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Archive for March 29th, 2010

Sarah Palin: Best Wishes for a Blessed Passover

Posted by Dr. Fay on March 29, 2010

Complete transcript of Governor Palin’s Facebook Note:

Best Wishes for a Blessed Passover

 Today at 6:52pm

Tonight Jewish families all over the world will gather to celebrate Passover, the story of Exodus and the freedom of the Jewish people from bondage. This holiday reminds us of the sacrifices that are still being made for freedom – the U.S. troops who are away from their families so that we can be with ours, and the Israeli people, who struggle for peace with their neighbors even as they face the threat of war.

“Next year in Jerusalem” will be the refrain echoed by Jewish families as they finish their Seders tonight. It is a stark reminder that whatever the threats the Jewish people have faced, whatever the struggles, their connection to Jerusalem is ancient and unshakable. On this Passover holiday, our family sends our best wishes to all who are celebrating. Chag kasher V’Sameach. Happy Passover. And next year in Jerusalem.

– Sarah Palin

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The Left May Not Be Playing Stupid

Posted by Adrienne Ross on March 29, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

When I know I’m wrong, I’ll be the first to admit it. I have no problem whatsoever doing that. Sometimes, however, I’m stuck, and I’m just not sure. Today is one of those days, so help me out. The other day I wrote:

And though I often wonder about the brain power of anybody who would embrace a liberal worldview, the saddest part of this whole nonsense today is that this time they are playing stupid.

I have since come to wonder if perhaps I gave these people more credit than they deserve. Is it possible they are not acting at all? Is this genuine stupidity?

Could the people on the Left and their lamestream media friends really be of the mind that Governor Palin is inciting violence when she discusses reloading? No matter how many times she has stated, even before this current nonsense, that violence is not the answer, they refuse to let it go, insisting that she is responsible for any thuggish behavior on the part of anyone. Could it be that they really believe that people have risen up to fight–literally–because Governor Palin wrote on her Facebook page that conservatives need to reload and target various Liberals come November?

Again, anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that she was referring to the voting booth. Do these people really lack that common sense? This does seem to be the case, for I am observing them still marching down this ridiculous road. They are looking more and more stupid everyday.

The headquarters of the Alaska Democratic Party was vandalized this weekend. Despite the fact that there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Governor Palin had anything to do with this situation, Patti Higgins, state chair of the Alaska Democratic Party, blames her for it.

Joshua Saul of the Alaska Dispatch writes:

The headquarters of the Alaska Democratic Party were vandalized this weekend, an act the party’s leader thinks is due in part to violent feelings being stoked by Alaska’s former governor.

“There has become this inflammatory rhetoric, and Sarah Palin is leading the charge,” Patti Higgins, state chair of the Alaska Democratic Party, said. “In the beginning I didn’t think she knew what she was doing, but now I think she does.”

Stupid or just acting?

You know what, Higgins? I don’t know about all your buddies because, like I said, I’m still trying to figure it out, but I have a feeling you do know what you’re doing. You know Governor Parnell is poised to destroy whichever soul you put up against him, and you’re willing to use anything to ruin his chances, even if it means putting forth completely unsubstantiated claims about the former Republican governor of Alaska. So in all fairness to you, maybe you’re neither stupid nor acting. Maybe you’re just desperate.

Higgins’ comments remind me of what I hear everyday at the junior high school where I teach. “It’s his fault.” “She stole my pencil.” “They don’t like me because of what she said.” When asked for evidence, the response is a childish, “I just know.” This type of immaturity can be better tolerated from twelve and thirteen year old children. However, when adults who ought to know better point fingers and accuse a person of being responsible for a deplorable act, offering no proof at all, it really is inexcusable.

