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Archive for January 9th, 2010

Sarah Palin: The Shadow President. Obama: State-Run Media’s Favorite Harvard Elitist.

Posted by citizens4palin on January 9, 2010

Several reactions to Sarah Palin’s facebook post. Many from a great Resource: Doug Brady of Conservatives 4 Palin.

Chris Cillizza at WaPo:

We’ve noted before in this space that former Alaska governor Sarah Palin is using Facebook to serve as a sort of shadow president, a constant counter to President Obama on nearly every issue. Palin’s latest missive came late Tuesday when she decried Obama’s approach to terrorism as “fatally flawed” because the administration sees the issue through a law enforcement lens rather than a national security one. Palin’s Facebook riffs allow her to speak directly to those who share her worldview without having to wade through questions from the news media seeking deeper answers to the complex problems she is addressing. The goal? Perhaps to install Palin as the obvious foil to the current president thereby giving her the right of first refusal when the 2012 Republican presidential primary fight comes around.

Another Black Conservative:

From the moment Janet Napolitano came out with her clown statement that the “system worked”, you just knew Sarah Palin was going to have something to say about how this administration handles terror.

In typical no nonsense fashion Palin points out the emptiness of Obama’s latest statements and calls out the various absurdities of treating terror suspects as common criminals.

How is it that Palin, who the left would have us believe is a hayseed, can in three simple paragraphs so clearly state who are enemy is, the threat that they pose and the correct way to deal with them, meanwhile the supposed “intellectual giant” Obama needs days and days and days to state the obvious that the system failed?

Mark Noonan:

This shows a clear sighted grasp of what we’re up against and likely reflects the fact that Sarah Palin has had far more real world and executive experience than Obama has – even after Obama has been in office for nearly a year. Obama needs to wake up from the leftist delusions about why terrorists do what they do. He also needs to lay aside ivory tower concepts of how terrorists should be treated when captured. If he doesn’t change, very soon, then the cost of his policies will be paid for in blood.

We made a horrendous mistake in November of 2008 and we can only partially undo it in 2010 – for the most part, we’re stuck with our foolishness until January 20th, 2013. Let this be a lesson to those who complain that this or that GOP candidate isn’t conservative “enough” – true, always better to have a true-blue conservative, but better a RINO than a liberal Democrat. Lives are at stake, and we can’t mess around and hope to put it all back together again later.

Blog Stella Pundit:

When the really hard times hit this year – and oh, they will – Americans will find no reassuring strength or warmth in the newly royalist White House. And in their pain and despair, they will turn to the motherly dynamo from Alaska, Sarah Palin, who spends Christmas with her family serving a community dinner in her hometown of Wasilla. Sarah Palin, who always lovingly mentions the troops and their family’s sacrifice everywhere she goes. Sarah Palin, the Alaskan fox with a servant’s heart and a lion’s strength.

By the time the election of 2012 rolls around, it will merely confirm what is already well-established in the people’s minds and hearts: President Sarah Palin.


Whether Democrats or the MSM realize it or not, a Resistance Movement is forming in this country. Regular citizens are starting to band together in preparation to do what political leaders and those in government are too stupid to do: resist this current president’s desperate slouch towards socialism and his fey, effete, ludicrously naive approach to Muslim terrorists.

Islam wants to destroy the West.

Islam is not a religion: it is a political, commercial, ideological, and criminal organization disguised as a religion so that it can use Liberals within our own borders as Fifth Column enablers of its attacks upon US interests.

The Resistance needs a leader, and we hope Governor Palin stands up in 2010 and becomes that woman, so in 2012 she can become our president.

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit:

Sarah Palin schools the state-run media’s favorite Harvard elitist.  From her Facebook page Sarah Palin lectures Obama on his lack of comprehension

Lisa Graas:

Governor Palin’s firm, reasoned approach to combating terrorism ranks among her greatest strengths and her latest statement bears this out more clearly than ever. She is concise in her analysis and offers “no nonsense” language that cuts clearly through the obscurities in rhetoric commonly offered by President Obama.

Combating terrorism is arguably the weightiest issue falling within the realm of the President’s responsibilities toward the American people. For this reason, this particular statement by Governor Palin could be among her most important ever.[…]

It is comforting to me to know that Sarah Palin understands this threat and offers a clear and prominent voice in America’s public discourse as President Obama sleeps at the wheel. Governor Palin is right to say that his approach to terrorism is “fatally flawed”. In other words, any plan that is not based on an understanding of the problem outlined above is bound to fail.

It’s clear that America made a huge mistake in November 2008. Hopefully the country will get through the remaining three years of Obama’s tenure despite his reckless disregard for the safety of its citizens. I’m reminded of Governor Palin’s prophetic warning at her RNC speech:

Al-Qaida terrorists still plot to inflict catastrophic harm on America … he’s worried that someone won’t read them their rights?

Stephanie Condon for CBS:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin railed against President Obama today, saying “his fundamental approach to terrorism is fatally flawed” and that “the real nature of the terrorist threat requires a commander-in-chief, not a constitutional law professor.”

The same day the president met with his national security team to discuss the security reviews he ordered after the alleged attempt to blow up a plane on Christmas Day, Palin posted a note on Facebook criticizing the administration’s response to the event.[…]

Palin fails to address the fact that the Bush administration prosecuted “shoe bomber” Richard Reid, an al Qaeda operative, in civilian court, and he is now serving a life term in maximum-security prison.

WHY DOES THE LEFT KEEP BRING UP THIS POINT?  The response is the same, if it is Richard Reid or the Christmas Day bomber the same mistake was made: allowing them to lawyer up and than clam up.

Original Post:

Governor Palin 4 President

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