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Sarah Palin To Obama: Maybe You Need To Look At How Reagan Fixed The Economy

Posted by Gary P Jackson on November 13, 2009

During the election cycle, and those heady first days of Barack Obama’s presidency. Barack Obama sold himself, depending on the audience, as Abe Lincoln, FDR, JFK, and the Great Ronald Reagan. Of course, it was all smoke in mirrors, as the President Obama most resembles is Jimmy Carter, our worst President in history, up until Obama took office.

Obama has us caught in an economic quagmire, and there is no end to this mess in sight. It’s not just that Obama is horribly inexperienced, or that he has zero experience in the private sector. It’s not even the fact that he has zero business experience, never running a business, or having a job in business, not even a lemonade stand. The rest of the problem lies in the fact that he has surrounded himself with Marxist and “scholars” who also have no idea how business, and capitalism works. All they have are theories, and theories don’t put food on the table.

With that said, Obama has reverted back to his community organizing days. Rather than setting a course that is tried and true, a course that we know for a fact will work, Obama has called for yet another summit to ask for suggestions. Some leadership, huh.

This will be the same Marxists, “scholars” and other assorted misfits and malcontents who steered Obama in the wrong direction in the first place. But as always, Obama pretends he wants “all ideas” and has made a token invitation for input from those in the know. Not that he’ll listen, of course.

With that in Mind, Sarah has give Obama some solid advice, follow Ronald Reagan!

Thank you, Washington, for Requesting a Demonstrably Good Idea

I commend the president for acknowledging today that “there are limits to what government can and should do” to ease our 10.2% unemployment rate – the highest it’s been since 1983. I also applaud his call for suggestions and expression of openness to considering “any demonstrably good idea.” Taking him at his word, I’d like to suggest this one: let’s learn from history and follow the example of the man who occupied the White House in 1983 and was able to transform an even worse recession than the one we’re currently experiencing into the largest peacetime economic expansion in American history.

When you realize the magnitude of President Reagan’s achievements, there is absolutely no reason why anyone would ignore his “demonstrably good” example. If you want real job growth, cut taxes – including capital gains taxes and small business payroll taxes – and slay the death tax once and for all. If you want to stimulate the economy and help poor and middle class families, cut payroll taxes so that more Americans can keep and invest more of what they earn.

If you want lasting economic expansion and prosperity, get the federal government’s budget under control. Instead of more pork-laden stimulus plans, let the free market correct itself. That’s what Reagan did, and history proves it worked.

In his comments today, the president honorably suggested that he welcomes our ideas on how to put America’s economy on the right track. But, there also seemed to be a suggested chastisement of the private sector’s efforts to right some economic wrongs when he said, “…small businesses and large firms…have not yet been willing to take the steps necessary to hire again.”

As business owners seek to expand, or just to keep doors open today, it’s not as if they are refusing to hire out of spite. Given a pro-private sector environment they will be only too happy to hire more people and grow their businesses. Perhaps if leadership in Washington reassured them by, for example, cutting tax burdens and making government more efficient, it would send our businesses a message that it’s safe and smart to expand today.

These are difficult times for so many Americans who are out of work. I implore our leaders to not threaten our economy’s job creators with increased taxes and job-killing schemes like cap-and-tax and the government health care takeover. Government needs to get out of their way and off their backs so that they can grow and hire again.

The lessons of history are clear. We’re blessed to have so many lessons from which to learn, and we’d be smart to emulate successes in America’s past. Our economic recovery decisions should be based on the same free market principles that Reagan employed. They work, history proves it, and I thank our president for asking for this input.

– Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin herself knows about economic turnarounds. When she took over as Governor of Alaska things were a mess. Not only was the budget out of whack, there were huge ethics issues and other issues left over from the Murkowski administration. Sarah quickly set things in motion by slashing budgets as well as putting the Governor’s unneeded jet up for sale. She even got rid of the executive chef, and staff, at the Governor’s mansion. She also went on to drive herself, in her own car, most of the time.

The results? Sarah balanced the budget, and left a surplus, using core conservative values and common sense. She passed sweeping ethics reform, to boot.

Folks who have studied Reagan know that his presidency is a model for how to do things, especially on the economy. Reagan’s efforts gave us the longest, and largest, peace time expansion in history.

Let’s hope that Barack Obama listens to Sarah Palin rather than the usual suspects, and does the right thing, for once.

2 Responses to “Sarah Palin To Obama: Maybe You Need To Look At How Reagan Fixed The Economy”

  1. dan said

    Unfortunately, Obama is closed-minded. All his life he has surrounded himself with extremests who don’t understand basic economic principles. There is no hope that he will ever do as Reagan did, whether it involves the economy or National Security. There is no reason to believe Obama will now abandon what he has believed in all his life. The only thing we as Americans can do now is to vote out every politician that goes along with his policies. I for one am looking forward to the opportunity to vote out Claire Mccaskill when she comes up for re election.

  2. Seth said

    Sarah is so right! ~~ Eliminating the Death Tax would create 1.5 million jobs! Check out the study by Douglas Holtz-Eakin at

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