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Archive for May, 2009

Bristol Palin Exposes Her Sometimes Isolated Life

Posted by Sarah Palin Web Brigade on May 21, 2009

People Exclusive

Bristol Palin Exposes Her Sometimes Isolated Life

By Sandra Sobieraj Westfall

Originally posted Wednesday May 20, 2009 08:30 AM EDT

bristol_palin_people_coverBristol Palin’s pretty, lightly freckled face was nowhere to be seen on the overhead screen as images from her high-school senior slideshow – photos from the prom and a Class of 2009 portrait set against the Alaska snow – played during May 14’s Wasilla High commencement ceremony.

Did it make her sad to have missed out on so much senior-year fun – to be spending graduation night not with a gang of friends but at home, giving her 5-month-old son a bottle while her extended family plays “Eskimo bingo”?

Bristol, the eldest daughter of Alaska GOP Gov. Sarah Palin’s five children, answers with a multitasking mom’s whiff of impatience: “I have other things to worry about.”

Bristol Palin, 18, has logged more of those “other things” than some people twice her age. In just the past nine months, she weathered her mother’s bruising vice-presidential run; a failed engagement to boyfriend Levi Johnston that played out in the national media; and, most indelibly, a pregnancy that made her both mother and poster child. She is uncertain where she will go to college – she’s thinking of a two-year business program – but says her near future will include advocating for teen-pregnancy prevention.

No Nanny in House
“Girls need to imagine and picture their life with a screaming newborn baby and then think before they have sex,” she tells PEOPLE. “Think about the consequences.”

Her mom may be governor, but there is no nanny in the Palin house. Bristol gets up – usually twice during the night – to feed Tripp, who sleeps in a hand-me-down crib in her bedroom, and she says she has tapped out at least one school paper with her son crying in the background. She breastfed her baby for a month, pumping milk before class and rushing straight home to feed him. And she worked two part-time jobs to help pay for the diapers and formula her parents otherwise supply.

“If girls realized the consequences of sex, nobody would be having sex,” says Bristol, sitting at her parents’ lakeside patio table. “Trust me. Nobody.”

As for her breakup with Levi, 19, with whom she’s still trying to resolve child support and visitation issues, Bristol says it was for the best. “I’m thankful we didn’t get married because if it wasn’t going to work now, it wasn’t going to work in five years.”

For more on Bristol’s life with her baby and exclusive at-home photos of the Palin family, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.,,20280071,00.html


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Governor Sarah Palin’s Statement Contrasting Obama and Steele

Posted by Sarah Palin Web Brigade on May 21, 2009

Below is Governor Sarah Palin’s eloquent statement about her opposition to Obama’s policies and her support for RNC Chairman Michael Steele. Her statement is posted on SarahPAC at

Statement from Governor Sarah Palin

The transition from Candidate Obama to President Obama has been as predictable as Alaska’s winter snow.

We are now witnessing actions that will lead to a monumental shift away from free market capitalism and the strong work ethic that built this great country. ‘Change’ in this administration has meant rapid movement toward massive government growth, huge tax burdens on future generations, and an unprecedented reliance upon foreign countries.

Today, we learned that Obama’s decisions continue to impact Alaskans; while we as taxpayers now own General Motors, Obama closes another dealership – this time in Soldotna as more of Alaskans’ hard-earned money and jobs are lost to big government. Government should not be in the auto industry business. In Alaska, we have also seen a shift in federal priorities that threaten the loss of subsidized village health care services under the same candidate who led you to believe he’d insure all Americans. The inconsistent messages and actions are unsettling.

But we have another voice in Washington, DC – a man who understands what Alaskans believe: less centralized government control, restrained budgets, more opportunity for development, and fewer taxes. Today, we have a friend in RNC Chairman Michael Steele and his bold and courageous speech defines his leadership goals that will guide us all through this most difficult time for our nation.”

