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Sarah Palin On The Fall Of The Berlin Wall: Commemorating A Victory For Freedom

Posted by Gary P Jackson on November 9, 2009

Twenty years ago today, one of the most oppressive symbols of communism fell. This date should serve as a reminder that the Berlin Wall wasn’t meant to keep people from illegally entering East Germany. Nope, it was built to keep East Germans from escaping communist hell. Built to keep them in.

With that in mind, Sarah Palin released a glowing tribute to the triumph for freedom and liberty the fall of that wall and what it means to the world:

Commemorating a Victory for Freedom

Twenty years ago, the ultimate symbol of the division between freedom and tyranny was torn down. The Berlin Wall was constructed for one purpose: to prevent the escape of East Germans to the freedom of the West. The Wall’s cold, gray façade was a stark reminder of the economic and political way of life across the Soviet Union’s sphere of influence in Eastern Europe.

Ronald Reagan never stopped regarding the Berlin Wall as an affront to human freedom. When so many other American leaders and opinion makers had come to accept its presence as inevitable and permanent, Reagan still hammered away at the Wall’s very premise in human tyranny, until finally the Wall itself was hammered down. Its downfall wasn’t the work of Reagan alone. Our president’s actions were joined with the brave acts of many individuals who stood firm and united in facing the Soviet Union. The Berlin Wall came down because millions of people behind the Iron Curtain refused to accept the fate of enslavement and their supporters in the West refused to accept that the “captive nations” would remain captive forever.

Though that long, tragic episode in human history had come to a close finally with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, it wasn’t the “end of history” or the end of conflict as some had hoped. New conflicts confront us today throughout the world which call for courage and resolve and dedication to freedom. The new democracies and market economies that have emerged in Central and Eastern Europe still require our friendship and alliances as they continue to seek security, prosperity, and self-determination. But as we reflect on present and future challenges, let’s take time to celebrate the anniversary of this awesome victory for freedom. The downfall of that cold, gray concrete Wall should be a lesson to us in hope. Nothing is inevitable. Tyranny is no match for the hope and resolve of those who work and fight for freedom.

– Sarah Palin

These final words are stirring: “The downfall of that cold, gray concrete Wall should be a lesson to us in hope. Nothing is inevitable. Tyranny is no match for the hope and resolve of those who work and fight for freedom.” This sentiment is quite a poignant reminder for where we set here in America, on the brink of communism, and what we must do. As my great friend, the Mighty Serf puts it, “she went all Braveheart on us!


Communism is slavery, nothing more, nothing less.

Communism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. It’s inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

-Sir Winston Chirchill

It should be telling to all Americans that while our current “president” has plenty of time to jet set around to places like Copenhagen, to shill for his corrupt Chicago buddies, and of course, play golf and shoot hoops, he is conspicuously absent from the festivities going on in Berlin this week.

I have to wonder if, instead of cheering as most of us were twenty years ago, were Obama and his Marxist friends all shedding tears and consoling one another instead, at the fall of this symbol of oppression.

Ronald Reagan railed against socialism and communism his entire life. When he became President, stopping the Soviet Union was one of his greatest goals. Reagan, along with Lady Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II worked diligently to make it happen. Reagan, Thatcher, and the Pope along with millions more world wide understood that communism, in any form, is pure evil, that every man, woman, and child has an inherent yearning for freedom and liberty. It’s a God given right that all men shall be free.

Here is part of Reagan’s wonderful speech at the Berlin Wall. A speech, by the way, his advisers begged him not to give. Damned “moderates!”

Here is a great video of the moments when the Berlin Wall fell, a true climax to decades of Cold War hostilities and human oppression.

There are many websites dedicated to the Berlin Wall, for those who seek to learn more. I found this site a nice condensed version for those that just want general info. Many of us remember the guard towers, complete with armed snipers ready to stop any East German who dared leave their communist “utopia.” This excerpt from Berlin Life says it all:

Despite the various security measures enforced, escape attempts were commonplace, especially in the years immediately following the erection of the wall, when there was still a fighting chance of making it across alive.

Climbing was the obvious way to go and some 5,000 were said to have reached the other side. However in its thirty year history 100 people were shot dead, most famously the eighteen year old Peter Fetcher, who, after he was hit in the hip, was left to bleed to death in no-man’s land as the world’s media watched on.

This serves as a stark reminder, that while people worldwide have taken drastic measures and even risked death to come to America, communist regimes have always had to force their people, under the threat of certain death, to stay!

Reason TV has put together this remembrance of the victims of communism:

The video references the staggering 100 million deaths as the direct result of communism. These are people who were murdered by their dictatorial regimes. The don’t include those whose lives were cut short because of the generally poor lifestyle that communism allows. Poor food supplies, poor health care, poor living conditions.

These murders were carried out by men like Stalin, Castro, Pol Pot, and Mao. Mao, in particular, is troubling, because he is so greatly admired by more than a few members of Barack Obama’s inner circle, his closest advisers.

For more on the evils of communism, check out the Global Museum on Communism.

In closing, Sarah Palin’s tribute to freedom and liberty, that she so artfully penned, is not just a tribute to history. It’s a rallying cry to all patriots. As Obama and his evil regime is marching the United States towards communism at full speed, as tyranny and oppression are rapidly becoming a dark cloud over America, we still have time to fight. We still have time to beat back the evil, to defeat it.

We must all follow Sarah’s lead. We must all be fully engaged in this struggle. America is the greatest nation in the world, and the American people the strongest, bravest, and freest the world has ever known. We can defeat Obama, we can defeat tyranny.

We can restore liberty, freedom, and prosperity. We must. We simply must.

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