The article continues:

Democratic Party headquarters had been receiving “threatening and menacing phone calls” during the week prior, according to statewide party organizer Dave Metheny, who handled most of the angry calls. Over the past week, Metheny said, he’s fielded about a call a day from various screaming, swearing callers, along with calls from Alaskans who are angry with the party but express it more calmly and rationally. The focus of the anger is, unsurprisingly, the health care reform bill that passed Congress last weekend. When health care reform passed the Senate on Christmas Eve, Democratic Sen. Mark Begich voted in favor of the bill.


“It was a message,” Higgins said. “Random acts of violence are a form of domestic terrorism and they need to knock it off.”

Read the rest here.

One thing that truly sickens me is how readily the Left wants to blame Governor Palin for abetting “terrorism.” Higgins is doing it. Rep. James Clyburn is doing it. However, when the time comes to deal with true terrorism, Liberals somehow cannot bring themselves to call it for what it is. Bill Ayers can’t be called a domestic terrorist, President Obama struggles to call the Fort Hood shooter a terrorist, and when we do acknowledge one, the Obama Justice Department wants to mirandize him. Instead of the Left being outraged by this insanity, they want to play stupid–or not–and focus their attention on a Facebook note Governor Palin wrote encouraging the American people to vote these loons out of office. As she has so aptly expressed, “Our vote is our arms.”

Like Governor Palin, I do not condone vandalism or violence. It’s despicable, and there’s a better way to voice one’s disapproval. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the Democrats were themselves responsible for this vandalism. People are angry and tempers are flaring, for sure. One might say we’re in a bit of a crisis, and we know how Democrats feel about wasting a good crisis. According to White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, that would be unthinkable. Isn’t this a great opportunity to further smear Governor Palin? Perhaps they decided headquarters just had to take one for the team.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time Governor Palin was “targeted” by Alaskans. Since she is so concerned about terrorism, as we all should be, perhaps Ms. Higgins should have a talk with some of the Alaskans in her own party who regularly write incendiary things about the governor that would rile people up, things to encourage others to take action against her and her family. Did she ever tell people like Linda Biegel, who was the official Alaska blogger at the DNC, to “knock it off”? Will she touch base with her fellow Alaskan who is even now tweeting Palin hate speech? What about the Twitter death threats C4P reported yesterday? Threats against the governor have escalated since this nonsense surfaced accusing her of inciting violence. Can we get a “knock it off” memo sent to any of these miscreants?

While we’re at it, can we get the Left to cry foul about the brick thrown through the GOP office in Michigan over the weekend? How about the bricks thrown through windows at GOP headquarters Thursday in Virginia? Does this matter, or do only Democrats’ headquarters matter? Once again, selective outrage prevails. Just in case you need more examples of the extreme violence of the Left that gets buried by the lamestream media, click here for the egg-throwing that took place this past weekend at the peaceful tea party in Nevada, where Governor Palin peacefully spoke about peacefully taking back our country!

Finally, a good teacher is always willing to learn from others. As I fancy myself a good teacher, I will pass on some information I have recently learned. Perhaps the Left, so fond of accusing people of inciting violence, so prone to pointing out cross-hairs, should take a few notes as Devonia Smith of teaches the difference between a survey symbol and a cross-hair:

This is a surveyor’s symbol

This is a cross-hair

She then writes:

What was actually on Sarah’s site, was a map with district markers (surveyor symbols were used). There was noooooooo “gun imagery” at all. These surveyor symbols were used on the map to indicate the districts of Democrats who had voted “Yes” on the Healthcare reform; apropriately used. Being the weiner that many Democrats are, all Weiner saw was “the cross” and he went into meltdown over it. It appears that, afterall, Weiner missed the bulls-eye and now finds himself in the cross-hair of public ridicule.

Interesting…In light of this, does the Left really want to go round for round–because two can play the game.

We live in a very dangerous time. The threat of violence by radicals who hate our country looms. Our soldiers are daily risking their lives for the sake of freedom and safety. Focusing attention on the governor’s use of metaphor and wrongfully accusing her of inciting violence is particularly insulting and unethical in light of this. If it’s being done willfully by lying Liberals playing stupid, “knock it off.” If it is true stupidity and not an act at all, get a clue.

