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Archive for December 6th, 2009

I Receive Email From Going Rogue Book Tour

Posted by Adrienne Ross on December 6, 2009

By Adrienne Ross –

Governor Palin’s Going Rogue book tour has been in full swing for almost three weeks, which means that multiple thousands of people have now had the experience of meeting the Governor in person and receiving their own impression of her. I have heard the accounts of many people who came to understand for themselves what others have tried to tell them, what I have tried to tell them about the experience.

Just a few minutes ago, I received a rather touching email from Marie who attempts to put into words for me her encounter with Governor Palin at the Springfield, MO book signing. In it she says she should have paid better attention, not to what I have written about the Governor, but to what I have not ever been able to put into words.

With Marie’s permission, I have included the email below:

I need you to slap my hand, Adrienne! I have thought about you so much over the last 6 days or so!

I went to Springfield, MO to see Sarah and to “let” her help me celebrate my 60th birthday. I thought all the way up there (it took me about 9 hours to drive a 7 1/2 trip because I have to stop so often) and how excited you must have been to see her again. This was my first time, and I’m thankful that my plans worked out so very well.

I thought about you when I shook Sarah’s hand, and she smiled at me. I could feel her sweet spirit in just touching her hand! That’s what made me think of you! Then when I left the signing area and was greeted by Mr. Heath, then Mrs. Heath, then Aunt Kate, I thought about you again. What dear sweet people they are. You had told me they were (in all your writing) but I saw it for myself.

As I drove out of the book store parking lot that morning, totally happy and almost literally floating on air, I told myself to be sure to remember to tell you about it when I got back. Since I’ve been home, the only time I think about telling you is after I turn my computer off for the night to go to bed. (Otherwise, I’m writing to defend Sarah against Mr. Jim Brown, Campbell Brown’s papa)

So I’m thinking about it now, and I want you to know how much the things you have written about Sarah and the Heaths came back to me as I met them for myself. Thank you for doing your best to prepare me. What a shame it didn’t prepare me for the reality! I should have paid more attention to what you didn’t say, huh?

Thanks for trying…

Read how Sarah Palin keeps speaking out for the American people – and how many people keep trying to silence her message.

Thank you, Marie, for taking the time to share your experience. Those who have had the same opportunity know exactly what you mean.

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Sarah Palin Receives The Great American Award For Patriotism, Citizenship, And Civic Engagement

Posted by Gary P Jackson on December 6, 2009

This was mentioned as part of our coverage of Sarah’s visit to the College of the Ozarks, but it really deserves it’s own post. The occasion of Sarah’s visit was the Great American Awards ceremony honoring WWII and Vietnam Veterans and other Great Americans connected with the college.

Sarah, who was the keynote speaker, was herself awarded with the inaugural Great American Award for Patriotism, Citizenship, and Civic Engagement.

“History and common sense tells us that when government tries to take care of us, it ends up robbing us of our ability to help ourselves. If we empower people to be free, providing a hand up but not a hand out … then we will become a more prosperous and generous nation.”

__Sarah Palin

Thanks to the website Governor Palin 4 President for a look at the award:

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Sarah Palin: Going Funny

Posted by Gary P Jackson on December 6, 2009

Thanks to Greta we have what is said to be a full transcript of Sarah’s speech at last night’s Gridiron Dinner. I gotta say, Sarah was on! As John Roberts of CNN was tweeting last night, it’s full of funny zingers.

From Gretawire:

Journalists…..and the “tonge in cheek” dinner Gridiron Dinner…

See below – the posting below is the speech Governor Palin (I am told) gave last night to the big media dinner in Washington, DC. I was not at the dinner but the speech was just emailed to me by someone who did go (no, Governor Palin did not email me her speech…)

Congressman Barney Frank also spoke and I would love to likewise get his speech and post here. The speeches are supposed to be funny …and poke fun at everyone and everything.

Here is Gov Palin’s speech to the media last night:

Good evening. It’s great to be in Washington and I am loving the weather.

I braved the elements and went out for a jog! Or, as Newsweek calls it, a cover-shoot.

It’s a privilege to be here tonight at the Washington DC Barnes & Noble.

