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Archive for October 4th, 2009

I think there is a Plan Afoot :)

Posted by Ron Devito on October 4, 2009

by Pamela Geller

Sarah Republican_VP_Candidate_2dda

Sarah Palin is number on the Amazon and Barnes and Noble best seller lists and it isn’t even out yet: Going Rogue: An American Life

heh. Palin’s Revenge …………

And btw, Todd Palin has resigned his position at the oil company. (hat tip Joan)

The husband of former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has quit his oil field job on the North Slope. Todd Palin’s resignation as a production operator for oil giant BP PLC comes almost two months after his wife stepped down as Alaska governor and shortly before the release of her highly anticipated memoir in a deal rumored to be worth millions.

“Todd loved his union job on the Slope and hopes to return,” Meghan Stapleton, Sarah Palin’s personal spokeswoman, said in an e-mail Friday. “For now, he is spending time with his family.”

The resignation was effective Sept. 18, according to BP spokesman Steve Rinehart.

I think there’s a plan in the works.

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Tapping into Your Inner-Rogue

Posted by Adrienne Ross on October 4, 2009

By Adrienne Ross –

Since Sarah Palin’s book has become a bestseller, Palin-haters have turned out in droves in another attempt to discredit her. Even those anklebiters who were on hiatus have gathered strength, reloaded, and are aiming once again toward the former vice presidential candidate. The fact that she is enjoying such success when, upon her resignation from the Governor’s Office, they had giddily predicted her demise, is infuriating them. How is it that someone who has been coined insignificant by the haters has created such a stir with a book that has not yet hit the stands? The truth is if the anklebiters were honest, they’d admit that Sarah Palin is the epitome of significance, and she conjures up within them fear of a magnitude they have never experienced before.

So what weapons have they emerged wielding? Surely they must have some juicy tidbit of information about Governor Palin that will completely discredit her, right? Wrong. Certainly they have created some new Saturday Night Live-ish parody involving her family, yes? Oh, no. That’s amateurish. They pulled out the big guns this time. The past week has caused such a new outbreak of Palin Derangement Syndrome that the haters have been left with no other choice but to go after her…book title. Yes, I said her book title.

What a sad state of affairs. I truly feel sorry for anyone who is so filled with hate that they will stop at nothing to destroy someone. And since nothing else has worked, they have now unveiled Operation Attack Book Title. And they’re zeroing in on one word in particular: rogue.

I have received messages from some of these people who obviously think that I am in need of a dictionary definition of the word. In their concern for my well-being (yeah, right), they want me to know that I am supporting someone who is a self-avowed…make the children leave the room please…rogue. They have informed me that being a rogue is a bad thing. Bad Sarah. Bad, bad Sarah. Concerning this word, one anklebiter wrote, “How fitting,” then went on to spew his hateful venom, stating that Sarah Palin picked her title because, being the “mean-spirited” person that she is, it suits her well. He wanted me to know that rogue means “an unprincipled, deceitful, and unreliable person; a scoundrel or rascal.”

Just who do these people think they’re fooling, and who do they think they’re dealing with? No doubt, they know the story. Surely, they have heard about some unnamed McCain staffer/s who said Sarah “went rogue” during the campaign. It was a title bestowed upon her in an attempt to malign her.

What Sarah has done is chosen the definition of rogue that fits. Although I have not yet read the book, I have a feeling Sarah’s going rogue is a matter of being true to who she is and breaking free of some of those chains those McCain camp mis-handlers used to tie her to stale, inept campaign tactics. Yes, another definition of rogue is “operating outside normal or desirable controls.” That’s the rogue that Sarah Palin exemplifies even today, and I would not be surprised if her book reveals that she tapped into that inner-rogue as the campaign progressed. It reminds me of when Sarah’s dad said, “Let Sarah be Sarah,” when Jesus said of Lazarus, “Loose him and let him go,” and when they say in the hood, “Yo, get up off me!”

