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Archive for March 11th, 2010

“PIPELINEGATE” and the White House

Posted by nypalinpower on March 11, 2010

by NYPalinPower –

Why is the President of the United States suddenly getting publicly involved in Alaska politics?  It seems curious and timely that all of the sudden Obama decides to make a complete 180 degree turnaround and is so very interested in becoming directly involved in the same Alaska Pipeline project that Sarah Palin for years has been working on and had finally secured funding for.

President Obama has just announced he is getting the White House to oversee the Alaska Pipeline project and is sending an envoy to Alaska to work with and oversee the project with the state legislators.  So now, we have the White House controlling state business.  And that’s really funny because Governor Sarah Palin had already secured this project along with then Lt. Governor Sean Parnell.  Do you think the President wants to take over the project and take the credit away from Sarah Palin?  Perhaps he has an interest in hurting Sarah Palin by destroying her project altogether and preventing it from going through?  Maybe he is so angry at her that he is using the White House to get back at her? Does he want to hurt Sean Parnell’s chances of re-election?  Could the President be abusing his executive power? Hmm?  I don’t know, but if he is, then this is a scandal, I’ll just call it “Pipelinegate”.

There are two reasons for this, I think.

Alaska Governor Sean Parnell, who took over Sarah Palin’s job last year is up for re-election.  He is way ahead in all the polls to get the Republican nomination.  The general election will be held in November.  Parnell has been working very hard on the Alaska Pipeline project along with Sarah Palin when she was governor, and the project has been on track to receive the funding it needed from Alaskan legislators (at least up until this week when it was announced the President is taking over).

But why would the President use his executive power to hurt Sarah Palin?  Could she be a possible threat to his re-election campaign in 2012?  Could it be that he is a little bit angry that she is running around the country going to bat for conservatives to unseat legislators in Washington who are not doing their job, mostly Democrats? Sarah is a patriot and she is doing it for her country so it can get back on the right track. If conservatives (mostly Republicans) win the elections, then the Republicans might have enough seats in the House and Senate to take over a majority and gain control of Congress.  If this happens, the President will be in a weaker position than he is today. Do you think he is angry about that? Or maybe he is angry because Sarah Palin saw some major flaws in his healthcare legislation which he desperately wants to pass, and she gave the public the heads up?

Gosh!  Is it really worth it Mr. President to scandalize yourself and abuse your White House privileges because of your anger? This could hurt your chances in 2012 for re-election.  Why do you take the chance? Have you already decided you will not run for a second term?

This is only the beginning, folks.  I think “Pipelinegate” will become huge and the President will be caught in an even bigger scandal than Nixon was a part of.  He is using his power of the executive office to hurt the other side politically.  He is manipulating Alaska’s state business for revenge instead of doing his job as Commander-in-Chief leading our country into prosperity and peace at a time in which our country needs a leader.

For more information on “Pipelinegate” and the players involved in it, go to:

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Alaska Rep. Mike Hawker Still Opposing Governor Palin’s AGIA Plan

Posted by Adrienne Ross on March 11, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

On the heels of President Obama’s interest in either taking credit for or sabotaging Governor Palin’s natural gas pipeline comes more pipeline news. Today’s news appears to demonstrate more Alaska politics-as-usual–you know, the kind of nonsense Governor Palin fought hard to bring down in her beloved state. Representative Mike Hawker, House Finance Co-chair, has erected a roadblock by reducing the funding necessary for the natural gas pipeline project.

Pat Forgey of Juneau Empire reports:

Legislative opponents of Trans-Canada Corp.’s state-backed natural gas pipeline project stripped much of the money Gov. Sean Parnell has sought for the state’s role in pushing it forward from the budget adopted by the House Finance Committee on Tuesday.

Finance Co-chair Mike Hawker, R-Anchorage, acknowledged that it was a “substantial reduction” but said money could be provided later and was not an attack on the pipeline.

Now, why would Hawker feel the need to volunteer justification for his opposition, which even he terms a “substantial reduction”? Why the need to declare that he wasn’t throwing the pipeline under the bus? Perhaps he didn’t initiate that discussion. Perhaps he was asked. Would there have been good reason to question his motive in blocking the funding?

You betcha!

You see, Hawker has a history of opposing and downplaying Governor Palin’s AGIA plan. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane.

In June, RAM wrote a C4P article, “Mike Hawker, One Lucky Lying ‘Corrupt Bastard,'” in which she blew up Hawker’s spot.