Tonight, I’ll be reading excerpts from my new book.

Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

Going Rogue

Yukon wasn’t sure if I’d go with that title and somebody suggested I follow the East Coast selfhelp

trend and go with, “How To Look Like A Million Bucks…For Only 150 Grand.”

Todd liked, “The Audacity of North Slope.”

Hey, I considered not having a title at all.

I’ve said it before, but you Beltway types just don’t seem to get it. You don’t need a title to

make an impact.

But anyway, let’s get started.

I’ll begin my first reading on Page 209.

It was pitch black when we touched down in Arizona late on August 27, 2008. The next

morning we drove to John McCain’s ranch in Sedona. John was waiting on the porch. Before he

can say a word, I tell him,

I’m quoting now.

I know why I’m here, and I’m ready. But, I’m worried.

The cost of credit protection for the largest U.S. banks is rising precipitously. Have you given

any thought to the run on the entities in the parallel banking system? Do you realize the

vulnerability created when these institutions borrow short term in liquid markets to invest long

term in illiquid assets?

John said, “you betcha!

I thought, “you betcha?

Who talks that way?

Well, sometimes you just have to trust your instincts.

When you don’t, you end up in places like this.

Who would have guessed that I’d be palling around with this group?

At least now I can put a face to all the newspapers I read.

It is good to be here and in front of this audience of leading journalists and intellectuals. Or, as I

call it, a death panel.

To be honest, I had some serious reservations about coming to visit your cozy little club. The

Gridiron still hasn’t offered membership to anyone from my hometown paper in Wasilla, the

Matanuska-Susitna Valley Frontiersman.

And my dad thought it was just a plain bad idea to leave the book tour for some football game.

He might have a point!

I’ve been touring this great, great land of ours over the last few weeks. I have to say, the view is

much better from inside the bus, than under it!

But really, I am thrilled to be with you. And I’d like to thank the Gridiron for the invitation and

Dick Cooper for his introduction.

To paraphrase John F. Kennedy, this has to be the most extraordinary collection of people who

have gathered to viciously attack me since the last corporate gathering at CBS.

Despite what you have read, or more likely, despite what you have written, I do feel a real bond

with all of you. I studied journalism, earned a communications degree and for a time only

wanted to be a journalist. I was even a television sportscaster back home.

I’m guessing some of you probably got your start the exact same way… once there was


Let me get back to the book.

I know that many of you are still upset because I wouldn’t play that silly Washington game. You

know, the one where all of you read a book in its entirety, from the first page of the index to the


But think about it, because you actually had to read the whole book in the vein hope of finding

your name, you now know all about Denali, mom, dad, ungulate eyeballs, slaying salmon on the

Nushagak and Ugashik near Alegnigak, where we make AGOOTAK and moose chili!

You’re welcome.

Still, I want to do something very special for this audience of Washington elite. So, I’ll read

from the index–which I chose not to include in the hardback.

Would you believe me if I said I didn’t include it because we wanted to save trees?

Under A we have…

Alaska, media not understanding. Pages 1-432.

Under B…

Biased media. Pages 1-432

And under C…

Conservative media. See acknowledgments.

I’ll stop there.

I know this can be a long night, and as I understand it, we’re going to break with a Gridiron

tradition. Normally, the Democrat speaker would deliver a speech after me. But instead, John

McCain’s campaign staff asked if they could use that time for a rebuttal.

A lot has been made of a few campaign relationships. The closeness. The warm fuzzy feelings.

John and I both agree all those staffers should just move past it. It’s history.

Let’s just say, if I ever need a bald campaign manager, it appears all I’m left with is James


I don’t want to say that I’ve burned a bridge, but I know all about canceling a bridge to


That Democrat speaker I referred to is, of course, the one-and-only Barney Frank.

And I’m the controversial one?

Barney, the nation owes you and the government a debt. A huge, historic, unbelievable debt.

But, it’s good to be here with you, Mr. Chairman.

Because by Chairman, I don’t just mean the House Financial Services Committee. As far as I

can tell, Barney’s also the Chair of AIG, CITI, and the Bank of America.

