influential business actually listen to these hate mongers.
    Thank you for doing the documentary on Alaska with Sarah Palin.

  66. Michael said

    Sarah you have the total support of the Campaign Committee For Michigan Conservatives.

  67. Frances Dixon said

    Thanks for showing the series on Alaska with Gov.Palin. I am so looking forward to another one of your great series.

  68. Richard Stotts said

    I anticipate this to be a wonderful series. I can’t wait for its airing.

  69. Dixie Egeberg said

    Thank-you for the show with Sarah Palin on Alaska. Can Not wait to see it & will tell all our family & friends.

  70. Linda G. Thomas said

    Can’t wait to see this show.

  71. Gail Thomas said

    thanks for doing Sarah Palin’s Show on the Discovery Channel.

  72. Mike Thomas said

    I will definitely watch Sarah Palin’s new program on Discovery.

  73. I look forward to the series, and I hope it is made into a CD, so we can show it to the next Generation of our families. We who care about Freedom, and the Rule of Law, want Sarah Palin as our bridge, to a World that is not all to friendly to America and what it stands for. Sarah kind of gently sweeps that aside, and makes us all feel just a little bit better for being Americans.

  74. Politics has no place in scientific thought. To insert political aspirations into the honest search for scientific truth is disingenuous at best. I support the Discovery Channel’s excellent work in this arena. As I look forward to the Alaska series, I trust that it will be accurately portrayed.

  75. Ann Helfenbein said

    Discovery channel thank you for working with Sarah Palin.

  76. If it was not Sarah Palin it would be someone else. We have a shift in this country that is trying to tear America apart. These people do not want to debate with the facts. They want to smear a persons name, family, efforts, etc with no regards to bringing this country back. We are a great country, the greatest in the world,and now our country is in peril. We must once again unite to regain our status in the world. Having been to Alaska many times I have talked to many people. They all say what a great job Sarah Palin has done in running the state.

  77. Anne Mazzola said

    I totally support Sarah Palin and look forward to this Documentary of Alaska. She is a wonderful and knowledgeable speaker about her wonderful Alaska.


    Thank you;
    Donald Merrill Ely

  79. Rick said

    Looking forward to The Governor’s show of Alaska.

  80. Freebird said

    Sarah Palin is our voice in this vast wilderness that has become what is known as America. She is willing to speak up and take the heat FOR the rest of us. We back her as a 9-12 Project state group. She represents those who no longer are allowed to have a voice.
    I have found her to be a bright light in a very dark landscape this past year. Without her, I don’t know where we would be.
    Thanks for doing the harder right, Sarah! We cannot wait to see the show.
    I think “they” are afraid of Sarah knowing everytbing about a subject they know nothing about.
    Let’s shut up the left of “global warming” and their lies once and for all.

  81. cosimobellantoni said

    Sarah Palin Is a Private citizen, PLEASE don’t make a Political issue out of this show. Looking forward to seeing the beauty of Alaska,

  82. Judy said

    Thank YOU for giving those of us who face life with responsibility regarding herd and predator management a voice to have OUR say as well.

  83. Kate said

    Mrs. Palins knowledge of the true state of wildlife and its needs in Alaska is terrifying to those city folks who scream relentlessly about the Rights of wildlife and wouldnt recognize a polar bear if it came up on their lawns and ate their expensive purebread poodles. Here in Toronto we have coyote warnings throughout our park, and city people who do not go to our park, who say seriously they would rather the coyotes ate our children than be relocated.

  84. Francesca said

    Signed and shared. Hope that the programm will not be canceled.

  85. Terry said

    She and all of her initiatives have my FULL support!!

  86. Donna Corvino said

    Please bring on Sarah Palin’s Alaska Series!! Love to see Sarah & the state of Alaska!! If these so call basher don’t like it, too bad.

    Go Sarah Go, bring Alaska Series to Discovery Channel. Go Discovery Channel Bring Sarah’s Alaska Series on!!

    • Betty Turner said

      I,too, am most anxious to watch Sarah’s Alaska Series. I enjoy the Discover Channel but seems to me so much as been overlooked on the Northern part including the building of the Alaska Highway – Also the support for the State of Alaska – Why are we sitting on the Anwar drilling and release of current pipeline.

  87. Sharon Kuhn said

    Thank you for doing the series on Alaska with Gov. Palin.

  88. […] Posts Petition Drive Launched to Support Palin’s AK SeriesSarah Palin Addresses "Defending the American Dream" Summit in MichiganGOVERNOR PALIN'S CONTACT […]

  89. wilsonpickett said

    Hopefully “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” will show millions of viewers the beauty and uniqueness of Alaska, just as those wonderful TV programs, hosted from around the world by legendary broadcaster and adventurer Lowell Thomas, did years ago. I still remember them during my youth in the early 1960’s.

  90. Wayne Tessier said

    Want to bet thier’s a lot of negotiating going on with advertisers wanting to be highlighted during this show. This is going to be a huge money maker for the Discovery channel, once again proving it pay’s to take a chance in America.

  91. Anny Hahn said

    Thank you for having Sarah Palin joining your team

  92. Crazy that this is happening in our Country when we have to fight to keep a show on TV .

  93. Debra Wippert said

    Sarah Palin is a wonderful speaker and I am looking forward to seeing her series on Alaska.

  94. James Frost said

    This program is among the most anticipated programs on national television. Governor Palin is uniquely qualified to present the natural, social and cultural beauty of a key State in the Union, the Great State of Alaska. I’m looking forward to watching the program.

  95. “What’s the (Palin)-bashing all about? It’s simple – a struggle for the soul of America is under way, a struggle to determine whose views, values, beliefs and standards will serve as the basis of law (for the future of America).” (Modified) Patrick Buchanan quotes

    • Nancy said

      Oh, You are S0-0-0 right!!!

    • Scarlett said

      You are right Elvis…. Only thing this woman has done is stand up for her Country, family and beliefs and she has become a target of so much hate… What happen to free speech… Looking for to the Alaska series with Gov. Palin

  96. anna barone said

    Can not wait to see her and the show..Great Going governor Palin..

  97. Contento said

    Thanks, Fay.

  98. Koma Kehuli said

    I, also, can’t wait to see Sarah Alaska series….

  99. Joy said

    I’m just a mere mortal with an email address (don’t feel the necessity or have the time for an actual website!), so all I can do is just that I support Discovery Channel and Discovery Communications’ special Alaska series featuring Sarah Palin. Thank you, Discovery, for carrying this highly anticipated series and showcasing both the great State of Alaska and its vibrant former Governor!!

  100. Elwanda Burrell said

    Discovery Channel,

    I can’t wait to see Sarah Palin’s Alaska series….

    Thank you,
    Elwana Burrell

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