RAM writes:

I’ve had just about as much as I can take of Rep. Mike Hawker (RINO-Anchorage).

Let me be blunt. He is a cynical and dissembling politician. He is a flat out liar.

He’s been carrying on and making a general ass of himself to the local and national media saying stupid things like this:

Anchorage Republican Rep. Mike Hawker, co-chairman of the committee that writes the budget, said TransCanada seems to be merely subcontracting some work to Exxon. “My take is what’s going on here is a completely overblown media circus,” said Hawker, whose wife works for Conoco in its Cook Inlet operations.

Overblown media circus? No, see, we’re talking about a natural gas pipeline that will be the largest private energy project in the world. We’re not talking about Troopergate.

Exxon is partnering – not subcontracting. There’s a big difference.

You just learned that Hawker’s wife works for Conoco, the company with a rival pipeline project in competition with Gov. Palin’s AGIA based pipeline, but let’s look a little closer.

RAM goes on to document Hawker’s corrupt history and even his bragging about it, for he coined the phrase “Corrupt Bastards Club,” of which he was a proud member. RAM doesn’t simply slam his character and leave it at that; no, she backs up her assertions with evidence. Included in that evidence are specifics of contributions and benefits he and other Alaska politicians received from VECO, an oilfield services company, ConocoPhillips (again, his wife’s employer and AGIA competitor), and others.

RAM quotes a Lori Backes article:

According to Alaska Public Offices Commission reports, the most prolific and consistent “investor” in Alaska politics is the oil industry; with the employees of VECO Corp. standing out as the single largest contributing block.


Rep. Mike Hawker, House Finance Committee member, Legislative Budget and Audit Committee: $8,050


One should note that these totals do not include Senate President Ben Stevens’ “consulting” contract with VECO, Rep. Meyer’s salary and benefits from ConocoPhillips; the salary, retirement and stock options to the Rep. Hawker household from ConocoPhillips or his own contract with ASCG, of NANA Corp., which has contracts for oil field services with VECO and BP, while he was involved in confidential discussions on the gas line contract. [emphasis added]

Fishy business? Was this a “corrupt bastard” living up to his self-profession?

You must read all of RAM’s article to get the full skinny on Hawker. Click here to access it.

Rep. Hawker’s own actions have created the distrust he faces, and it’s no wonder his motives are called into question now when he stands, again, against efforts to move forward on the pipeline. Governor Sean Parnell is committed to continuing the efforts of his predecessor, and look who’s still in the way.

How are legislators responding to this roadblock, and what does Hawker have to say about it?

Forgey continues:

House Democrats who had backed the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act under which Trans-Canada had won state support criticized the cuts as an attack on the gasline.

At a press conference Tuesday, House Minority Leader Beth Kerttula, D-Juneau, warned the Legislature could stall as pro-industry representatives attempt to reopen fights over gas pipeline and oil tax issues from the last few years.

“We’re headed for some kind of meltdown,” she said.

The money Parnell requested would have been used by the Departments of Law, Revenue and Natural Resources for the state’s role in moving toward a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission certificate for the Alaska Pipeline Project. The project is sponsored by Trans-Canada with partner ExxonMobil under AGIA. A competing pipeline sponsored by ConocoPhillips and BP also is in the works.

Hawker denied anything “skulduggerous” was happening in an attempt to stop the Trans-Canada effort to which he had earlier opposed. He said the move was a reaction to Alaskans who have let him know they wanted more scrutiny on the issue.


[Rep. Les] Gara warned that withholding the money sought by Parnell could delay the state’s ability to meet its commitments under AGIA and could weaken the state’s hand in forcing BP, ConocoPhillips and ExxonMobil to develop a pipeline.

“They’re not going to move ahead with a gas line on their own. We have to push them,” Gara said.


The Finance Committee also cut money for the Parnell administration to work on an in-state gas line to Southcentral after Hakwer [sic] questioned “the commitment of this administration in moving this project forward.”

Other legislative bills would take responsibility for in-state gas away from Parnell, and vest it elsewhere.

Gas pipeline funding, both for the in-state gasline and AGIA pipeline work, remains a priority for this administration and we will continue to work with both the House and Senate to restore full funding,” said Sharon Leighow, Parnell’s spokesperson.

Hawker said none of the cuts were in opposition to AGIA or in-state gas, but were instead a way to continue the discussion with the Parnell administration.

