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Sarah Palin Declares Her Independence

Posted by Gary P Jackson on July 5, 2009

Once the hunted, Sarah Palin becomes the hunter.

Sarah stunned the world Friday by doing something that isn’t done. She is willfully giving up one of the most powerful positions a politician can aspire to. She is stepping down as Governor of one of the most important states in America.

The media elites were stunned. It was almost hilarious watching their reactions of disbelief. Their commentary was downright entertaining, and further proof that they don’t have a clue. Even those on Fox!

And the symbolism of doing this on the 4th of July holiday, the time we celebrate our nation’s birth, and our independence, was completely lost on the whole lot!

Almost universally, no one in the elite media got it. This is a huge comment on why our nation is in deep, deep trouble. One reporter on Fox, who has covered Sarah since she became Governor, went so far to say that her speech was “rambling”, and “incoherent.” Again, this just proves that even the media we most trust for news doesn’t a clue about real Americans.

Sarah Palin sounded just like us! We, the people, understood every single word she said. This is the reason she is wildly popular in the first place. She IS one of us!

Of course, just as universally silly as the commenters are, the pundits are even more clueless. And, evidently, devoid of any and all abilities of comprehension, be it for the written word, or spoken. We’ll get to the speech itself in due time, but suffice it to say, that for normal Americans, those who this speech was aimed at, this was a call to action.

Now the talking heads all agree that Sarah is done.

No chance of ever being anything again.

Certainly no chance of ever being President. Some say this was political suicide. Well, it won’t be the first time Sarah has committed “political suicide.”

After Mayor Sarah Palin was term limited out (why don’t we have term limits for ALL elected officials?) she decided her next move would be Lt Governor. She lost. But Governor Frank Murkowski saw a talented woman with a lot of grit. He appointed her as Chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. An important job. One that regulates Alaska’s most important activities, oil and natural gas production.

Chairman Palin was charged with maintaining ethics as part of her job. Something that her history has shown she takes very seriously. And her talent in this area was soon to be put to good use. There were a lot of less than ethical things going on, some big, some really big.

Now one thing, Alaska is a “good old boy network” kinda state. And her agency was filled with a lot of movers and shakers in the Republican party. Including the party chair, and even a former attorney general. So as one would imagine, there was some push back when Chairman Palin sought to end some of their practices.

Now mind you, this is a high paying gig. Six figures. Something a mother of four had to be thinking about.

So, what did Sarah do? Well, she committed “political suicide” and resigned from the post. She then took her fight to the people. She also filed formal complaints.

We all know the result of this effort. Commissioner Randy Ruedrich who is also the chair of the Republican party, was forced to resign, and paid the largest fine in state history for this sort of thing, $12,000. Gregg Renkes the former attorney general was also forced to resign.

Both of these men had conflicts of interest in dealing with companies they were supposed to be regulating. And Ruedrich was also guilty of doing party business on state time. The effort to go after Renkes was bi-partisan, as Sarah joined in with democrat Eric Croft.

Oh, and one more thing, Sarah took on her former boss, Governor Frank Murkowski, and defeated him in a landslide primary election, and defeated popular former democrat Governor Tony Knowels in the general election.

So much for “political suicide.”

People who have followed Sarah Palin for a long time absolutely get what she is doing.

One of the big things behind this move is to change the rules. When Sarah became Governor, she and her administration passed sweeping ethics reform. That’s a good thing. But since she returned to Alaska after the presidential election, the democrat party has turned around and used these very laws she championed against her and the state of Alaska. Chicago politics at it’s “finest.”

I have written about Barack Obama’s direct involvement in the failed “troopergate” smear, and even his payoff to former Alaska Senator Kim Elton for his efforts. I have also written extensively about Linda Kellen Biegel, the Democrat National Committee’s “official blogger for Alaska.”

This Biegel woman has turned her insane hate into a cottage industry, openly raising money online to fund her efforts, the legality of which is in question.

She’s not alone in this, as other paid operatives, as well as screw loose crazies, have filed 15 so-called “ethics complaints” since Sarah has come home from the presidential trail!

These deals range from the silly, to the down right idiotic!

One complaint had to do with the fact Sarah was photographed holding a fish!

