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Archive for August 26th, 2009

19th Amendment and Sarah Palin

Posted by Adrienne Ross on August 26, 2009

By Adrienne Ross from

On August 26, 1920, the 19th amendment to the United States Constitution, which grants women the right to vote, becomes law. Washington women had won the vote in 1910, after which Washington suffragists had helped with the national campaign to amend the constitution so that all American women could vote.

Eighty nine years after the 19th amendment, America is still engaging in conversations that seek to define who a feminist is and what she stands for. Without a doubt, Sarah Palin resurrected some of those conversations when she became the first woman to earn herself a place on a Republican ticket. Geraldine Ferraro had done the same for the Democratic ticket in 1984.

It is astounding that it took so long for both these accomplishments, and even more astounding that women are still in the position of defending their place within the political process. No one knows this more than Governor Sarah Palin. She has always acknowledged those women who have gone before her to pave the way for her and desires to be a source of inspiration for those girls who follow after her.

It is unfortunate that the governor has had to fight against the smears of both men and women, some of whom seem content with having a conservative woman exercise her right to vote, as long as she’s not the woman we actually vote for. Nonetheless, Sarah Palin rises above the small thinking of some who want to put “feminism” in a box. Many women have now broken out of the box and are grateful, not only for the privilege given in 1920 to walk into that voting box, but to see the name of another woman staring back at them when they get in there.

In the video below, Governor Sarah Palin discusses with Greta van Susteren her commitment to uniting women on issues of health care and equal opportunities if ever she chooses to run for higher office again.

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A Month Later – Still Celebrating Sarah’s Independence Day

Posted by Adrienne Ross on August 26, 2009

By Adrienne Ross from

One month ago today, I awoke in North Pole, Alaska. A couple hours later we headed to Fairbanks to celebrate independence with Governor Palin. It was her last Governor’s Picnic–the last one ever–and she would be turning the reins over to Sean Parnell at the end of the day.

I had been praying for a couple weeks that her heart would be prepared for that moment, which I figured had to come with some mixed emotions. I was so glad to see no signs of sadness from the governor that day–great love for the people of Alaska, oh yes. But I saw absolutely no regret at her decision.

In fact, when she stepped to the podium to speak, I saw nothing but utter resoluteness. And when she opened her mouth, the one thing I did not see was a public servant who had given up. On the contrary, I saw in her face, heard in her voice, and sensed from her spirit an inward cry like that of John Paul Jones who doggedly declared, “I’ve only just begun to fight.” Perhaps her own tweets not long before that Independence Day in Fairbanks, Alaska would say it best.

Planning inauguration w/LtGov in 10 days, Frbanks. W/same cabinet, same positive pro-AK agenda it’s all good, consistent success bc everyone elected is replaceable;Ak WILL progress! + side benefit=10 dys til less politically correct twitters fly frm my fingertps outside State site. [emphasis added]

And fight she has.

Shortly after she stepped down from the podium that day, she stepped up to rule the world from her perch on Facebook. Who among us could ever lead a debate on health care and tort reform from a page on a social networking site? Who among us could hit the President of the United States so hard he would find it necessary to box back within the rings of Town Halls, radio addresses, conference calls to religious leaders, and anywhere else he got the chance? Who else could slap his head so intensely he would forget his Harvard education and instead create phrases like “wee-weed up”? You got it: Sarah Palin–and only Sarah Palin.

One month ago today Governor Palin didn’t quit fighting, as her haters accused. She just started fighting harder–and became more free. I told the anklebiters in a blog back in July that they would wish they had left well enough alone.

Yes, a month after Sarah Palin’s Independence Day–and on the anniversary week of Dr. King’s March on Washington–I can just hear Sister Sarah singing, “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, I am free at last!”

Read more about the Fairbanks Governor’s Picnic and see my pictures here.

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Sarah Palin to speak at Change Point Church in Anchorage Alaska, Thursday August 27th

Posted by Ron Devito on August 26, 2009

by Upinak

For those who would like to see Sarah Palin speak:

Greetings from FRC!

We wanted to share with you, our supporters, the following alert from your state Family Policy Council. If you have already received this message from them, please simply disregard this. We did, however, want to help make certain that you, your friends, and your neighbors would be aware of this very critical legislative information. We encourage you to join your Family Policy Council in making your voice heard today!

Please join Governor SARAH PALIN & nationally known conservative STAR PARKER Thursday, August 27th 7:30pm at Change Point Church Anchorage

The Alaskans for Parental Rights campaign was developed to return to parents the right to oversee abortion decisions their underage teenage daughters might be unfortunately considering. Because of an out of touch Alaska Supreme Court and a legislature that has been unable to vote on the issue, Alaska is currently one of only 10 states without a parental notification law on the books. In November of 2007, the Alaska Supreme Court ruled that a state law the legislature overwhelmingly passed back in 1997 allowing parents the right to agree or deny abortions their minor teenager daughters might be considering was unconstitutional. Despite parents having to provide consent for ear piercings, tattoos, field trips and even obtaining a simple aspirin in school, children in Alaska can now have abortions without the consent, guidance or even knowledge of their parents.

The goal of the Alaskans for Parental Rights campaign is to obtain at least 32,734 signatures statewide to bring this issue back to the people on the 2010 August Primary Election.

Please join other pro-family, parental rights supporters for a public signing event where Governor Palin will officially become the first petition signer. Star Parker will provide a national perspective on the parental notification issue. Come and join the celebration and to sign the petition yourself!

The Alaskans for Parental Rights Campaign is a project of Alaska Family Action, the 501(c)4 lobbying arm of Alaska Family Council. For more info, go to

Thank you for joining this collaborative effort to protect and defend Faith, Family, and Freedom in your state! Sincerely, Tony Perkins, President

h/t Karen Allen

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