I’m not Hawker, and I can’t read his mind. The only thing I can read is his history, and there certainly seems to be a pattern in full-swing. Is he suddenly acting with pure motives, blocking funds only at the behest of concerned Alaskans, as he claims? You tell me: does that sound like the modus operandi of a member of the “Corrupt Bastards Club”?

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Sarah Palin Expected To Testify At Knoxville Trial Of Obama Campaign Operative Who Hacked Her E-mail Account

Posted by Gary P Jackson on March 11, 2010

Could This Be Barack Obama’s Watergate?

There have been so many dirty tricks orchestrated by Barack Obama, his staffers, minions, sycophants, and so on,….against Sarah Palin….that frankly we forgot about this loser until our friends over at Palin TV linked to this story out of Tennessee:

Former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is expected to be a witness at a University of Tennessee student’s internet fraud trial next month.

A motions hearing Wednesday addressed several procedural issues U.S. District Judge Clifford Shirley expects to rule on at a pre-trial conference in two weeks.

University of Tennessee student David Kernell, now 22, is accused of accessing Sarah Palin’s personal e-mail account ( while she was Sen. John McCain’s running mate. Palin was governor at the time.

Prosecutors contend Kernell answered some security questions, like Palin’s date of birth and where she met her spouse, then reset her password.

He’s accused of posting the new password on the internet so others could look at her e-mail account.

He faces four felonies: identity theft, wire fraud, computer fraud, and obstruction of justice.

If convicted on counts two and four of the indictment, Kernell faces a maximum punishment of 20 years in prison, a $250,000 fine, and 5 years of supervised release.

If convicted on counts one and three of the new indictment, Kernell faces a maximum punishment of 5 years in prison, a $250,000 fine and 3 years of supervised release.

One of the issues discussed at Wednesday’s hearing was whether the defense can serve trial subpoenas by Fed Ex or email instead of in person.

Defense attorney Wade Davies said, “There are people all over the country, including in Alaska, who are involved in this case.”

Kernell’s defense attorney, Wade Davies, told Judge Clifford Shirley he may consider a so-called 12.2 defense. While Davies declined to elaborate, usually that means the intent to call expert witnesses to talk about a defendant’s mental condition.

The judge summed up a third issue the defense brought up: “Does the court have authority to issue an out of district search warrant?” Judge Shirley said. His ruling on that question could exclude some evidence in the case.

Kernell remains free until trial as long as he meets certain conditions, including using a computer only for class work.

David Kernell’s trial is set for April 20.

His father is a longtime Democratic State Senator from Memphis.


Now don’t weep for this weasel, he is connected as high as they can go. His father is Mike Kernell, a longtime Tennessee State Representative, and a democrat, of course. More importantly though, David, who is a student at the University of Tennessee appears to have ties to the highest levels of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. More on this in a second, but first lets take a stroll down memory lane.

Our friends over at HillBuzz were all over this at the time:

Like father, like son.

According to some great online detective work today, it seems SoetorObama supporter Mike Kernell, Democrat state representative from Tennessee (and active member of SoetorObama’s Tennessee campaign), confirmed his son David Kernell, student at University of Tennessee-Knoxville, hacked into Sarah Palin’s yahoo email account to help SoetorObama’s struggling campaign.

Kernell hoped to find political information he could pass to the SoetorObama camp, or anything he could embarrass Palin with by posting all over the Internet. It was his intent to neutralize Palin or force her off the ticket by finding damaging personal information that would win the election for SoetorObama.


Kernell hacked Palin’s email by patiently tricking Yahoo to give up Palin’s password: he answered repetitive security questions about Palin’s birthday, zip code, etc. until Yahoo allowed him into Palin’s account. Then, he changed Palin’s password to “popcorn“. Get it? David Kernell…”popcorn“. What a clever, clever boy!

Clever boys with doe-eyes and Boticelli curls do really well serving 1-4 years in federal prison for cybercrimes, we hear.

Word to the wise: if you are using Yahoo for email, you might want to switch to something more secure. If Kernell was able to hack into Palin’s account using public-knowledge about her, just imagine what someone who actually knows you could do to your own account. If you have an ex who wants to spy on you, he or she would know a lot more about you than Kernell knew about Palin, so hacking your account should be a lot easier for him/her. And for crying out loud, stop using your dog’s name as your password. It’s the first thing people try when hacking.

Something to think about…in addition to the fact that, like we have said for a year, the people SoetorObama attracts to his campaign are very similar to the type of thugs McGovern attracted in 1972. Though these people are not operating on direct orders from SoetorObama himself, the spirit of his campaign encourages this type of behavior, and prompts people like Kernell to commit what looks like three separate felonies in service of their ObaMessiah.