Governor Sarah Palin

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Posted by Sarah Palin Web Brigade on May 19, 2009



Todd & Sarah Palin-Tod-Palin-Sarah-Palin-true-love

Walking the Walk

By Karen Kassel Hutto


“Personal integrity is making a hard decision and sticking with it. It’s about digging down deep and holding onto your faith, even when you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.” – Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska


“Life will test your integrity. There is a cost for doing what’s right.” – Todd Palin, First Gentleman of Alaska


            On September 3, 2008 at the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis, Sarah Palin exploded onto the national political scene as John McCain’s surprise pick for running mate. Stepping confidently to the podium-and into the history books-as the GOP’s first female candidate for Vice President of the United States, the 44-year-old Governor of Alaska delivered her first nationally televised speech to more than 40 million viewers. Her dynamic message of government reform captured the public’s attention and turned the 2008 election campaign on its ear.

            For the next nine weeks, intense media coverage thoroughly acquainted the nation with Sarah Palin and her family. And while opinions varied on both sides of the political fence, no one could argue that the young governor was a force to be reckoned with-a political “hurricane” that wowed the Right, worried the Left, and in the end, gave the Republican Party a new face for the future, albeit not the White House.

            With the election behind her, Governor Palin is back at work busily governing the largest state in the Union, splitting her time between offices in Juneau and Anchorage. Todd has returned to his job on the North Slope as an oil field production operator for British Petroleum. The Palins’ children are all happy, healthy and active. Track (19), is halfway through his 12-month Army infantry assignment in Iraq. Bristol (18) gave birth, on December 27, 2008, to the couple’s first grandchild, a grandson named Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston. And Willow (14), Piper (7) and baby Trig are happily back at home in Wasilla.

            Recently, Sarah and Todd honored Christian Living with a candid interview, sharing personal insights about their family, their faith and, of course, politics.


            CL: What was it like, running for the second highest office in the country?

            Sarah: It was the biggest privilege of my life. (Todd heartily concurs.) It was an honor to travel this great country, to meet so many fellow citizens and to serve alongside John McCain, one of America’s finest. I’m proud of how we gave voters a choice, because change was coming, no matter what. I truly believe our administration would have greatly benefited this country, but American voters did not choose us, and that’s okay. It was not our time.

            CL: Would you go through it all again?

Sarah: Good question. Right now, my goal is to do the best job I can for the great state of Alaska. And there’s a lot to do here.


Facing Down the Foes

            That’s for sure. One of Governor Palin’s gubernatorial missions is to build and operate a pipeline to transport natural gas from Alaska’s North Slope, through Canada, to the continental United States. Last August, she signed a bill authorizing TransCanada Pipelines to start the massive project, pledging $500 million in state seed money. She is also an outspoken proponent of Alaskan oil exploration, including in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, a development she believes would create thousands of American jobs and reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil imports.

            The idea of drilling in ANWR stirs controversy, of course, but Governor Palin is no stranger to facing down opponents-something she did with great energy, poise and even humor throughout the 2008 election campaign. In fact, fighting for what she believes in, often emerging as the victorious underdog, is something Sarah has done all her life.

            It all goes back to Sarah’s solid family upbringing-one that fostered an unbelievable work ethic and a profound faith in God.  


Home and Family


            Sarah Louise was born the third of four children to Chuck and Sally Heath. The family relocated from Idaho to Alaska when Sarah was two months old, settling in Wasilla, a community 50 miles north of Anchorage. Both parents worked for the school system-Chuck as a science teacher and track coach and Sally as the school secretary.

            Hard work, sports and family activities formed the foundation of the Heath household. The entire family often competed in five-kilometer and ten-kilometer races. Hunting, fishing, skiing and camping kept them outdoors year-round. Everyone had chores. Whether they were weeding the family garden, stacking firewood or picking strawberries, Chuck and Sally’s children understood the value of work. By age 12, each child was expected to earn his or her own spending money and save for college.

            “I learned early on that no one was going to hand me anything,” Sarah shares. “I knew that if I wanted something, I would have to earn it. My parents taught me to expect opportunities and to be prepared when they came. I knew, even at a young age, that was how I would progress.”