(Assistance provided by C4P editors and contributors and Tracey. Thank you.)

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Sarah Palin: American Heroes Ready and Willing to Serve in Congress

Posted by Dr. Fay on March 29, 2010

Complete Transcript of Governor Palin’s Facebook Note:

American Heroes Ready and Willing to Serve in Congress

 Today at 1:29pm

America, if you love your freedom, thank a vet! And if you’re looking for leaders who believe in integrity, service, and country first, look to our veterans.

Last week I campaigned for a true American hero, John McCain, and this week I’d ask you to join me in supporting a new generation of heroes who are heeding their country’s call for leadership in Washington.

There are a number of great veteran candidates running for office this year, and there are some excellent organizations dedicated to helping them, including: Iraq Vets for Congress and Combat Veterans for Congress (please click on the links to visit their websites).

There are three veterans in particular I’ll be supporting this week.

The first is Major Vaughn Ward, a fourth-generation Idaho native who grew up on his family’s farm in Shoshone and is running in Idaho’s 1st Congressional District. Coming from a family with a proud military tradition, Vaughn joined the Marine Corps after college and was finishing up his service when the September 11th attacks occurred. He put his life on hold and heeded his country’s call – serving first as a CIA Operations Officer and later volunteering with the Marine Corps for a combat tour in Iraq, during which he was awarded the Bronze Star with Combat V. After returning from Iraq, Vaughn went to work for the McCain/Palin campaign. I was grateful for his support then, and I’m happy to support him now because I know that he believes in the same commonsense conservative ideals that we cherish. Vaughn knows that real job growth comes from the private sector, not government. He believes in free market reforms, tax relief for families and small businesses, and a return to a constitutionally limited government that lives within its means. He’ll carry the conservative banner to Washington and will rein in the reckless growth of government to get it back on our side. And remember, a vote for Vaughn is a vote to remove the gavel from Nancy Pelosi’s grip. Please visit Vaughn’s website here to make a donation to his campaign, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

The second veteran is Captain Adam Kinzinger, a decorated special-operations pilot who flew combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Adam is running for Illinois’ 11th Congressional District against a freshman incumbent congresswoman who seemed to pull a bait and switch on voters to get elected. She sounded like a blue dog on the campaign trail, but didn’t vote like one in Washington. Instead, she voted in lockstep with the Pelosi agenda – on Obamacare, the stimulus, cap-and-tax – and the list goes on. She’s part of the reason for Congress’ 11% approval rating. Adam is a strong fiscal conservative with a proven track record as a reformer from his years serving on his local county board. Adam started out in local office, and, like many of us, believes in making government more accountable to the people. When you serve in local office, your constituents truly are your neighbors. Adam understands this, and I know that he will listen to his constituents and work for us, not against us, in Washington. Please visit Adam’s website here to make a donation to his campaign, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

The third veteran is Lieutenant Colonel Allen West, a decorated war hero who’s served with distinction in combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of you may have heard of Allen from a speech he gave last year that became a viral video on YouTube with over 2 million viewers. Allen’s personal story is a testament to the commonsense conservative belief that our nation’s greatness is rooted in freedom, because with freedom comes equal opportunity, and that, coupled with hard work, leads to success. Allen is a small government fiscal conservative running against a leftwing ideologue who’s marched to the beat of Nancy Pelosi on every issue from cap-and-tax to the stimulus, TARP, and, of course, Obamacare. It’s time to send Allen to Washington in his place. Please visit Allen’s website here to donate to his campaign, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

I believe that these great veterans will fight for us in D.C. to uphold and defend our constitution as courageously in the halls of Congress as they did on the field of battle. I’m so honored to offer my support to these American heroes, and I hope you’ll join me in helping them so that they can serve us all in Washington.

