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Archive for February 21st, 2010

Sarah Palin Congratulates USA Men’s Hockey Team

Posted by Dr. Fay on February 21, 2010

Complete transcript of Governor Palin’s Facebook Note:

YES, Team USA!

Today at 10:42 PM EST

Congratulations to Team USA’s men’s hockey team for a sensational game this evening. We needed this! It made us so proud to be fans of this team, this sport, and this great country. America’s Olympic team of hard working, selfless team players – with no individual superstars – is an inspiring story for all. Now on to the next chapter in this great sports story… Go Team USA!

– Sarah Palin

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Warmer-Than-Usual Temperatures Challenge Iron Dog Racers

Posted by Dr. Fay on February 21, 2010

The annual Iron Dog competition started at 1PM Alaska time (5 PM EST) today.  Todd Palin’s team drew the Number 22 position, which meant they were the 22nd team to start.  By 4 PM (8 PM EST), they had moved up to 19th place.  The Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman reports:

While many in the Valley are enjoying nearly balmy temperatures, the warmer-than-usual winter was not welcome for the dozens of snowmachiners gathered here Sunday to start the 27th Iron Dog snowmachine race. Amid melting ice and snow with temperatures well above freezing, 29 pro-class Iron Dog competitors sped off the lake and into the trees to start race.

Racers and spectators began showing up early to discover large pools of overflow on Big Lake. Further down the lake where the racers head into the trees, the snow is gone and a mostly bare trail is all that was left.


As the 1 p.m. start neared, the racer staging area was buzzing with activity. Racers hugged family members, put tape on their faces and last-minute sled checks were in progress. The team of Wasilla racers James Spikes and teammate Scott Richter sat on their sleds waiting for their turn to head down the starting chute.

Spikes, who is racing his third race, has a new partner and has switched from Ski Doo to Arctic Cat, but as with most racers, he was more concerned with trail conditions than anything else.

At 1 p.m. the green flag dropped and the No. 2 team of Jeremy Neeser and Ryan Scottosanti lead the charge to Fairbanks. The two-man racing teams were then released in two-minute intervals. By 4 p.m., the No. 2 team had dropped to 13th place, and Aklestad and Johnson were in the lead with last year’s winners Todd Minnick and Nick Olstad close behind. Bringing up the third position was the team of Bradley Helwig and Eric Quam. The team of Todd Palin and Scott Davis was running in 19th place.

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Iron Dog 2010 Under Way

Posted by Ron Devito on February 21, 2010

The Iron Dog race began today with Todd Palin and Scott Davis comprising Team 22.

The Iron Dog is the world’s longest snow machine race covering 2,000 miles of Alaskan Wilderness.

Todd Palin is a four-time champion and completed one race in the top five after breaking one arm during the event.

Complete information including GPS tracking is available at Iron Dog.

Photos courtesy of an Alaskan Sarah Palin supporter. Last photo is Team 22.

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SarahPalin: Glenn Beck Hit Nail on Head with CPAC Speech

Posted by Dr. Fay on February 21, 2010

Governor Palin was impressed with Glenn Beck’s CPAC speech yesterday.  She tweeted:

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Sarah Palin Inspires Conservative Women to Speak Out

Posted by Dr. Fay on February 21, 2010

Kelley Vlahos at made the following observations from  CPAC  this weekend:

What motivates conservative women hasn’t changed much since mavens like Phyllis Schafly took on the feminists as a pro-life torchbearer in the 1970s, and the Conservative Political Action Conference this week has shown that their roles in the conservative movement have only grown.

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter delivered a rousing speech Saturday, and Sarah Palin, though not in attendance, has been a constant reference point at this week’s annual conference in Washington, D.C.

One panel discussion, “Going Rogue: Women Changing the Face of Conservatism,” took its name from Palin’s recent book about her experience on the campaign trail as the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee. Panel participants said conservative women still promote “family values,” are pro-life and clearly still disdain the feminist movement that told girls they have to work and put off raising a family.

“Conservative issues are just better for women,” said S.E Cupp, a conservative blogger and commentator, who is among a growing number of conservative women finding creating new ways of getting their voices heard through multimedia.

“Otherwise we would have been confined to the mainstream” caricature, Kate Obenshain, a former chairwoman of the Virginia Republican Party, said. She pointed to Michelle Malkin and other bloggers who have crossed over to cable news and other media forums. It shows “conservative women are unstoppable — they’ve always been.”

But Obenshain insists that active conservative women “don’t walk in lock-step,” and she encouraged the audience of predominantly college women not to “let anyone define for you what conservative women should look like.

“We don’t have a litmus test.”

But others say that of the thousands of attendees at CPAC this year, most generally adhere to the same ideological and political positions.


Still, women acknowledge that while a united front might not always be possible, they can all enjoy the fact that they have made great strides as women. For all the criticism and controversy swirling around Palin, she has helped fire up conservative women, said Zoelle Mallenbaum, a student at Wellesley University. 