            Attending church shaped young Sarah as well. “Just like with everything else, Mom and Dad expected us to go church whether we wanted to or not,” Sarah recalls. Her experiences there solidified a belief in something bigger and better than herself. At age 12, she made the personal decision to commit her life to Jesus Christ. “I knew even then that if I put my life in His hands, God would lead me and direct my paths. That decision still guides me today,” she shares.

            At the start of Sarah’s senior year, a handsome new student showed up at Wasilla High. Athletic and outdoorsy, Todd Palin fit right in with the lively Heath family. He treated Sarah to daring rides on his snowmobile and taught her to fish in Bristol Bay.

            The two kept in touch as Sarah attended college. In 1988, a year after she graduated from the University of Idaho with a journalism degree, Sarah and Todd eloped.

            Settling in Wasilla, the couple welcomed their first child, Track, the following year. Ever the athletes, Todd and Sarah named him after the track season in which he was born. Soon after, Todd began training on the North Slope to become a production operator with British Petroleum, a position he still holds today. In 1990, the Palins welcomed Bristol (named after the ocean bay where Todd conducts his commercial fishing business). In 1994, Willow (named after Alaska’s state bird, the willow ptarmigan) arrived. Piper (named after Todd’s Piper Cub airplane) was born in 2001, and Trig (named after his great uncle who fished on Bristol Bay) was born in 2008.



 “It’s a truth I learned early on and it carries me still today… Everything in our lives is grounded in a simple truth, that we put our lives in our Creator’s hands, knowing that following His path ultimately will lead to our fulfillment and happiness.” – Sarah Palin



Making It All Work


            Through the past 20 years, as Todd and Sarah worked and raised their children, Sarah says she often felt a profound restlessness to serve her community. She prayed for open doors…and opportunities came: in 1992, at the age of 28, as a Wasilla city councilman; in 1996, two terms as Wasilla’s mayor; and later a stint as chairman of the Alaskan Oil & Gas Conservation Commission. In 2006, at age 42, Sarah became Alaska’s first female governor (the youngest in Alaska’s history); and in 2008, she accepted the invitation to run for Vice President.

            Unlike many in politics, Governor Palin’s career has been defined by people seeking her out to run for office, instead of the other way around.


CL: Did you set out to have a career in politics?

Sarah: I grew up, politically speaking, during the Reagan era. I loved what he accomplished for our country. It’s been my aspiration to make a difference in my community and in my state, and public service has provided a way to capitalize on that desire. When I wasn’t serving in an elected position, I was immersed in my children’s lives-involved in PTA, being a team manager and a coach, doing all those things that millions of moms and dads do every day. But I knew there were additional things I could and should be doing. So I was looking and waiting for that next opportunity, knowing full well that when it came, I would engage in it.

CL: Running cities and states takes time, right? So how do you keep it all together?

            Todd: We just adapt. We don’t get all wrapped up about responsibilities. If something needs doing, we just pitch in and do it.

            Sarah: Todd is amazing. Whatever needs to be done, he just does it-laundry, dishes, changing a diaper, whatever. That in addition to keeping all our vehicles running, working on his airplane and doing all the things he loves to do. We don’t waste time squabbling over household chores. We have a mutual recognition and respect for each other in doing the practical things necessary to keep a household running.

            CL: What do you not do?

            Sarah: You won’t find us sitting back with our feet up, watching some mindless TV show. (She laughs.) And some people would say we don’t socialize very much. If we are out and about, it’s usually with the kids. Todd’s Slope schedule keeps him away from home many months of the year. When he is home, it’s precious. We seize the time to be together.

            Todd: It’s family first. For us, relax time would be out on the boat fishing or up at our cabin in Petersville. That’s the type of family activity we really cherish.

            CL: We’ve also heard about your participation in the annual Iron Dog competition, a rugged 2,200-mile snowmachine race across Alaska-a race you have won four times! Tell us about that.

Todd: I’ve been competitive all my life through sports and commercial fishing. This event fills that need to compete. It’s also a special way to stay in touch with Alaskans. We stop at all the remote villages and talk to the kids and elders there-even if it’s 3 a.m. and 30 below. It’s really amazing.