Some background. Sarah has worked as a commercial fisherman. She and her husband still own a commercial fishing business, and yes, when time permits, she has been known to go out and work the nets!

One complaint had to do with the fact she did an interview in her office!

She got tagged because, as Governor, she was at this year’s Iron Dog race, at nearly 2000 miles, the longest most difficult snow machine race in the world.

She showed up in sub-zero weather wearing a jacket.

Oh, the humanity!

Yes, the jacket had the logo of the company that sponsors her husband, Todd, who is a multi-championship winning racer. And?

The bottom line, is these loons, and democrat operatives have managed to cripple the Governor, her staff, and grind governing to a halt. This nonsense has cost Governor Palin and her family $500,000 personally, but more importantly, to her, the state of Alaska has spent $2 million dollars, and 1000’s of hours in time messing around with these complaints.

Needless to say, ALL of these complaints have been thrown out. But as I reported earlier, that means nothing to these bloggers. There were many more bogus ethics complaints planned.

This is Saul Alinsky’s Rules being used relentlessly, and being sanctioned by Chicago’s most famous citizen.

And with a group of dishonest democrats who will just keep filing these bogus ethics complaints, with absolutely no repercussions, she just saved the citizens of Alaska at minimum a couple of million dollars the state would have had to shell out had she completed her term.

This is pretty typical Sarah Palin. When she took office she went on a cost cutting spree. She famously put the executive jet for sale on eBay. And while it was not sold there, it was sold. It was a jet the previous Governor had purchased to travel the state. On the surface, not a bad idea. Alaska is roughly the size of the entire western United States, and many cities are only easily accessible by either air or water.

The only problem, is that jet was unable to land on most of the unimproved airfields in Alaska, and kind of useless.

Palin reassigned the “executive chef” at the Governor’s mansion saying she didn’t want her kids to get used to being waited on by staff. That saved the state money. She also, along with Lt Governor Sean Parnell, turned down a substantial pay increase this year. Something that just isn’t done.

So by stepping down, Sarah Palin just changed the rules on these people. As a private citizen, she is not subject to the constraints of office. She doesn’t have to maintain a certain decorum.

Make no mistake about it, Sarah Palin is a street fighter. What she has done is declare herself the left’s worst nightmare! The paid DNC operatives, and loons, are going to look back and wish they had let sleeping dogs lie.

Case in point, one of the DNC operatives, Huffington Post blogger Shannyn Moore has already been out there spreading lies about Sarah. Moore, who earlier in the year was obsessed with what was under Sarah’s skirt, is peddling a story that Palin is about to be indicted on some sort of federal charges.

Palin’s attorney Thomas V Van Flein has already put Shannyn Moore, the Huffington Post, MSNBC, The New York Times, as well as the Washington Post on notice that they will be seeking actions against them for printing such lies.

Van Flein’s open letter to the parties explains the facts of the story in question, which involves the Wasilla Sports Complex that came to be during Sarah’s tenure as Mayor of Wasilla. Needless to say, another attempt to smear Sarah Palin knocked to the ground.

“Screw Political correctness!”

“Politically Speaking, I don’t care if I live or die, I’m not going to sit down, I’m not going to shut up!” ___Sarah Palin in a June speech introducing Michael Reagan.

It seems we saw signs of Sarah’s big move a while back. We just didn’t know what we were looking at. Sarah made the above remarks during a speech where she introduced Michael Reagan to a crowd in Anchorage.

In her speech she also took Obama and his economic policies head on, as well as his foreign policy. She spoke at length about states rights, and how the federal government had become too big, and too controlling.

It seems that the trip to Kosovo and Germany to visit the troops may have also held clues to what was about to happen. While there, and in Sarah’s tweets, she continually talked about the sacrifices of our brave soldiers, and about the greatness of America. It’s obvious that while her move to change directions has been in the works for some time, her second trip to visit troops in the past two years really had a profound effect on Palin.

Of course, there are all of her detractors who are now saying she is “abandoning her job.” Funny thing, she is transferring power to Lt Governor Sean Parnell. This is the same Sean Parnell who she would have transferred power to had she become Vice President.