You can read a lot more from the Boys From Chicago here.

Terry Frank was all over this at the time and managed to get a lot of screen shots from the G.Gordon Liddy wannabe’s Facebook page. You can read more here.

As you read, you will notice commenter after commenter start referencing young David’s Technorati page and the fact that there appears to be more than a tenuous connection between David and Barack Obama’s campaign manager, David Plouffe.

In fact, a quick look though multiple sources will find references to this, and include a link:

Unfortunately, either Kernell or Technorati have scrubbed the website, and nothing on our master spy can be found. But, as luck would have it, the folks over at Libertarian Republican captured a screen shot:

Eric Dondero writes this for the website:

In another bizarre twist to the Sarah Palin email hacking story, the prime suspect in the FBI investigation David Kernell of Tennessee, had a video produced by Barack Obama for President Campaign Manager David Plouffe on his Technorati Search Page.

Libertarian Republican blog interviewed Computer Applications Specialist Dave Kittley of Abilene, Texas this evening. Kittley discovered the video link late yesterday, and captured it in a screen shot. (The black pen markings on the screenshot are from Kittley).

Kittley asserts that it is a very strange coincidence that the Plouffe video would show up right on Kernell’s Technorati page. One possible explanation according to Kittley: Kernell’s name might be in the credits for the production of the Plouffe video.

Plouffe is known to be a big advocate of NetRoots, a gathering of Leftwing Bloggers, formerly known as Yearly Kos, who often engage in on-line mischief against political opponents. Obama produced a personal video to the NetRoots convention which was held in Austin, Texas the weekend of July 16. Kittley told LR that is entirely possible that Kernell might be a member of the NetRoots community.

Kittlery also pointed out to LR that the video, which encourages volunteers to become the “cavalry” of the Obama campaign, has since dissappeared from Kernell’s Technorati page. He has the screen shot in his possession, and has graciously made the screenshot from yesterday available to LR and to a limited number of websites covering the Palin email hacking story.

Although there was a lot of effort to scrub things, thanks to the folks at Free Republic, we found the INCREDIBLY boring video of Plouffe rallying the troops. The one referenced on Kernell’s Technorati page:

That’s five minutes and forty-four seconds of my life I will never get back. This is the most boring man alive!

You’ll notice the video was posted about the time young David was violating Governor Palin’s privacy.

Obviously, there was a lot of reporting on this, at least on the conservative side of the aisle. Predictably, the Obamacentric “mainstream media” ran from this story like it was on fire!

If you want to go down memory lane though, Gateway Pundit and the National Ledger have more.

As if this wasn’t interesting enough, David’s father, Big Mike Kernell is running for re-election at the same time his loser son is about to go on trial. His opponent, Memphis police officer Tim Cook, had this to say:

When I heard the rumor that Mike Kernell’s son was the one responsible for hacking into the Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin’s email I was stunned. As a father I sympathize with Mike Kernell and can understand what he is going through as a father. And I will pray for him and his family during this ordeal.

However, this clearly shows what family values Democrat Mike Kernell has taught his children. It reflects the values of his 34 years as a State Representative in and for the Democratic Party. These are not the type of values the citizens want in their representatives. ...”

Officer Cook went on to suggest a possible media conspiracy to ignore the alleged relationship between David Kernell and Obama campaign manager David Plouffe.

Ya think?

This is rather delicious to me, as it was just yesterday we started discussing the diabolical plans Obama has to scuttle Sarah Palin’s natural gas pipeline project, the largest construction project on North American history.

We took readers down memory lane and reminded them how Obama, his Senate (and campaign) Chief-of-Staff Pete Rouse, and a cast of Alaskan nerdowells went on a jihad against Sarah Palin the day she was announced as John McCain’s running mate.

We talked about the fact that Obama, personally got involved in the so-called “Troopergate” scandal, Sarah calls it “Tasergate” because her crazy brother-in-law had tasered her nephew, among just a few things. Obama is the one who called the state troopers union to “offer his assistance” to a brother union member.

We also talked about the fact that even though Sarah was cleared, and democrats Kim Elton, Hollis French, Beth Kerttula, Stephen Branchflower, and others were taken to the wood shed for hiding evidence that cleared Palin, and even used the wrong statute as the basis for their witch hunt, Barack Obama “rewarded” Kim Elton with a make work job at the Department of Interior. A little Chicago style pay-for-play.