– Sarah Palin


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Alaska Democrats Trying to Silence Palin

Posted by Dr. Fay on March 29, 2010

The Democrats are at it again.  They just keep making up stuff – trying to blame Sarah Palin for anything and everything they can dream up.  Why?  It’s simple.  She is the single greatest threat to their and Obama’s agenda to transform this free nation into a socialist state. Sarah Palin is the one Republican who can defeat Obama in the 2012 presidential election.  So they want to take her down.  

And they’ve tried every hook and crook, every smear and lie, they can dream up to discredit Sarah Palin.  Their poison barbs go out over the Internet on a daily basis.  Some are outright lies; some border on the ridiculous. 

In Governor Palin’s home state of Alaska, the news media and a tightknit group of bloggers/Democrat operatives have launched many of the attacks.  One of these bloggers, Shannyn Moore, writes for the Huffington Post, which slanders and denigrates Sarah Palin on a regular basis.  Moore described  the group of Alaska bloggers (sometimes referred to as the Alaska Mafia) this way: 

Feeling like an endangered species, Alaska progressives are tight. The Alaska Bloggers are tighter. Right after the nomination of Sarah Palin for VP, Wasilla blogger, musician, professor, and all around renaissance man, Phil Munger, threw a party at his home-the first of many. Secrecies were sworn; we were not alone in front of our computers-we had each other; Mudflats, Immoral Minority, Writing Raven, Celtic Diva, Progressive Alaska, Alaska Report, What Do I Know, and myself, Just a Girl From Homer. Documentary crews interviewed us and protected anonymous identities at the time.

 Add to that list The Alaska Dispatch.  If you run a search for articles about Governor Palin there, you will see regular and blatant attacks against the Governor.  One such attack occurred today in the form of a story by Joshua Saul about an isolated incident that the Alaska Democratic Party is trying to fan into an accusation that Governor Palin incited it.  (Joshua Saul can be reached at jsaul(at) for comment, by the way.) Saul’s article links to another biased article on the blog. 

It is quite obvious what is going on.  Obama and the Democratic Party want to shut Sarah Palin up  The Democratic Party poured a disproportionate amount of funds into Alaska during the 2008 election.  And Governor Palin’s home state remains one of the targeted areas for the attacks against her. The first indication of something that didn’t smell just right was Obama’s direct involvement in Troopergate.  Then just recently, his power grab at the Alaska Pipeline, Governor Palin’s signature achievement. 

 If you want to know who is behind all the lies and distortions about Sarah Palin, follow the money.  Authors at A Time for Choosing, Conservatives for Palin, Texas4Palin, and elsewhere have done just that, and have come up with some rather stunning revelations.  I’ve put together a mini-bibliography of articles that reveal the coordinated attacks on Governor Palin by the liberal media, Alaska bloggers, the Democratic Party, George Soros (self-proclaimed “owner” of the Democratic Party), and Barack Hussein Obama. Those that follow the money trail are marked appropriately:  $$$.  Also included are articles that describe threats against Governor Palin and the Tea Party. 

It all adds up.  Sarah Palin is the one vocal political figure who calls it like she sees it and has the backbone to stand tall and oppose the socialist agenda that Pelosi’s Democrats and Obama are trying to force upon the American people against their will.  And Sarah Palin is the one political figure who has the integrity, charisma, and popular support to defeat Obama in 2012.  May God grant that it be so!


Alaska Democrats Prove Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt Sarah Palin’s Resignation Was A Genius Move…UPDATED

Are Democrat operatives attempting to bankrupt Palin?   