Conservative women are “still discredited” by liberals on campus, Mallenbaum said, adding that Palin sends an inspiring message — that conservative women are “out there and unafraid.” 

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Why Gov Palin Chose SRLC over CPAC

Posted by Ron Devito on February 21, 2010

With CPAC 2010 finished, media reports are swirling discussing Governor Palin’s absence from this event, which they billed as “mandatory” for conservative candidates for anything. Was it?

SRLC the Real Proving Ground for Gauging A POTUS Run

According to Politico’s Ben Smith, the Southern Republican Leadership Conference (SRLC) is “the first real chance to gauge the interest in her candidacy among the core of Republican activists and operatives” (Painter, 2010, ¶11). Peter Hamby, of CNN describes SRLC as “a major gathering of Republican officials, donors and activists from 14 southern states” (Hamby, 2010, ¶2). “Political watchers will be paying close attention, and not just because several potential presidential candidates are expected to attend. The SRLC – ‘the most prominent Republican event outside of a Republican National Convention,’ the organization boasts – also conducts a presidential straw poll” (Hamby, 2010, ¶5). As noted in prior coverage of SRLC Governor Palin will not be earning a speaker’s fee for this event.

CPAC Supposedly Owned by Romney

CPAC is practically owned by the Romney camp with the organization’s executive director in his back pocket. This is not a secret to anyone. CPAC’s darling; however, delivered what some considered a snooze-fest of a speech, complete with a front row of staffers reading along, two teleprompters, and a serious story about a trip to WalMart to pick up stuff for his grandchildren. His “ownership” did not translate into a straw poll victory this time around.

CPAC Co-Sponsored by the John Birch Society

The John Birch Society has indeed co-sponsored CPAC 2010 (Hahn, 2009, ¶1). Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post cited this factor as one reason why Governor Palin declined CPAC (Cillizza, 2010, ¶1). Indeed, the fringe elements of the right appeared to have taken over CPAC under Mitt Romney’s nose. Politico’s Ben Smith wrote, “ ‘in 2008, people had this perception of Mitt Romney as this kid sitting in the front of the classroom with his hand up,’ said Gary Marx, a conservative adviser to Romney’s ’08 campaign” (Smith, 2010, ¶4). According to Smith, Marx thinks that Romney has now secured “the full embrace of the conservative movement” (Smith, 2010, ¶4). Our analysis begs to differ. Delivering a boring speech, losing a straw poll and losing control of your own gathering to fringe elements does not constitute anything approaching a “full embrace.” That circumstance more points to Marx’s 2008 “kid in the front of the classroom with his hand up” metaphor. It’s the original analysis that was spot on and in our assessment that has not changed.

Perhaps this explains why only one tenth of this year’s participants bothered to vote in the straw poll and why Ron Paul won. Governor Palin still managed to come in third — phenomenal, considering her absence and the demographic catered to. She handily beat Pawlenty. Huckabee, long considered “Mr. Conservative” was not even listed as an option on the straw poll.

CPAC Chair Disrespects Palin, but Wanted Her at Conference

Dave Keene, chairman of the American Conservative Union, which organizes CPAC (which he is also the chairman of) has said disrespectful things about Governor Palin. For instance, “Sarah Palin needs to stop whining about unfair media coverage and get over the fact that some people don’t like her…Keene…tells Newsmax” (Kessler, 2010, ¶1). Keene devotes the rest of the interview to trashing Governor Palin as “a quitter,” (Kessler, 2010, ¶5-8), “rock star” without substance (Kessler, 2010, ¶9-12), “taking shots at the media,” (Kessler, 2010, ¶13-14), and “unreliable when it comes to speaking engagements that help the GOP” (Kessler, 2010, ¶15). He declares her “not ready to run for the Presidency” (Kessler, 2010, ¶20-21).

Since CPAC was supposed to be mandatory for conservative candidates for anything, and Keene has belittled Governor Palin, why would her flat-out rejection of this year’s invitation matter to him? Keene wanted Governor Palin at CPAC, because she would have drawn many more participants, enhancing CPAC’s bottom line. Indeed, one of the hottest pieces of swag at the event was giant Sarah Palin posters. The entire batch ran out very quickly.

CPAC Losing its Luster

Shenanigans such as the Federal Express conflict of interest and catering to the lunatic fringe diminish the value of this once prestigious gathering of conservatives. Keene rather than taking splinters out of Governor Palin’s eyes might do well to take the planks out of his own. Those Sarah Palin posters were snatched up so fast, because those who wanted her image yearn for a leader to carry Ronald Reagan’s torch. None of the alternatives present could satisfy that yearning. In her absence, Governor Palin won the real poll, and she was summoned yet again.

Our vigil is posted awaiting her beckon.

Register for SRLC

Make your voice heard loud and clear! We want Governor Palin to be President Palin. Register for SRLC and vote for Governor Palin in its straw poll.


Register Today!


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