Some say they don’t buy the “lame duck” excuse. But having followed Sarah since she became Governor, having read her writings, watched her speeches, and read other’s thoughts about her, people who know her, I think I understand, at least in a tiny way, how she thinks about her duty to the folks who put her in office.

Again, it’s a given, the loons and DNC operatives were never ever going to stop costing the state of Alaska millions of dollars in their perverted attacks on Sarah Palin. So that obviously weighed very heavily on her mind. As soon as Sarah started speaking out. As soon as Sarah started really challenging those who would destroy America from within, the attacks would come.

Sarah recognizes what most of America now does. We are in real trouble. We have incredibly incompetent leadership in Washington. Both parties are filled with people who are more interested in power than doing their jobs. We have a Congress that spends trillions of dollars and passes insane legislation that will destroy our personal liberty, without reading a single word in these bills!

Congress passed the trillion dollar stimulus package and absolutely no one read this bill. It was rushed through by Barack Obama and his crew. Obama shouting that if the bill wasn’t passed immediately the sky would fall! Then, once passed, Obama took a long weekend, while staff set up the photo op!

The stimulus package has been a disaster, so far.

The House of Representatives just passed the largest tax increase in human history, the cap and tax bill on “climate change.” Here’s a bill that will double or triple the cost of energy, and by default, effect the cost of every single product consumers purchase. And this bill will actually do nothing to help the climate! It would also cost millions of jobs, and send most manufacturing overseas to nations that haven’t bought into the “climate change” nonsense.

Even better, most Americans understand that “global warming” is a hoax. That the planet is actually cooling. More and more scientists have come out and disputed the whole scheme.

In fact, the latest scandal surrounding this involves an internal EPA memo that disproves “global warming”, that was suppressed ahead of the House vote.

Not only had no one read this incredibly huge tax bill, an additional 300 pages were slipped into the bill in the dead of night just before the vote!

This isn’t just insanity, this is criminal!

This sort of thing is why Sarah felt she could no longer sit still and keep her mouth shut. This is why she has decided to travel and speak out.

Of course, as Governor, she does have the bully pulpit, but since the DNC has their operatives filing bogus ethics complaints at the drop of the hat, it would be very detrimental to Alaskans for Sarah to use her power as Governor to challenge these crooks in DC.

Better to take them on as Sarah Palin, America, than as Governor Sarah Palin.

And she did have a point about lame ducks spending the people’s money while doing little of their work.

Now with the dishonest press, and the talking heads, there is a huge double standard. They think its just horrible that Sarah is “abandoning” Alaska.

On the other hand, no one in America seemed to have a problem when Barack Obama, the very inexperienced Junior Senator from Illinois, after promising the people of Illinois that he wouldn’t run for President in his first term, worked a mere 143 days out of his six year Senate term, only to abandon his job completely to spend a year and a half running for President!

All the while collecting his paycheck from all of us taxpayers.

Double standard?

You bet’cha!

I prefer Sarah’s way of doing things.

Now for her speech!

What a red meat patriotic speech it was. This was Sarah Palin speaking out to all of America and letting them know she’s heard the call, and is ready to answer it.

The Video is here and the transcript’s here for all to enjoy.

In her speech Sarah talks about the need to end politics as usual. Yeah, I know, all politicians say that. But with Sarah Palin, you instinctively know that she actually means it. And frankly, has put her money where her mouth is by resigning to take those who are harming America straight on!

Sarah talks about how we need to build America up, not tear it down. She called the extreme spending spree being championed by Barack Obama “obscene” and “immoral.”

Sarah, in her speech, repeatedly called on all to get involved and make a difference.

Of course, the elite media who evidently feel it’s their job to tell us what to think (or spread propaganda, I can never decide which) are so sure that Sarah has had enough of all of this and is going home.

So as if to make sure there will be no doubt to her intentions, Sarah put out an Independence Day message.

The end of the message goes as follows:

“I shared with you yesterday my heartfelt and candid reasons for this change; I’ve never thought I needed a title before one’s name to forge progress in America. I am now looking ahead and how we can advance this country together with our values of less government intervention, greater energy independence, stronger national security, and much-needed fiscal restraint. I hope you will join me. Now is the time to rebuild and help our nation achieve greatness!

