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Archive for June 14th, 2009

Grassroots Webathon to Retire Governor Palin’s Legal Debt

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 14, 2009

UPDATES w/video below

(NOTE: Conservatives4Palin is the sponsor of this Webathon. Sarah Palin Web Brigade is one of the many independent websites partnering with C4P in the Webathon efforts.)

A grassroots Webathon to retire the legal debt of Governor Sarah Palin will take place from June 15 through June 22.   This fundraising effort is sponsored by the Conservatives for Palin (C4P) website, with numerous other websites across the Internet participating as well.  Participating websites are displaying an explanatory video and a banner that when clicked opens into the website of the Alaska Trust Fund, the official fund set up for Governor Palin’s legal debt.

To date, approximately $500,000. of legal debt has been incurred by Governor Palin in defending herself and her staff against frivolous, politically-motivated complaints.  So far, 14 of these complaints have already been dismissed.  Yet her political opponents continue to launch complaints against her in an effort to discredit her, and as some believe, to bankrupt her.

It is the opinion of this author that these so-called “anklebiters” not only want to discredit Sarah Palin, but they want to keep her out of the national political scene as much as possible.  Apparently, the liberal left fear Sarah Palin’s potential to defeat Obama in 2012 and are doing everything they can to defeat her chances.  It is a known fact that Obama was involved in the “Troopergate” investigation, which is responsible for some of Governor Palin’s legal debt.  Kim Elton, who led that investigation, was rewarded with a post in the Department of the Interior.

Never has an ethical, responsible politican been attacked as viciously by political opponents as has Governor Palin.   Unlike those of other politicians, even her children have not been considered off-limits.  Just this past week, David Letterman attacked Governor Palin’s 14-year-old daughter with a sexual joke.  The liberal news media has also had a feeding frenzy over the private affairs of  Governor Palin’s 18-year-old daughter.

It is time to put an end to the mistreatment of this incredible woman and her family by the news media and the anklebiters.  One of the first steps is to relieve Governor Palin of the cumbersome legal debt that has accumulated due to the attacks, some of them repetitive, by the anklebiters.  That is what this Webathon is all about.

Please give your most generous donation to this worthy cause.  There is a banner as well as a video above and at  3 of our other websites, including the Sarah Palin Web Brigade’s Ning site at  Please help us show Governor Palin how much we appreciate her strong leadership in the face of all the attacks that have been launched against her. 

A new star in the Republican Party stepped out on that stage at the 2008 Republican convention and delivered a speech that reminded some, including his son Michael, of Ronald Reagan.  Sarah Palin has the integrity, communication skills, and star power of Reagan, and that alone was enough to alarm her political foes.  They have come against her with a vengeance because they know her potential.   But Governor Palin’s star still shines brightly, and she has a large, devoted base of supporters willing to be her foot soldiers and fight back against the lies and the smears.  This Webathon is just such a coordinated effort and will surely not be the last.

For more information, see the Conservatives4Palin website.


UPDATE: Tuesday’s(June 16) Webathon Video:

Sarah Palin supporters across the Internet are partnering with Webathon sponsor Conservatives for Palin (C4P) to raise funds to retire Governor Palin’s legal debt incurred by defending herself and her staff against frivolous complaints filed against her by anklebiters. On June 15, the first day of the grassroots Webathon, $54,645. was raised. Way to go, Sarah supporters! And a warm thank you to all those who donated!


UPDATE: Wednesday’s (June 17) Webathon Video:

Day 2 ended with $82,860 having been raised by the Webathon. That is 17% of our goal, so this is great progress.


UPDATE: Thursday’s (June 18) Webathon Video:

Total contributions to the Webathon at the end of Day 3 were $92,205., or 18% of the projected goal. Almost $100,00! This is even more significant because of the $150 upper limit on an individual’s contributions.

Another bit of news today: Team Sarah, which amassed a large membership during the 2008 election and beyond, has joined the Webathon effort. A number of the independent websites that are participating in the Webathon are run by people who are also members of Team Sarah. However, Team Sarah itself’s effort will apparently be run out of their own website.


UPDATE: Friday (June 19) Webathon video:

Day 4 ended with total contributions of $100,000., an impressive show of support from grassroots supporters of Governor Palin. C4P reports that there were many donations of $5. and $10. – people giving what they could to help the governor defend herself against the anklebiters. All donations are welcome, as they show a heartfelt sipport for this incredible leader gifted to America by way of Alaska


UPDATE: Saturday (June 20) At the end of Day 5, $105, 560., or 21 %,of Governor Palin’s legal debt that was incurred due to anklebiter complaints had been raised by the grassroots Webathon sponsored by Conservatives for Palin and participated in by websites across the Internet community that support Sarah Palin. This is the first coordinated effort by Sarah Palin supporters across the Internet community, a virtual Internet army ready to mobilize again and again on behalf of Governor Palin.

This amusing video was posted on the C4P website this morning:


UPDATE: Sunday (June 21)

Day 6 of the grassroots Webathon ended with total donations of $109.620, or 22% of the at least $500,000. legal debt incurred by Governor Palin due to defense against anklebiter complaints. Today is the last day of the current Webathon, and many have given up to the $150. yearly limit on individual donations to this fund. In January, a new year begins, and there will be another opportunity for those who maxed out this year to contribute again to help Governor Palin defend herself against these politically-motivated attacks.

Posted on the C4P website this morning is an excellent video about where Governor Palin stands on the issues:

Monday (June 22) The 2009 Grassroots Webathan has now ended. A total of $115,585. was donated to the Alaska Fund Trust during this effort. Considering the individual yearly contribution limit of $150., this is no small achievement. This is the first coordinated effort of Sarah Palin supporters across the Internet in support of Governor Palin. Sarah’s army of supporters on the Internet has begun to march and will not stop until Sarah Palin is our next President!

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