Leading By Example


            Like most people in public life, the Palins have taken their share of hard knocks. The 2008 political campaign delivered some especially nasty blows: Everything from criticism of Sarah’s wardrobe to shots at her administration and-the really tough ones-attacks against her children.  


CL: How did those negatives affect you? 

            Sarah: During the campaign, I was insulated. It was not until I returned home that my eyes were opened to various things coming from the mainstream media. But most hurtful were the lies spoken about my kids.

            CL: As a Christian leader, how do you deal with such difficult situations? 

Sarah: I look back at Scripture that reminds me, hey, I’m sure not the first to face this. Criticism will come. Unfair shots will be taken. The question is how are you going to react? I like I Peter 2:12. It says to keep your conduct honorable, so that by your good works, which are observed by others, God will be glorified. When I read that I know others have faced this before me. They face it today. Who am I to exempt myself from a principle like that? In spite of it all, I’ve got to live my life to glorify God. That’s what I promised myself I’d do 30 years ago, and that’s what I must do now-not just to talk it, but to walk it.

            CL: But how do you pass that concept on to your children?

Sarah: It’s very timely that you should ask that question. Just the other day Bristol and Willow were at Wal-mart and Bristol called me and said, ‘Mom, you will not believe what I’m reading on the cover of the National Enquirer!’ At first I said, ‘Don’t even waste your brain cells!’ But she was upset because the inside story said that she used drugs and that I was trying to talk her out of getting married. It gave me an opportunity to tell her that if we let it, lies and criticism can consume us to the point of becoming paralyzed. We have to answer our critics with how we live our lives.

            With Bristol, God turned a situation that at first looked full of despair and embarrassment into such a blessing for our family. She has the most beautiful baby boy! I remind her and all our children that we have to stay focused on serving God, putting our lives in HIS hands and seeing the blessings flow from some less than ideal circumstances.

            CL: Another teaching opportunity came when your youngest son, Trig, was born with Down syndrome. How did this affect you?

Sarah: Trig did give us another occasion to not only talk the talk, but to walk the walk. It’s easy to say that every life should be cherished and every life carries potential. But at age 43, pregnant and at 13 weeks along learning that the baby would be born with Down syndrome, the situation necessitated a decision: Would I live what I’ve talked and taught? Or would I take a different path out of these perhaps less than ideal circumstances? I’m so thankful God gave us the strength and optimism to welcome Trig into our lives. God has gifted us with this child who has given us a way to connect with others around our country who also have special needs children. It’s been nothing but wonderful.

            Todd: I thank God for Trig every day. We are certainly very blessed to have him with us. You know, life is about being willing to walk the walk, not just talk it. As we go along, it may be tougher than ever to make the right decisions, but we must try to do so. That’s all we can ever do.


            And that statement really sums up the Palins: A couple willing to do what’s right-to walk the walk-no matter how difficult.



Todd and Sarah Palin and their family attend Wasilla Bible Church in Wasilla, Alaska. To learn more about Governor Palin, please visit

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Is mysterious website tipping off McCain’s VP? Page suggests this GOP figure will complete party’s ticket

Posted by Sarah Palin Web Brigade on May 17, 2009

Is mysterious website tipping off McCain’s VP? Page suggests this GOP figure will complete party’s ticket

Posted: August 18, 2008  9:58 pm Eastern

By Drew Zahn

Could this sign become familiar soon?

Could this sign become familiar soon?

Alaska’s Sarah Palin is a bold, first-term Republican governor, a former beauty pageant winner, a mother of five and, if a website of mysterious origin proves prophetic, she could be Sen. John McCain’s choice for vice presidential running mate.

Scouring the Internet for possible presidential and VP combinations, most websites – such as, or – turn up as domain names for sale or general information sites.

Then there’s

The page displays paid political advertising and the statement, “Welcome to–the best source for information on the John McCain – Sarah Palin 2008 Republican Presidential Ticket. Stayed (sic) tuned for important announcements.”

Despite a report by Washington D.C.’s Roll Call last week that Palin had submitted paperwork to the Republican national office, her press secretary, Bill McAllister, told WND that McCain has given no indication of choosing her as his running mate.