God bless you! And I look forward to making a difference – with you!


Now to many, this is Sarah’s way of announcing her intentions to be the next President of the United States, and it may very well be. But I am absolutely under the impression that this doesn’t really matter to her. I firmly believe she is more interesting in changing America for the better. I firmly believe she is more interested in stopping the destruction that Barack Obama and Congress is causing our great nation.

Of course, this is WHY Sarah Palin will be President. Her millions of followers will demand it. Absolutely no one currently in politics has the vision for America that sees us returning to the principles that our founding fathers set forth.

Absolutely no one out there has the ability and desire to take on Barack Obama and Congress with no holds barred. Straight up, no quarter.

Absolutely no other political figure represents the conservative movement as defined by one of our greatest Americans, Ronald Reagan. An America where personal freedom and liberty rein. A strong America. An America that made us the envy of the world.

Both Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin see America as a shining city on a hill. God’s greatest gift to mankind. The world’s best hope.

Our President and Congress are doing their level best to destroy that vision of America. They are spending our grandchildren’s and great grandchildren’s future on their socialist schemes. They are ignoring the growing threats around the world, while passing unread legislation that threatens our personal liberties and freedom.

Sarah Palin recognizes this, and has answered the call.

The real question here is for you, the gentle reader.

Will you also answer the call? Or will you continue to just sit and complain, hoping someone else will do the heavy lifting for you?

Sarah Palin looked at her kids and asked: “Want me to make a positive difference and fight for ALL our children’s future from outside the Governor’s office?” She got four “yeahs” and a HELL YEAH” in response!

So again, what will your answer be? Sarah has put her entire career on the line for America.

What are you willing to do?

It’s time to choose!

“In the words of General MacArthur: We are not retreating. We are advancing in another direction.”_____Sarah Palin

33 Responses to “Sarah Palin Declares Her Independence”

  1. We would like you to join our group As A Mom. Glenn Beck got us started on his show a few weeks ago. We have over 47,000 members throughout the U.S. and growing very fast. We want to make our voices heard and our goal is to take America back from the Obama adminsitration.

  2. Dave Emerson said

    Oh, if we could only change leadership right now! Let’s start by cleaning up Congress in 2010! Palin for President!

  3. David Harmon said

    Thank you Sarah for your help.

  4. Rosemary said

    Sarah, You are my HERO. Please rescue us in 2012 if there is anything left to our nation. You are a strong leader. Don’t listen to those reporters and elites. They are scared to death of you because they know the American people see you for the honest, strong leader you are and they fear you. We are behing you 100%.

  5. irvin l powell said

    Go Mrs Palin. I am a retired mechanic and a good ole red neck from oregon that searved my country during the vietnam era and am extreemly proud to be an American. I believe in what you say and stand for. We the people of America need people like yourself to care enough to be on the fireing line for this grea country of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND ITS PEOPLE. GOD bless you. Irvin l Powell retired.

  6. Nancy said

    Dear Mrs. Palin

    We love u in Arkansas. We need you to help us get our country back. Some of the media gives u a bad rap…..they make me sick…I love your family…..I also had a son with Down,s Syndrome but we lost him two years ago he was 25. Of course a piece of me is gone, but also I know he watchs over me every second of the day him and the Lord.
    My son name is Neil Jacob, and he is very much missed. But I will tell u one thing me and my husband had to fight to get what he needed to survive. I feel good that I could do that.

  7. The following message was sent to Representative Jaime Herrera (R), Representative Ed Orcutt (R) and Senator Joseph Zarelli (R) of the 18th district in Washington State.
    TO: Representative Jaime Herrera

    CC: Representative Ed Orcutt
    Senator Joseph Zarelli

    FROM: Mr. Edmund Goodwin


    EMAIL: xxx

    PHONE: xxx

    SUBJECT: Health Care

    MESSAGE: Dear Miss Herrera,

    I like your 9 point plan. Add to that some bigger teeth in fraud reduction, along with some limits on tort legal actions against doctors, and you have the whole answer.

    Our system isn’t broken and does not need to be swept out and replaced with a sham method of getting closer to communism.