Of course, no discussion of this fine group of individuals would be complete without reminding everyone that Pete Rouse, now a Senior White House adviser, basically founded, recruited, and coordinated the Alaska Mafia from his cushy D.C. office. Rouse used Mafia members to continually plant false stories about Sarah Palin in the media, as well as continually file all of those phony ethics complaints against her, complaints that would cost the Alaska tax payers over $2 million to deal with.

To this day, if you see a story about Sarah Palin that come from far left hate sites like the Huffington Post (which are then picked up by the “mainstream media“) just know that Rouse, or one of his people has something to do with it. That’s how these people roll.

You can refresh your memory on all of this, and see what Obama’s latest gimmick is here.

You know, at the time it was all happening, naive Americans, like myself, thought for sure that the pay-for-play deal between Obama and Kim Elton, for Elton’s part in the false accusations against Sarah Palin, in an attempt to throw the election, who have been enough to take Obama down.

As we learned more about the Chicago thug politics, and Obama’s connection to the Alaska Mafia, we felt for certain someone in authority would step in. We were just that naive.

Now, as I finish this up I reflect on the fact that progressives, like Barack Obama, and his ilk, scream bloody murder when we lawfully wiretap terrorists who want to destroy America.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the act that finally brings down the most corrupt president in American history is the illegal tapping into Sarah Palin’s e-mails on his behalf!

Talk about being hoisted by one’s own petard!

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Has President Obama Seen Governor Palin’s Light–or Does He Want to Snuff it Out?

Posted by Adrienne Ross on March 11, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

As the entire nation knows, Governor Palin has been a voice for energy independence for years. She has worked relentlessly to see a natural gas pipeline built that would flow resources from Alaska to the Lower 48.

After all of the governor’s hard work and unprecedented success in moving forward in this effort that would not only provide jobs and boost the economy, but would aid in national security–freeing America to rely on the resources God has given us, rather than foreign regimes that don’t like us–it seems President Obama has suddenly become interested in energy.

The president wants to take this effort to tap into Alaska’s resources to the next level, making it a White House executive office matter.

According to Juneau Empire, Mark Begich, the Democrat senator from Alaska, has “nominated legislative aide Larry Persily for the Obama appointment as federal coordinator. Persily has support from Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, as well.”

This begs the question: Has President Obama suddenly seen the light–or is he trying to snuff it out?

Writing for US4Palin, Gary reports:

At first glance, this looks good, right? Obama is finally realizing we need to develop our own resources, after loaning his buddy George Soros’ Brazilian oil company, Petrobas, ten billion dollars to drill offshore in Brazil. And maybe Obama is trying to steal Sarah Palin’s thunder here.

Unfortunately, I believe you’d be wrong, and I believe my colleague is, as well. I don’t think Obama is trying to steal credit for this deal, I think he is trying to kill it.

Frankly, when has Obama done anything to support energy development in America? On the contrary, Obama and his minions have openly worked to thwart any and all domestic development of natural resources.

So what’s the deal?

First of all, let’s face it, that’s how these Chicago thugs work, period. We see it every single day. They strong arm and attack their own people if the don’t tow the line. Ask New York Governor David Patterson how Obama’s gangster tactics work.

Let’s take a quick look at Larry Persily himself. Persily is a self described “blue-collar Chicago democrat.”

Please click here to read more of Gary’s article and learn more about Persily and his connections.

Do you smell something fishy?

Gary is not the only one who has taken note of this interesting interest the President of the United States has suddenly developed. Conservatives4Palin has also covered the story.

Mel Bryant writes:

Almost one year ago, C4P predicted that the president would eventually attempt to take over, and take credit for, Governor Palin’s work to get Alaska a natural gas pipeline.


After spending months attacking Palin and obstructing her legislative agenda, Persily got called up to the big leagues. Just like Kim Elton. Funny how that worked out.

Now the president’s looking to increase the power of Persily’s position.


It’s not a surprise that Obama might want to take credit for Palin’s gas pipeline. After all, as Palin has pointed out over and over, America needs a source of clean, reliable energy that comes from domestic sources, thereby increasing our national security. But AGIA needs the free market to work. Much as he may wish to claim credit, Alaska’s gasline should not become an Obama public works project.

Bryant breaks down Persily’s associations as well, also leaving one to ponder what is really going on? Read that article in its entirety here.

Smell anything yet? Apparently Denmark is not the only place where rotten things reek.

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