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Leftists Hate Palin’s Locking, Loading & Reloading Metaphor

Posted by Ron Devito on March 25, 2010

Liberal heads are exploding all over the United States. Three words, “Don’t retreat. RELOAD!!!” created quite the stir. So did the image of cross hairs on targeted congressional districts on a SarahPAC ad. The Alinsky trained leftists are in a hissy fit over Governor Palin’s use of gun metaphors. They find it “offensive.” They find it “threatening.” Too bad for them.

Liberals Lying and Using Alinsky Tactics

Governor Palin has not threatened anyone. Quite the contrary, just last week, she admonished a fringe group in Kenai to put their guns back in the closet and use their votes and contested primaries for this battle. “We need to make sure that the tool that we use in ‘taking up arms if you will’ is our vote. It’s supporting contested primaries and healthy debate in our elections that are upcoming. No elected official should feel they are entitled to their seat,” Gov. Palin said on the Glenn Beck Show where this was discussed. Today, House Republican Leader, Representative John Boehner said, “Well, there are a lot of angry Americans and they are angry over this health care bill. They’re angry about the fact that the Democrats here in Washington aren’t listening to them. But I’ve got to tell you that violence and threats are unacceptable. It is not the American way. Yes, I know there is anger, but let’s take that anger, and go out and register people to vote, go volunteer on a political campaign, and let’s do it the right way. I’m concerned about the amount of violence and anger that’s out there … it’s unacceptable” (Boehner, 2010, ¶5).

Any reasonable person who sees the SarahPAC ad and request for donations knows that the targeting of these Representatives is for removal by voting! In our coverage of this, we were very careful in the use of our gun metaphors to emphasize that we are seeking to use legal processes against ObamaCare: lawsuits, States exercising their Tenth Amendment rights, and voting these representatives out of office.

Governor Palin is Routinely Threatened by Leftists

Leftists have no problem with threatening Governor Palin and her family. It could be regarded as a pastime for them. Dennis Zaki recently posted Gov. Palin’s address, directions to her home, and pictures of her home complete with instructions on entering via the back door to a public website. Another hate blogger, Jesse Griffin, who goes by the name “Gryphen”, spews” Trig Truther,” bilge daily. In multiple posts, he refers to Gov. Palin by a word used for female dogs, but it does not stop there. In one post, he writes, “Or should she step off of a curb in her Franco Sarto red high heels and snap her ankle so that she can get some of that sweet Lisa Murkowski and Sonia Sotomayor sympathy?”

Obama’s supporters routinely call for her to be assassinated or harmed in grievous ways all the time on various Internet forums. Less than two weeks ago, “comedian” Kathy Griffin, a cougar whose latest quarry appears to be none other than Levi Johnston said that she wanted to “push Gov. Palin down a flight of stairs.” Griffin and Johnston trespassed on Governor Palin’s property for the sole purpose of harassing her. Guess who Kathy Griffin’s agent is: Ari Emanuel – Rahm Emanuel’s brother – more proof that dirty and corrupt Chicago politics lead to Obama’s chief of staff and to Obama himself.

Gov. Palin has been stalked at her home and at her job by serial ethics complaints filers such as Zane Henning and Andree McLeod. A flash mob was assembling using Twitter to pelt her with tomatoes at a book signing. At the Rochester, NY book signing where US 4 Palin authors Adrienne Ross, Kristina Lazzaro and myself, were present a crazy Obama supporter destroyed at least 10 copies of Going Rogue, because he missed his real target – Gov. Palin – by 15 minutes. The loathsome Sandra Bernhard wanted to see Gov. Palin gang-raped in Harlem back in 2008. As documented in page 138 of Going Rogue, a NJ man made a threat about wanting to “shoot [Bristol Palin’s] pregnant body from a helicopter.” The Wasilla Bible Church, which has been her religious home port was firebombed in December 2008. Some 15 months have elapsed since the firebombing and that case has gone cold.

And those are some of the least vulgar and disturbing threats out there. This woman has endured threats and harassment for a year and a half, and nary an article or comment from the main stream media. What a sad state of affairs

Gov. Palin is by no means the only target of their hateful rhetoric. During the Bush administration, leftist “comedians” routinely called for his assassination without any consequences whatsoever.

Donate to SarahPAC

Please consider a one-shot $100 donation to SarahPAC – $5 for each of the 20 leftists being targeted for removal from the US House of Representatives by our votes.

Lock and Load with Sarah Palin….

Now, this article is not about self-promotion, but you will notice that the image of Gov. Palin with an M-4 fitted with an Aimpoint Comp M2 sight is our avatar, our logo, here at US for Palin. That was the first image I saw of Gov. Palin. Why did it become the predecessor site’s theme and carry over here? Two very simple reasons: that image represents to me the Reagan Conservative principle of peace through strength. I don’t want an effete socialist as President. I want Gov. Palin and her rifles. I want someone fit to stand guard over the house we call the United States. I want someone who believes in American exceptionalism and who has courage, integrity and leadership. Obama does not fulfill any of the foregoing. Secondly, that image represents Gov. Palin’s unyielding support of our Second Amendment in particular and our Constitution as a whole.

We have a little news for you Obama-philes: You better get used to Gov. Palin’s locking, loading and reloading. She won’t sit down and shut up. She’ll keep speaking up and voicing the will of the American people. Get used to the cross hairs on her ads. I hope she puts more cross hairs on the next run of that ad. And if you don’t like our celebration of it, go to another site, because at US for Palin, our lock and load party runs 24 hours a day seven days a week, 365 days a year – 366 on a leap year. We make no apologies for it, and are quite proud of it. Just like Gov. Palin, we don’t retreat. We reload.


Boehner, J. (2010, March 24). “BOEHNER CONDEMNS THREATS AND ACTS OF VIOLENCE IN THE HEALTH CARE DEBATE.” House Republican Leader John Boehner. Retrieved March 24, 2010 from:

Palin, S. L. H. (2009). Going Rogue: An American Life. (New York: Harper). p. 138.


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