Anonymice Trash Palin 

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As Accusations of ‘Violence’ Flow, Let’s Take a Look At the Record

Astroturfing created the caricature of Sarah Palin that she is still working hard today to set straight

Barack Obama’s Alaska Mafia Is On The Run And Angry The Spotlight Is On Them  

Barack Obama Sends Out Union Thugs To Attack Sarah Palin


Book Says Media Wanted to Destroy Sarah Palin

Democrats blame Palin for death threats

Destroying Palin Through Laughter, Derision, and Death of Innocence

The Face Of Democrat Insanity

$$$ Following Up On Soros, CREW, Palin, and Obama

Get your facts straight about Palin

Gibson: Palin Is Target of ‘Swiftboating’ Left

$$$ George Soros Behind Ethics Complaint Against Gov. Palin

$$$ George Soros Group Attacking Sarah Palin Again  

$$$ Get Palin! Is anyone following the money? 

$$$ THE GRYPHEN FILES: Did Anti-Palin Blogger Get Paid For No-Show Job?

Gunning for Sarah Palin (great read)

Has Andree McLeod taken her Palin vendetta into a bizarre netherworld?

How the Left fakes the hate: A primer (Michelle Malkin)

Huffington Post implies Sarah Palin wants pro-Obamacare Democrats assassinated (good read)

Death threats to palin and family on Twitter

Left wing extremist issues death threats against Sarah Palin, Tea Party members and Eric Cantor on Twitter

Liberals use Hamas tactics to teach kids to hate Sarah Palin

Liberal Threatens Sarah Palin

Look, Just Scream ‘I Hate Sarah Palin!’ and Get It Over With

The Long Knives for Governor Palin 

$$$ Lynda Resnick, Levi and Diana – Pomegranates, Pistachios and a Princess

The Media Attacks on Gov. Palin: When Will They Stop? (On the Record)

Media is focused on destroying Sarah Palin

The Media is Threatened and Scared to Death of Sarah Palin! 

The media vs. Sarah Palin

Mika Brzezinski: Media Elite wanted to “Bring Palin Down”

‘Mommy, Why Does My Kindergarten Teacher Lie About Sarah Palin?’

$$$ The money man behind attacks on Palin

$$$ Money-Grubbing Smear Merchants Rex Butler and Tank Jones Target Governor Palin  

$$$ More Soros Money Used to Attack Governor Sarah Palin 

Mudflatters Stalking Sarah Palin

Nets Lead with ‘Ugly’ and ‘Menacing’ ObamaCare Opponents Fueled by Palin’s ‘Violent Words and Imagery’ (Newsbusters)

Not Content To Just Attack Women, Liberals Now Go After Small Children. Nothing Is Sacred When It Comes To Hating Sarah Palin. 

$$$ The Obama backers behind Levi Johnston

$$$ Obama puts heat on Palin as she boosts GOP ticket

Obama rewards Troopergate Chairman 

Obama pay for play – Obama nominates former Palin aide (vocal critic of Palin) to pipeline job

Obama’s Favorite Blogger Is Still Discussing the Trig Palin Conspiracy

Obama’s Pay for Play Palin Plunder 

Obama wants to bail his Palin-smearing dogs out of the pound

The Ongoing Attacks On Sarah Palin

On Sarah Palin and the Left’s Climate of Hate

Op-Ed: Attacks on Sarah Palin Can’t Inflict Damage (contains background on Alaska bloggers) 

Palin: Anti-HCR Violence Stories Are ‘Ginned Up’

Palin blasts Alaska blogger over Trig photo (no excuses, Linda Biegel!)

Palin blames Obama admin for resignation

Palin Bullies: Exposed And Whining

Palin Ethics Complaints’ Winning Percentage Remains Well Below Even the Washington Nationals

Palin had welfare of Alaska in mind when she quit

Palin: Media ‘lies’ about links between tea parties, violence

Palin ’s biggest opponent: media bias

The Palin Wars: Part LXII 

The Pathology of the Palin-Haters

Raking Muck: The Endless Drudgery of the Liberal Alaska Blogosphere

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-Bedwetter) Accuses Sarah Palin of Inviting People to Shoot Dems…