“The governor will play some kind of unspecified role in the convention,” McAllister said, “but the only contact with the McCain campaign has been a request for her to participate in a national conference call on energy issues. There has been no outreach or vetting regarding the vice presidency.”

Gov. Sarah Palin

Gov. Sarah Palin

Palin has drawn attention as a potential running mate because of appeal to the Republican base. She has personally demonstrated pro-life beliefs and a willingness to tackle tough issues, including an incident in which she took on Republican leadership in her state for ethics violations.

Editor Fred Barnes of The Weekly Standard last year called Palin “a politician of eye-popping integrity.”

“Her rise is a great (and rare) story of how adherence to principle – especially to transparency and accountability in government – can produce political success,” Barnes wrote.

Who then, created the website and asked readers to “stay tuned” for an announcement?

Several websites and blogs are promoting Palin for the GOP ticket, including Draft Sarah Palin for Vice President, and My McCain Blog, which created the campaign sign pictured above. Palin’s press secretary acknowledged to WND that these sites have been in existence for several months and are consolidating their resources to rally Palin supporters.

Supporters and bloggers that WND was able to contact, however, denied any knowledge of who created

Adam Brickley, founder of Draft Sarah Palin for Vice President, told WND he thought it was created by a supporter, but he really didn’t know.

“It has been up for a while and used to be a fully functional webpage with newsfeeds, bios, etc. However, the ‘stay tuned’ message is new,” he said. “I really have no idea who runs it.”

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McCain Should Pick Sarah Palin for VP

Posted by Sarah Palin Web Brigade on May 14, 2009

palin_executive1 - blue and gold backgroundJune 04, 2008

McCain Should Pick Sarah Palin for VP

By Jack Kelly
Real Clear Politics

Who? When?

Republicans including, I imagine, Sen. McCain himself are asking these questions about his selection of a vice presidential candidate.

Ideally, a presidential candidate wants a running mate who will help him or her win the election, and (maybe) to govern afterwards. But most will settle for a veep who isn’t a drag on the ticket, as Dan Quayle was for the first President Bush.

Traditionally, a presidential nominee has chosen a running mate to balance the ticket geographically, or to appease a faction of the party. The most successful example of this was when John F. Kennedy picked Lyndon Johnson, though neither liked the other, and LBJ joined the ticket only because he thought Kennedy would lose.

Bill Clinton broke with this tradition when he chose another young (purported) moderate from a neighboring southern state. By picking Al Gore, he hoped to reinforce his campaign theme of generational change.

Which way will Sen. McCain go? The potential running mates most often discussed have downsides nearly as great as their upsides. Gov. Tim Pawlenty helps only in Minnesota, and not enough, according to current polls, to make a difference there. Sen. McCain’s friend Sen. Joe Lieberman would bring in some moderate Democrats, but could further antagonize conservatives already suspicious of Sen. McCain. Gov. Romney would have little appeal to working class whites unhappy with Sen. Obama, and evangelicals fret about that Mormon thing. A Huckabee nomination would irritate economic and foreign policy conservatives as much as it would please evangelicals.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is a rising star. But he’s only 36, and he’s been governor for less than a year.
There is one potential running mate who has virtually no down side. Those conservatives who’ve heard of her were delighted to learn that McCain advance man Arthur Culvahouse was in Alaska recently, because they surmised he could only be there to discuss the vice presidential nomination with Gov. Sarah Palin.

At 44, Sarah Louise Heath Palin is both the youngest and the first female governor in Alaska’s relatively brief history as a state. She’s also the most popular governor in America, with an approval rating that has bounced around 90 percent.

This is due partly to her personal qualities. When she was leading her underdog Wasilla high school basketball team to the state championship in 1982, her teammates called her “Sarah Barracuda” because of her fierce competitiveness.

Two years later, when she won the “Miss Wasilla” beauty pageant, she was also voted “Miss Congeniality” by the other contestants.

Sarah Barracuda. Miss Congeniality. Fire and nice. A happily married mother of five who is still drop dead gorgeous. And smart to boot.

But it’s mostly because she’s been a crackerjack governor, a strong fiscal conservative and a ferocious fighter of corruption, especially in her own party.