I don’t want to say that the U.S. Government is taking over the role of the private sector, but I

have to admit, on the flight here, thumbing through a magazine and looking at a photo of

President Obama with the President of China, the person next to me pointed at it and said, “Hu’s

a communist.”

I thought they were asking a question.

Still, when I see this administration in action, I can’t help think of what might have been.

I could be the Vice President overseeing the signing of bailout checks. And Joe Biden would be

on the road, selling his new book, Going Rogaine.

Speaking of books….

Did I mention mine?

Going Rogue

Makes a great stocking stuffer. Available now at a bookstore near you.

Hey, I have to pay for my campaign vetting bill somehow.

Really, the response has been great. So I’ll close by reading a final passage.

Page 403:

I’ve been asked a lot lately, “Where are you going next?

Good question!

Wherever I go I know that, as with anyone in the public eye, I’ll continue to have my share of

disagreements with those in the media. Maybe even more than my share. It will come as no

surprise that I don’t think I was always treated fairly, or equally.

But despite that, I respect the media very much. It’s important. A free press allows for vigorous

debate! And that debate is absolutely vital for our democracy.

So as hard as it can sometimes be, we must all look past personal grievances. We must move

beyond petty politics. And we must allow these incredibly talented and hard-working women

and men to ask the hard questions and hold us, and our government, accountable.

Because their mission is as true as the sun rising over the Talkeetna and Susitna Mountains.

Okay – so none of that is actually in the book. Not a word.

But I do believe it!

And I believe we live in a beautiful country blessed with so many different people who want the

best for their children, families and for our great nation. I’m so proud to be an American.

And that is what I’ll be talking about when I travel to, really where I’m headed.

No better place than here to announce where I’m going. I’m going to Iowa!

I’ll be there tomorrow from noon to 3:00 pm at the Barnes & Noble on Sergeant Road in Sioux


Come early. Long lines are expected.

Thank you everyone. God Bless the U.S.A!

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Fairfax Virginia Book Signing

Posted by Denise Spencer on December 6, 2009

I arrived in Fairfax around 6:30 pm on Friday Dec. 4. I swung through the BJ’s parking lot at 7 pm and there were already 30 people camped out. I was hoping that the threat of snow would not keep people away. A little later that night, I was on my computer and happened to talk with Greta Van Susteren on skype. You can watch our conversation here. Greta and I discussed the book signing that was to occur the next day. I wasn’t sure if Greta even had heard about the book signing. But the next day to my surprise, Greta showed up at BJs and spent about an hour talking to Sarah and her family as she signed books. Greta even posted some pictures on her blog, gretawire. I was lucky enough to be a volunteer at this event and on her way out I spoke with Greta again and even got a picture with her (I’ll post this later).

Now, the book signing itself was incredible. Here is a short video I shot as Sarah entered BJs.

The crowd inside the store couldn’t wait to get their 3 seconds in front of her!
Sarah's signing table
This is the set up provided by BJ’s where Sarah and Todd Palin met the 2800 people who braved the cold and rare snow in Virginia just to get a chance to get a few books signed.

Here is picture of me and Sally, the other volunteer. We had such a great time!
Denise and Sally

It is very rare in Virginia to get snow so early in December and the funny thing is that the weather reports did not even predict that it would be as bad as it was. Here are a few shots I took of the parking lot of BJs on my way out after the book signing.

More snow

Snow in Fairfax

The first job I had was to instruct the people in line on how to prepare their books for signing. I walked up and down the line demonstrating to them that they had to open their books and flap the book open to the title page “Going Rogue” so that when they reached the signing table the focus was on the signature and time was not wasted trying to open books.

Pictures of the first group in line:
First people in line

The line of waiting fans

After a few minutes of instructing the crowd, I was pulled for another job. This time I was working with Sally again. She was handing out bookmarks from SarahPAC to the people leaving with their signed books. I was giving out information for Shealah Craighead on how the fans could go about purchasing the pictures that were taken as their books were signed. If you are interested you can visit to view the pictures from each book signing event. It was a long event from 11 am to 2 pm but it sure didn’t feel long. I was working in the same area where Chuck and Sally Heath and Sarah’s Aunt Katie were shaking hands and talking with supporters. I was able to talk with each of them at length over the 3 hours we were there. Sally Heath remembered me by name and Chuck remembered my face. That was nice treat because I know that they have met so many people over the course of the last year and for them to remember me after a few meetings made my day. I talked with Chuck about his teaching days and even asked him, “what would you rather be doing teaching middle school students or working these book signings?” His answer was quick, “here of course! I loved my teaching days but after 30 years you have to do something different.” Teaching is great, but meeting all of these people in the lower 48 who admire Sarah Palin and support her views of how government should work have opened the Heath’s eyes to how much support there is for Sarah.

