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Poll: Sarah Palin Will Be the 2012 GOP Nominee

Posted by Dr. Fay on January 5, 2010

In a series of year-end polls conducted by The Atlantic,  Governor Palin cleaned up in two of the polls:

GOP Presidential Nomination in 2012: While the race may be up in the air this far away from America’s next presidential election, Sarah Palin cleaned up in our poll on who will win the GOP nomination in 2012. Results: Palin, 42%; Mitt Romney, 24%; Mike Huckabee, 13%; Tim Pawlenty, 9%; Rick Santorum, 5%; Ron Paul, 2%; Newt Gingrich, 2%; other, 2%; Eric Cantor, 1%.


Republican Who Had the Best Year: With her book tour that drew passionate fans in the thousands at almost every stop, Palin also took home the gold in our poll on which Republican which Republican had the best 2009. Results: Sarah Palin, 36%; Mitt Romney, 31%; Ron Paul, 11%, Tim Pawlenty, 10%; Mike Huckabee, 9%; other, 3%

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One Response to “Poll: Sarah Palin Will Be the 2012 GOP Nominee”

  1. Carmelo Junior said

    My prediction: Sarah Palin win 4 of the first 5 GOP primaries in 2012.

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