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Archive for January 15th, 2010

Sarah Palin Implores Union Members To Break With Leadership On Backroom Deal

Posted by Gary P Jackson on January 15, 2010

Sarah wasted no time today as she came out swinging early against the late night backroom deal Barack Obama made with the unions, exempting them from the so called “Cadillac tax” on the top of the line insurance policies that some employers offer.

Anyone who even remotely follows politics knows that Obama owes his entire career to the union thugs at the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), a division of ACORN.

With that in mind, it’s not surprising that Obama would bow to pressure from his union thug masters. I mean why not, he has bowed to everyone else!

Sarah’s call to action is pretty self explanatory:

Union Brothers and Sisters: Your Leadership Doesn’t Get It – You Deserve Better

In the latest to come out of D.C.’s backroom health care deals, President Obama yesterday cut a doozy of a deal with labor union bosses. The fed’s health care plan must be so bad that even union bosses had to go to D.C. to say they wanted out. So… to keep their support for a flawed plan they got an exemption to provisions in the deal that others did not. Small business owners, our families running America’s mom & pops, did not get this deal. Ask yourself: why did union bosses get special treatment? And when did our country’s unions get on the wrong track with moves like this that hurt their good members and put them in such a bad light?

Good hard-working, pro-free-market, pro-America union members should join in opposition to their union bosses’ sweetheart deal. Coming from a union background and living in a world with many union memberships among my family and friends, I know that average members will be embarrassed by their bosses’ deal, which basically only delays the heavy tax on their health care plans until 2018 and in the meantime unfairly leaves many fellow Americans in a much less “enviable” position.

Union members don’t want to stick it to non-union colleagues in the private and public sector. Their union leadership is not helping them in the long run, they’re certainly not helping the rest of America, and unfortunately some union bosses are making all union members look bad, selfish, and anti-business with this Big Government backroom deal.

I know that ordinary union members don’t want to hurt their fellow Americans, just as ordinary Nebraskans didn’t want to stick it to the rest of the country with a sweetheart deal on Medicaid subsidies. I urge union members to make their voices heard. Please, call your leadership – don’t put up with these special-interest politics – tell them to fight for all Americans who want common sense health care reform, not this flawed boondoggle.

– Sarah Palin

Obviously, Sarah speaks with great moral authority here, as there are indeed many union members in her family, including her husband Todd. It’s deals like these that only further cement the union thug image in people’s minds.

Unions are already looked at in an incredibly poor light. This backroom deal does absolutely nothing to help that. This sort of thing is just one more reason why many states, including mine, have tough “right to work” laws that severely limit union activities.

I share the same sentiment Sarah has for the average union worker. Most are hard working, all-American people. It’s management, leadership that is corrupt beyond belief.

Also, like Sarah, I see deals like this, and the sweetheart deals that Ben Nelson got for Nebraska, and Mary Landrieu got for Louisiana, both exempting their states from the harmful effects of ObamaCare, as a sure sign that America needs to pull out all stops when it comes to killing ObamaCare before it ever becomes law!

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Hannity Interviews Gov Palin, Fox News Analyst

Posted by Ron Devito on January 15, 2010

Part I

Part II

Part III


Governor Palin emphasized her Reagan Conservative principles in this interview which lasted half of Sean Hannity’s January 14, 2010 show and is part of a series pertaining to Governor Palin signing on with Fox as a News Analyst. The central theme emphasized throughout each segment was small, limited federal government, and how large, overarching government hurts the economy and us as individuals. Governor Palin renewed her pledge to support conservative candidates in 2010 and beyond, even if her own party does not support them ala Doug Hoffman, NY District 23. She emphasized the importance of both parties returning to their core underpinning values.

When asked what she would say to Obama if she had the opportunity to talk with him, Governor Palin said that she would emphasize her peace through strength message and call for him to be more decisive — much less “hand-wringing and dithering.” She re-emphasized other core messages: low taxes and the dangers of Obama’s health care bill, which she said would mirror the British system which does have panels of bureaucrats deciding who is deserving of treatment.

Sean Hannity concluded by asking Governor Palin who she would profile if she had a show of her own. “What I would like to focus on for our children, I want to find real role models, I want to find those who should be our celebrities, those who we would be proud, Sean for our children to look up to and say ‘I want to be like that person.’ That person would maybe never be in a spotlight, but they work hard to put food on the table for their family. They’re selfless. They’re helping others, they’re compassionate, they have a strong, strong work ethic. I want to find those people across America, I want to profile them and I want to say, ‘kids you can be like that person, because this is America.'” Hannity responded, “so, in other words you would do profiles on great Americans we would never hear about every day.”

“Absolutely, absolutely!” she said.

“Real American Idols,” were Governor Palin’s concluding words.

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Sarah Palin’s First Appearance on Hannity as a FOX News Contributor

Posted by Dr. Fay on January 15, 2010

Governor Palin’s first appearance on Hannity on Thursday as a FOX News contributor followed her debut on Tuesday on the O’Reilly Factor and her interview with Glenn Beck on Wednesday.

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