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Sarah Palin: Pelosi “Health Plan” Should Be DOA

Posted by Gary P Jackson on November 12, 2009

The ‘Cuda is en fuego this morning, and as always, is spot on. It’s truly hard to add to this:

Pelosi “Health Plan” Should Be DOA

Today at 10:40am

We need to be vigilant in investigating the ramifications of the Pelosi Health Care Bill. Some provisions sound so outrageous as to be considered impossible to fathom, but they’re right there in the bill in black and white. For instance, page 297 of the bill explains the punishment for not purchasing government mandated health insurance. If you don’t buy what the government considers “acceptable health care coverage,” you’re going to be hit with a tax of at least 2.5% of your income. And if you don’t pay that new tax, you could be fined as much as $250,000 and sentenced to up to five years in prison.

But here’s the thing: they have to make the penalty for opting out very harsh in order to force us to buy coverage. The only way to keep this government run health care plan afloat is for everyone to buy into it – especially young and healthy people. That means that they will have to penalize citizens if we choose not to buy a plan that will cost a minimum of about $15,000 per family per year.

The bill that came out of the Senate last month – the Baucus Bill – does just the opposite. It calls for a much lighter penalty ($750 maximum) for people who don’t buy government approved health coverage, making it cheaper to pay the fine than to pay for the coverage. (And with a recession on, who can blame families for not wanting to pay $15,000 for a government mandated health care plan?)

But here’s the kicker: the bill also forces insurance companies to cover everyone, regardless of pre-existing conditions. Think about what that means. A lot of people – especially young and healthy people – will just pay the penalty instead of purchasing coverage because they’ll figure that it’ll always be there if they get sick, as government has promised. That’s what will happen, and when it does it will totally undermine the very concept of “insurance” – which is basically a group of people pooling their resources over time to cover themselves for a rainy day, paying while they’re healthy so that they’re covered when they’re sick. Those who are healthy now pay for those who are sick. If your insurance pool only contains sick people, it’s a bust. And that’s what this government plan will be. Without all of those young and healthy people paying into the pool and defraying the costs, the government will have to pony up more and more money, and who knows how long the whole crazy plan will last before it goes broke – and our country with it!

That’s where we are with this bureaucratic mess: either the government penalizes people so harshly that they could be hit with huge taxes and even possible jail time, or the government makes the penalty a slap on the wrist and undermines the plan from the get-go. Forcing individuals to buy health insurance seems unconstitutional, yet Congress wants to foist it on us anyway. Proponents of government controlled health care will say, “But we’re made to buy car insurance and home insurance, what’s the difference with health insurance?” It’s apples and oranges. Auto insurance is a state law requirement, and people can always choose not to drive. Banks might require you to have home owner’s insurance, but again, you choose to own a home, just as you choose to drive. You have no choice at all when it comes to this federal government health care insurance mandate.

There are other ways to reform health care without violating our Constitution and our personal liberties. Let’s get back to discussing market-driven, patient-centered, result-driven solutions, like, for example, allowing people to purchase insurance across state lines, tackling existing government waste and fraud, and reforming medical malpractice laws (tort reform) to stop unwarranted lawsuits that force doctors to order unnecessary procedures just to cover themselves.

Please let your Senators know that the Pelosi Bill should be dead on arrival. Once we go down this big government path, it will be virtually impossible to reverse course. Let’s fight for the reform that makes sense for Americans before it’s too late.

– Sarah Palin

The unconstitutionality of forcing someone to buy something they don’t want is what is so very striking. It speaks to how truly dangerous the democrat/communists are. It proves they don’t give a damn about personal rights, freedom, or liberty. This bill is written proof that the democrat/communist party stands solely for tyranny, solely for evil.

The language and penalties in the 2000 plus page monstrosity make it very clear that Obama and his democrat/communist party have more in common with King George, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, and Chavez, than with Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Paine, and Franklin.

Two-hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($250,000) plus five years in prison for not buying “government approved” health care. Are you kidding me?

We fought a Revolution over a lot less stupidity than this!

It’s time for all good Americans to get off the couch and take to the streets. It is time to defeat this evil once and for all. It is time to stop this bill dead in it’s tracks.

Once this bill is stopped we must have a second Revolution, a Conservative Revolution!

From the smallest local office, to the presidency, we need to make sure we have good, solid Conservative leaders running, and winning. It is everyone’s duty to get involved and make this happen. Everyone simply must, to save the nation from sure destruction from within.

The 2010 elections are around the corner. We must work hard to elect Conservatives in every position. “Progressives” must be defeated in every case, no matter of the party. We must remove the enablers, the RINOs, the DIABLOs the “progressive” Republicans. They are no better than the democrat/communists, as they either vote with them, or put up such token resistence to their illegal and unconstitutional plans, as to be worthless.

We need fighters, patriots who will fight this evil with their dying breath!

We need strong leaders like Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and Jim DeMint, who, by the way, has introduced a bill that would set term limits for Congress.

As the Great Renaldus Magnus would say, this is not the time for pale pastels, this is the time for bold colors, for bold leadership. This is the time for YOU to get into the fight!

I’m going to leave you with this video that Sarah sent out late last night from the CF&P Foundation. In it Eline van den Broek warns America of the perils of European style socialized medicine. This is an eye opener, and really needs to go viral.

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