It was such fun to watch the Heaths and Aunt Katie work the crowd. Sally and Katie even took a break to go shopping around BJ’s! That left Chuck by himself for awhile and he would stop people and say “don’t you walk by Sarah’s daddy without saying hello”. I cracked up every time he did that because people were shocked until they realized it was Chuck! One woman screamed and hugged him while saying I loved reading about you in the book. To which Chuck replied, “don’t believe everything you read.” These are real people who care about our country and tell it like it is. That is attractive to the rest of us when we don’t feel that the majority of our elected officials care about what we want or feel that they even hear us.

When the event was over Sally (the volunteer, not the mom) and I got to have our books signed. Sally introduced herself to Sarah and Sarah smiled back saying “Sally, just like my mom!” Next was my turn. I was having books signed for friends, I shook Todd’s hand and he said nice to meet you,. I told him that I met him last year in Juneau. Sarah looked up from signing my books and said “I remember you! What are you doing up here.” I shook Sarah’s hand and said “I drove 3 hours from Yorktown to work for you and support you today.” She said thank you several times and I told her that I would be in Wasilla again this summer and hoped to see her again. It was a long day but it was so worth it. I would gladly do it all again to see the smiles on the faces of those who had never before experienced the thrill of meeting Sarah. There were people of all ages and ethnic groups who braved the snow for Sarah. That is no small feet! Think about it…Fairfax County is the largest, bluest area of Virginia. It was mainly Fairfax County that turned Virginia blue in the 2008 election. Virginians typically hunker down when the weather prediction involves snow. And here were people who waited over night in freezing temperatures and rain for Sarah Palin. The rain turned to snow and still more people came. Seeing the turn out in this county minutes from Washington D.C. cements the fact that people want Sarah Palin to stay on the front page. We want/need her to run for higher office but also understand if she chooses not to. Her grassroots, boots on the ground are ready and waiting for our orders. The key phase these days is “Run Sarah Run!”

So, the big question that I hear being asked of all Sarah Palin supporters is this… why do you like Sarah Palin? The answer is in this video clip of her interview with Barbara Walters. She is a common sense, everyday American, who feels and hopes just like the rest of us and she isn’t afraid to speak her mind.


Here is the picture of me and Greta Van Susteren. It was great to finally meet her in person!
Denise Spencer and Greta Van Susteren

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Caffeinated Thoughts’ 2009 Caffeinated Conservative Nominees

Posted by Shane Vander Hart on December 6, 2009

By Shane Vander Hart, Caffeinated Thoughts

A shameless plug for an award my blog, Caffeinated Thoughts, gives.  This is our 2nd annual Caffeinated Conservative Award, and this year my contributors and I nominated five people: Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, Edwin Feulner of the Heritage Foundation, and Michele Bachmann.

Our readers get to vote on who they think should win.  You can vote here.  The poll will be open until 12/21.

Thanks for participating in helping us decide who should receive this most “prestigious” award.

Shane Vander Hart is the editor of Caffeinated Thoughts.  He loves connecting with caffeinated (common sense) conservatives.  Feel free to follow him on Twitter or friend him on Facebook.

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Hu’s The Communist: Sarah Palin Knocks ’em Dead At Annual Gridiron Dinner

Posted by Gary P Jackson on December 6, 2009

Sarah Palin was in Washington, D.C. for the annual Gridiron Dinner. This 124 year old event is basically the media and politician’s version of a Comedy Central Roast. This event gives media and politicians a chance to trade barbs, and frankly, get to know each other.

The affair is historically off the record, but for the first time in history the media was allowed to use twitter. One guess as to why!

