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Sarah Palin Leads Latest Iowa 2012 Republican Presidential Polling

Posted by Gary P Jackson on January 29, 2010

The latest poll, courtesy of Republican Rankings shows Sarah Palin leading the field of possible candidates for the 2012 Republican presidential primary:

Sarah Palin…………31.41

Mike Huckabee…..30.03

Mitt Romney………26.34

Tim Pawlenty……….8.94

Newt Gingrich………2.05

John Thune…………..1.33

This comes on the heels of the just released Newsmax-Zogby poll that has Sarah leading all comers nationally for the Republican nomination.

In the accompanying Newsmax article, Dick Morris is quoted as saying the winner of the 2012 Republican nomination will be the next President of the United States. This is assuming, of course, that Barack Obama is the democrat/communist party nominee, which, with his performance so far, is not a sure bet by any means.

This polling shows a continuing trend. Sarah Palin is solidly cementing her position as front runner 2012. Her continued hard work and strong vision for America is what has more and more Americans looking toward her for leadership in these troubled times.

Of course, her writings, such as this donโ€™t hurt a bit!


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