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Archive for March 21st, 2010

Breitbart: Flashback on Obama Using Executive Power to Change Laws

Posted by Ron Devito on March 21, 2010

This video really says it all.

Editor’s Note: Unlike Obama, Sarah Palin keeps her promises.

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Gov Palin Breaks Down ObamaCare on O’Reilly

Posted by Ron Devito on March 21, 2010

Watch the latest news video at

Video Retrieved from Fox News The O’Reilly Factor

Video Retrieved from PalinTV

The Worst Aspects of ObamaCare

O’Reilly began the show indicating that the majority of the American public does not want ObamaCare. “All the polls say that.” The average numbers show 49% against, 40% for the bill according to O’Reilly who noted that while “Obama will get his cornerstone legislation, it will come at a very high price.” O’Reilly pointed out three problems with the bill: 1. costs; 2. socialism; 3. unintended consequences: Will there be enough doctors to care for everyone? Will health care be rationed? Will a bureaucrat in Washington be making health care decisions for you?

When asked about the worst aspect of ObamaCare, Governor Palin responded: “We’ve already talked about federal unfunded mandates that will bury our states that have budgetary problems and businesses that have budgetary problems and now will be forced to purchase something we don’t want or don’t need, and government will be telling us to do it anyway. This of course takes away so many of our choices and puts government between our doctors and our patients.”

Overruling the Will of the People

Governor Palin continued: “What I dislike most about ObamaCare though is this notion that the leftists in Washington think that they can pass this thing through, cram it through with disregard to consider the will of the people, disregard for the Constitutional legal traditional processes that have thus far been used in America’s processes to allow policy to be adopted that do adhere to the will of the people. If these leftists think that this ObamaCare can be crammed through without being held accountable…then what’s next coming down the pike?”

Opening the Floodgates to More Bad Legislation

“Let me tell you quickly what I think is coming next down the pike if this ObamaCare goes through without politicians being held accountable: next will be cap-and-tax energy restrictions, and amnesty for illegals, and things like card check that will allow union bosses more control, and things like the taxes that will increase to pay for all the government takeovers,” she said.

On the Root Cause of ObamaCare

O’Reilly countered that “this stuff happens because Americans voted Democrats in to control both houses of Congress and the Presidency….the leftists are doing this because we gave them the opportunity to.” O’Reilly followed up with the question of how the American people will respond to ObamaCare. “Will the American people accept ObamaCare and move on or will they say we’ll get these people in November?” Gov. Palin responded, “I think there is going to be a lot of rebuke and the repeal of the policies that the American people realize is not in their best interests. But, I beg to differ with your suggestion there that it was not the Democrats that allowed this happen.” She continued saying that Obama, Pelosi and Reid have left the mainstream of the Democratic Party.

O’Reilly cut in, saying that the Democratic Party could have said “no” but they “all fell in line.”

Gov. Palin said, “even in the eleventh hour, President Obama had to make this deal with Stupak and others.” She said the entire bill was premised on sweetheart, backroom and secret deals and that the mainstream Democratic party probably never liked it. Gov. Palin predicted that November will bring about a rejection of the Western European style of big entitlement government brought about by ObamaCare. She added that non-partisan independents are getting it. She emphasized that the TEA Party movement, and protesters are seeing the kind of transformation that candidate Obama had spoke of and they do not like it. The United States is based on freedom, free markets and individualism.

Fix what is Broken, Don’t Take Over One Sixth of the Private Sector

In response to O’Reilly’s question assertion that “there are some good things in the bill”…”for people who have been ‘hosed’ by the insurance companies,” Gov. Palin said “if the insurance companies are screwing people left and right why don’t we crack down on that and not assume that the government has to take it all over – one sixth of our economy and … falsely assuming that government can run it better? Why don’t we just concentrate on those things that are obviously broken and fix them?”


This interview was recorded about three hours before the passage of ObamaCare by the House: 219-212. The time has come now to challenge this socialist legislation in the courts; for states to proceed with their legislation to the effect that they will not partake in or budget funds for ObamaCare; to support candidates who will repeal this atrocity and to make those who voted for it pay by losing their seats.

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