    On another subject of great importance:

    I am 70 and my wife and I plan to demonstrate peacefully in Washington DC September 10, 11, & 12. Also, we plan to go to any town hall meetings that come up. Since Obama has called his goons and thugs out (Acorn, SEIU, AARP, Black Panthers, AFL-CIO, etc.) to outshout us and to “punch back, twice as hard,” we would like it known in advance— If either of us is hurt by these paid thugs, we will hold Obama and his administration liable. They are so full of themselves that they probably never thought of it, or believe they are immune. I disagree.

    Thanks for listening (something that Brian Baird won’t do, nor Patty, nor Maria).

    Edmund Goodwin
    A proud patriot and believer in The Constitution

    RESPONSE: Mr. Goodwin has requested a response to this message.

  8. Beth Allen said

    Sarah: This past year 2008 was the actual first time I worked at the polls for a Presidential election. Why; because it was the most important election on the planet. I was extremely impressed by your sincerity, honesty and integrity. Now is the time that we as a country need a leader such as you. I have been reading the healthcare reform bill and the “cap and trade” energy solutions which are leading us down the wrong path. It is nothing more than communism and socialism. The government is taking away my right to choose my own healthcare. You had my support in 2008 and I will continue to support you. Keep on keeping on!! Don’t let the political machine or the moronic news media stop you. You will have the support that you need to go on. God bless you and your family!! God Bless America””…..the land of the FREE and HOME OF THE BRAVE…” We need to give the government back… the people; for the people and by the people…..”. Thank you..

  9. Anthony said

    You got my vote…Semper Fi

  10. RICK said

    Sarah Palin has far more support than her critics want to admit to and she scares the hell out of them because she communicates and connects with people.

    I will support her for a run at the presidency again because I think the McCain handlers are the real scum because they tried to spin her the way they saw the electorate and they missed the mark terribly. If they had let her carry her message they would not have had the media carnage.

    President Palin – has a nice ring to it and a reassurance that the American values that have stood the test will be in play instead of the neo-facist tactics of the OBAMAOIST administration.

  11. Pat Purcell said

    Just wanted to clear up a statement regarding the Alaska Republican Party Chairman Randy Reudrich was not “forced to resign”. He is still the Republican Party Chairman for Alaska.
    I am a member of the Republican Party in Alaska and though I don’t always agree with Mr. Reudrich, he is still my party leader and I just thought the record should be set straight.

    • Gary P said

      Thanks. actually, it was the AOGCC he was forced to leave. And he paid a $12,000 fine. He is still the GOP party chair. Sorry if that was confusing.

      Sometimes good people do dumb things. Glad you are able to work with Mr Ruedrich.

  12. Brian said

    I am neither Republican or Democrat but believe there is a cult following starting for Palin brought on by the hidden Democratic agenda! It is a scary thought that Palin brings to the foree about Obama & his treatment of the elderly! Even China’s main rule of thought is respect for the elders, and they are not too far out of the shoot from 3rd world status! It is a sign of a nation crumbling within when the elderly become political targets or escape goats to save small amounts of $$ when we can give out money in the tune of 160 billion to AIG then cut Medicare/Medicaid—Sarah Palin has old school values & seeks not political fortune but the biggest VALUE of all– the TRUTH–something our politicians seem to have lost as they believe their own lies which become obscured with the reality of our current situation—History has shown that out of poor economic times a wicked leaders prevail as people search out of desperity to seek economic hope and let down their standards to believe in the rhetoric politicians and now we are going to suffer the after math—–

  13. Judy Bassett said

    Sarah: I supported you when you ran for vice president. I will support you in any endeavers. You and your family are good people. Don’t let them stop you. We are all behind you.
    Wishing god’s speed.

  14. misa said

    Good for you Sarah. Somebody needed to call out Obama on his attitude toward Senior Citizens in his health care plan. How can he say someone is “no longer productive”? Doesn’t this smell of Nazism?

  15. Peggy Wheeler said

    Sarah Palin is refreshing in this no “common sense” world. I truly think God does have a plan for her and I am so thankful that she also is willing to serve in His army. Thank you Sarah and thank you for your family who is willing to stand with you.

  16. I think Sarah Palin is one hell of a lady.
    You are so genuine and refreshing and say it like it is.
    God bless you and you have my support in anything you want to do.