The two Keynote Speakers were Sarah followed by Congressman Barney Frank.

As expected, the tweets were flying! (pardon the pun)

Here’s a taste of the event. We took these from CNN’s John Roberts. The parts in quotations are his remarks, the rest is mine:

“124-yr-old journalists’ group -gridiron club-tonite for first time allows limited cvg, allowing mbrs to tweet. S Palin & B Frank r guests”

She made fun of John Kerry’s joke that backfired and pissed the troops off in 2004.

Kerry’s lame joke was about not doing well in school and getting stuck in Iraq. (Aimed at George Bush)

Sarah’s: “just trust your intuition and then you don’t you end up in a place like this.” (meaning the Gidiron Dinner)

Sarah joked that normally a democrat speaker got to give the rebuttal at these things but: “McCain campaign staff asked if they could have that time for rebuttal.”

Called the media “death panels.”

Took a swipe at Steve Schmidt who was McCain’s campaign manager: “if I need a bald campaign manager, I guess all i am left with is james carville.”

“Palin joke in speech re book travels : “the view is so much better from inside the bus than under it.“.

Her parents in for speech-standing ovation

“Palin jokes book title debate included “the audacity of the north slope.”

“Gov palin speech done. Full of funny zingers. Says if McCain won, Biden book would be “Going Rogaine“”

“Rep Frank also funny. Palin nods as he says newspapers “piss me off” on specifics a lot but “ in general ” need strong media.” (Sarah’s degree is in journalism)

“Chairman frank mocks Twitter: “not that interested in what Claire mcckaskill has for lunch.”

“Frank jokes nj gov Christie win makes “politics safe for fat guys.” says his reality show would be “king of queens”

This was posted at C4P:

The night closed with the Gridiron Singers rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas, with gifts bestowed by a certain Ruth Limbaugh rather than the traditional “True Love.”

“On the first day of Christmas, Rush Limbaugh gave to me: A Marxist in a dead tree.

On the second day of Christmas, Rush Limbaugh gave to me: Two tea-bag goons.

On the third day of Christmas, Rush Limbaugh gave to me: Three hell-no’s

On the fourth day of Christmas, Rush Limbaugh gave to me: Four bawling Becks

On the fifth day of Christmas, Rush Limbaugh gave to me: Five Sarah swoon-ins

On the sixth day of Christmas, Rush Limbaugh gave to me: Six health care death squads

On the seventh day of Christmas, Rush Limbaugh gave to me: Seven bug-eyed birthers

On the eight day of Christmas, Rush Limbaugh gave to me: Eight Cheney boomlets

On the ninth day of Christmas, Rush Limbaugh gave to me: Nine ACORN busters

On the tenth day of Christmas, Rush Limbaugh gave to me: Ten thundering mossbacks

On the eleventh day of Christmas, Rush Limbaugh gave to me: Eleven loony liberals

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Rush Limbaugh gave to me: twelve flaming liberals, hunted down in the wild and field dressed, medium well-done, seared on the fatty edges—”

And then Palin joined the chorus for the final line:

Right next to the mashed potatoes,” she sang.”

The “seared on the fatty edges—” and “Right next to the mashed potatoes” is straight from her book talking about how she likes her meat. In her book she laments the fact that her critics must think all meat just comes wrapped in cellophane. That they have no clue it comes wrapped in fur and hide first!

As far as her Presidential ambitions go. She told the audience that on Sunday she’d be in Iowa — “from noon to three at Barnes and Noble. Come early, long lines are expected.”

Sarah also joked about the fact that the D.C. elite rarely read books like hers, instead rushing to the index to see if they are mentioned. These same elites were flabbergasted to hear that Going Rogue, An American Life, contains no index! So she made one up for them:

A: Alaska, media not understanding it, page 1-432.”

B: Biased, Page 1-432.”

While I don’t have the exact quote, this is my favorite joke of the night:

Sarah joked that she was looking at a magazine cover of Obama and Chinese President Hu Jinato during an airplane flight. A nearby passenger stated, “Hu’s the Communist” Sarah said: “I thought he was asking a question.”


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Turn on the Ignition with Sarah Palin video

Posted by Karen Allen on December 6, 2009

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