*Reporter: ‘We Took Sides, Straight and Simple’ Against Palin

Review: Ziegler’s ‘Media Malpractice’ an Absolute Must-see 

Sarah Palin Fights Back Against More ‘Bull Crap’ Ethics Violations

*Sarah Palin 14…Ankle Biters O

Sarah Palin Hating Liberal Trolls Invade Tea Pary Nation

Sarah Palin [issues statement responding to Levi Johnston’s Lies]

The Slander Network (must read by J. R. Dunn)

So, Now You Tell Us?! (John Ziegler)

Stan Gudmundson: Columns unfairly disparaged Palin

Tea Party Threats By Liberals Alarm Conservatives (must read)

$$$ Surprise! George Soros Behind Ethics Complaint Against Governor Sarah Palin

Tea Party Threats By Liberals Alarm Conservatives (must read)

What’s with this Palin hatred?

Why did the press ignore the firebombing of Sarah Palin’s church?

Why is the left so afraid of Sarah Palin?

Why the Palin “Hate Affair” Will Backfire

Why They Hate Sarah Palin  

Links to additional articles can be found here, here, and here.


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The understudy is now the STAR! – Update

Posted by Denise Spencer on March 29, 2010

I have to say that Obama’s administration has affected me in more ways then I ever could have imagined. I am having to work three jobs at this point just to make ends meet and each day that is becoming more and more difficult. What keeps me going is watching what Sarah Palin has been able to do in Washington D.C. She has the main stream media and the Democrats running scared and she likes it! I have not been able to blog in awhile but I ran across an article today that I just had to write about.

In today’s Washington Post, Dan Balz wrote a great article entitled “McCain understudy Sarah Palin is now the star”. You can read the entire article here. I was surprised and excited to read this article because it really demonstrates how far Sarah Palin has come since the 2008 election. Mr. Balz writes:

John McCain and Sarah Palin were back together again Friday. His presidential campaign was floundering when he first reached out to her. Now, facing a challenge from within his party as he seeks reelection to the Senate, McCain has turned to her again to help bail him out. But what a difference.

Their national campaign together ended badly for both, topped by a flurry of leaks dumping on the former Alaska governor and, since then, nasty accusations between the senator’s camp and hers over the conduct of it. Whatever happens now, the reappearance of McCain and Palin on the same stage illustrates how much things have changed since 2008.

Just think back to all the that Sarah has done in two short years: she secured a gas pipeline for the state of Alaska; wrote a best selling novel; spoke out against the health care reform bill and cause Congress to make changes merely by voicing her concerns on her Facebook page. Most of all, Sarah has given millions of Americans a voice and this is what Mr. Balz was able to portray.

For starters, the understudy is now the star. A majority of Americans may think Palin is not qualified to be president, but the GOP faithful love her, as does cable television. Cable news was fixed on Palin as she delivered her introduction of McCain at a rally in Tucson on Friday afternoon. Minutes after McCain took the microphone, they cut away from the rally for other news. …[she described the current atmosphere in D.C. created by the media] in describing as “B.S. coming from the mainstream media lately about us inciting violence.”

“Don’t let the conversation be diverted,” she told the crowd. “Don’t let a distraction like that get you off track.”

Well done Mr. Balz, well done.


This was the weekend of praise for Sarah Palin from some of her usual critics. David Catanese of Politico wrote a nice artile entitled “Palin top draw in reunion with McCain”. In this article Mr. Catanese admits:

No losing vice presidential candidate in recent memory has eclipsed the popularity of their running mate so rapidly. And even though the rally attendees may help send McCain back to the Senate for another six years, for many of them, Palin is the vessel who carries their hopes for the future.

Cindy McCain even subtly acknowledged the proverbial elephant in the room at Friday’s rally in Tucson. “You have come today, I know, most of all to see my husband,” she said, seemingly trying to convince herself and the audience of her own statement. “But I know you’ve also come to see Sarah as well,” she went on, triggering sustained applause.

You can read the entire article here.

Finally, everything Sarah supporters have known is rising to the surface for all to see!

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