  17. Arles Andersen said

    America needs you, Sarah !!
    you are what, America needs,. now more then ever! John mcain was right when he
    brought you in as his V.P. pick. But now that we (America) have met you
    we need lead us into reform!
    Save us from becoming the new U.S.S.R .
    didn’t obama see how the russian people lived in poverty with all that
    goverment control. Obama is the one who is truely out of touch with reality
    God Bless your son in his beleaf in his contry to serve it.Bless you and your family..
    God bless America .

  18. Dear Mrs. Palin,
    Please join us in DC for a march on the capitol Sept. 10-11-12. See

    Also, please be our next President.

    How can we help?

  19. Richard Teskey said


    Integrity, (which you are the embodiment of) Trumps; Titles, Harverd Education and anything else. You have our vote and support for anything you decide to do in government.
    Richard & Donna from the, “Natural State.”

  20. Beverly said

    This woman gives true hope for those of us who see the real picture. Our country is being destroyed. I for one belong to a Christian nation and we need no apologies to other nations who have been the recipents’ of our soldiers’ blood to protect their freedom.

    God Bless and Keep you and your safe, Sarah! Go get em!

  21. Marla Flint said

    America is desperate for a new party, and that party needs a strong leader. One that will defend the Constitution, keep our liberties, demand integrity, and CLEAN HOUSE!! I’m doing all I can by attending tea parties and writing my Congressmen (and others not in my district), but we need someone like Sarah to lead! I’ll be glad to help her in anyway I can in West Texas.

    • David Harmon said

      Marla, if Sarah were to form a third party, that would divide the Republican party and insure that the Democrats hold power. She has shaken up the Republican party in Alaska, so there is no reason Sarah could not do it again nationally.

  22. Ramona DelMoral said

    I Thank God, if we can survive the Obamanation and get to another free election that someone like Sarah Palin would be there for me to have a vote for someone I truly believe in. I support her wholeheartedly, I support the values and principles that she stands for, and I am sick of the non-reporting the real news media for their attacks on her. GO SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would help in her campaign also, if she needs some in Central Florida.

  23. Ray H Martin said

    I am behind you 100% Mrs. Palin, and hope to be able to support you for President. We need your ethices, fearlessness, and honesty now. These are the hallmarks of the founders of this great country.

  24. Marilyn said

    you are a real american wher do i send check

  25. Bob said

    I am so proud of Ms. Palin she is what our country needs an honest person in government who stands her ground which is integrity. I hope she runs for President because St. Louis, MO is waiting for a person just like her to raise our flag each day. I can also guarantee that she won’t go around apologizing to the world for who we are or tearing down our policeman who go to work everyday needing to carry a gun rather than a briefcase. Everybody has taken their best shot at tearing her down yet she stands strong. I would help with her campaign if she needs some in St. Louis.

  26. Terrific speach—–Yoi go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dr RH Morason

  27. Holly DeFrancisco said

    You made the best decision, Sarah, and I’m with you 100%. At first I was surprised to discover you were giving up your post as Governor of Alaska. But I was quite sure it might just be because you wanted to disentangle yourself from public office so as a private citizen you could help us all make a difference and turn our country back around to a nation of honesty, morality, sound values, and trust – back to the free Capitalist Republic that we once were.
    I’m been busy contacting my Representatives not to pass these Congressional Bills that keep coming like steamrollers – Health Care, Cap & Trade (Tax), and a whole host of others that will not only be so detrimental to our country if they pass but also move us more and more into Socialism.
    We need to rid DC of all the thugs, Socialists, Communists, and others who threaten our freedoms.
    I wish you all the best and am with you in helping to take back our country.

    • dean hermance said

      Go and get them Sarah. We are with you and will support you. I need to know where I can donate to the Republican party. Take back our country

      We love you and God Bless You

  28. George Gragg said

    Thanks for this article. As you said, no one in the national media (including some at Fox) understood what she was saying. I understood every word of it, agree with her actions and look forward to supporting her as she takes on the Washington elite. By the way, It is the Ivy League schools where so many of our “elite” studied Economics 2+2=5 and they learned their lessons well.

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