The truth is we would all be wise to tap into our own inner-rogues. The problem is some people are scared to operate outside of what’s expected of them. Breaking away from control might mean swimming against the current rather than floating safely back to shore. Every Black conservative, for example, has had to break free of the expectations of the majority of the Black population and a very large portion of the White population so we could be true to our own deepest beliefs. It’s not an easy thing to do. It comes at a cost. It’s downright rogue. There are those who would like to join in, but have simply not yet found the strength to step away from the pack and be true to the one who matters.

Going rogue means standing up for what’s right even when it’s not popular. It means saying the hard things because no one else has the courage to speak up. It means not backing down even when people have you up against a wall. It means not having a price tag attached to your sleeve. The bottom line is going rogue means realizing enough is enough, choosing to step out, trusting your instincts, and doing it your way.

The title of this bestseller declares Sarah Palin has chosen to wear as a badge of honor the term originally conferred upon her as an insult. And she should. Whenever the “normal or desirable controls” are going nowhere fast, the smart thing to do is to resist, break free, and, yes, go rogue—even faster.

My wish for every one of you: May you follow Sarah Palin’s example and tap into your own inner-rogue.

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Sarah Palin Tastes Like Sponge Bob Ice Cream

Posted by Karen Allen on October 4, 2009

I’m on vacation…as much as anyone can be with a family that includes two toddlers and two teenagers. We’ve stopped at an Econo Lodge for the night…which in this particular case should be called Cheapo Lodge…but that’s another story.

In the morning we will finish the last leg of a trip to go camping in the mountains. It’s not that far from our NC coast to our mountains, but we divided the trip up in order to spend the Day Out with Thomas and see Bob the Builder. We’ve hung out with Thomas for three years in a row now, and it’s always fun.

This year we made the visit while Thomas and Bob were at the NC Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC. The history of how that old steam engine repair yard became the coolest museum is an interesting story in itself.

Anyway, that is where I found out that Sponge Bob ice cream tastes like Sarah Palin.

While cooling off in the gift shop area and strolling around with a sleeping two year old, I happened to come across a young family peering into the ice cream cooler and trying with great decision making skills to make the correct choice.

The dad made these statements to his little boy, probably around four years old, “You want Sponge Bob ice cream? You don’t know how that tastes. Choose ….” And he proceeded to name some “safe” flavors.

Now, many might say, “Well, the dad was just trying to make sure his son enjoyed his ice cream.”

I say to that, “Uh, no.” You see, parents of children that age understand that if the kid picks a flavor he doesn’t end up liking, he will have to hear said child WHINE…and the money spent on that museum priced ice cream is thrown down the trash can chute along with the distasteful treat, melting at the same time the kid is having his own meltdown.

Why should the father take the risk of putting aside the nominal vanilla ice cream cup in favor of a square yellow treat on a stick with brown pants and bubble gum eyes? Just stick with what’s safe, right?

John McCain’s former chief campaign strategist Steve Schmidt, speaking of Gov. Palin, was quoted in an article by’s Stephanie Condon:

“I think she has talents, but my honest view is that she would not be a winning candidate for the Republican party in 2012,” he said. “Were she to be the nominee, we could have a catastrophic election result.”

And when discussing what Gov. Palin may say about him in her upcoming book, Going Rogue:

“I think it may say I was anti-rogue in the running of the campaign.”

Do you see where I’m going with this? Consider what guys like Schmidt risk losing if, “Egads! That Sarah Palin (I mean Sponge Bob) ice cream is awesome!”

They must keep trying to persuade all of us that the usual is good enough or they lose their status, otherwise known as power and money. Play it safe, they say. GET THE VANILLA CUP.

It’s not that those guys really want us to be happy with our choice; they just want to keep their jobs with the people they are trying desperately to convince us to choose!

My kids have had Sponge Bob ice cream before. And I will tell you that if your kids do ever have it, expect them to eat it and wear it and most likely, ask for it again.

Likewise, I have found that truly thinking people, once aware of what Gov. Palin has to offer and give her a taste, raise their eyebrows in astonishment…and ask for her again.

Oh, and that little boy at the museum had the biggest grin on his face when I saw him walk out licking that Sponge Bob ice cream.

Happy Camping, Palination!

(cross-posted at The Palination)

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