Ms. Palin touches other conservative bases, some of which Sen. McCain has been accused of rounding. Track, her eldest son, enlisted in the Army last Sept. 11. She’s a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association who hunts, fishes and runs marathons. A regular churchgoer, she’s staunchly pro-life.

Kimberley Strassel of the Wall Street Journal said Sen. McCain should run against a corrupt, do-nothing Congress, a la Harry Truman. If he should choose to do so, Gov. Palin would make an excellent partner “The landscape is littered with the bodies of those who have crossed Sarah,” pollster Dave Dittman told the Weekly Standard’s Fred Barnes.

Sen. Barack Obama’s support has plunged recently among white women. Many Hillary Clinton supporters accuse him — I think unfairly — of being sexist. Having Sarah Palin on the ticket could help Sen. McCain appeal to these disgruntled Democrats.

Running mates usually aren’t named until the convention. But if Sen. McCain should name Gov. Palin earlier, it would give America more time to get to know this extraordinary woman. And because she’s at least a dozen feature stories waiting to be written, she could help him dominate the news between now and the conventions.

Another reason for selecting Sarah Palin early would be to force Barack Obama to make a mistake. He’d have to rule out choosing someone like Virginia Sen. Jim Webb as his running mate, for fear of exacerbating charges of sexism. And if he chose a woman other than Hillary, the impression Democrats are wimpy would be intensified.

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Palin Backs Miss Calif., Blasts ‘Liberal Onslaught’

Posted by Sarah Palin Web Brigade on May 14, 2009

 Palin Backs Miss Calif., Blasts ‘Liberal Onslaught’

Matt Stroshane/Getty Images; Michael Loccisano/Getty Images
Matt Stroshane/Getty Images; Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

 In a strongly worded statement relased late Wednesday, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin defended Miss California Carrie Prejean and ripped into “the liberal onslaught of malicious attacks” against Prejean for her response to a question about gay marriage.

“I can relate as a liberal target myself,” Palin said. “What I find so remarkable is that these politically-motivated attacks fail to show that what Carrie and I believe is also what President Obama and Secretary Clinton believe — marriage is between a man and a woman.”

Prejean created a stir with her response to a question about gay marriage at last month’s Miss USA pageant, questions about her work with gay marriage opponents and nearly nude photos taken of her when she was a teenager put her title in jeopardy.

PHOTOS: Click to view photos of Carrie Prejean.

“I applaud Donald Trump for standing with Carrie during this time. And I respect Carrie for standing strong and staying true to herself, and for not letting those who disagree with her deny her protection under the nation’s First Amendment Rights,” the former vice presidential candidate said.

“Our Constitution protects us all — not just those who agree with the far left,” Palin said.

On Wednesday, former Miss USA Shanna Moakler resigned as co-executive director of the Miss California USA pageant, saying she no longer believes in the organization because of pageant owner Donald Trump’s decision to let the state’s controversial title holder keep her crown.

RELATED: Click here for all of FOX’s coverage of Carrie Prejean.

At a news conference, Moakler angrily accused Prejean of violating the contract she signed with pageant organizers, but Trump announced Tuesday that Prejean would keep her title.

Moakler, the Miss USA of 1995, said she decided after Trump’s news conference to quit.

“I cannot with a clear conscience move forward supporting and promoting the Miss Universe Organization when I no longer believe in it or the contracts I signed committing myself as a youth,” she said in a statement issued by her publicist. “I want to be a role model for young women with high hopes of pageantry, but now feel it more important to be a role model for my children.”

Trump’s senior executive assistant, Rhona Graff-Ricci, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Prejean, the first runner-up in the Miss USA pageant, created a brouhaha when she responded to a question by celebrity judge Perez Hilton by saying, “I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there, but that’s how I was raised.”

After gay rights advocates took her to task, California pageant officials said Prejean asked for permission to elaborate on her answer and they agreed. But then, they said, she began speaking without their permission in front of crowds opposed to gay marriage, including her San Diego church and the National Organization for Marriage.

Keith Lewis, the state pageant’s co-executive director, said Prejean also began missing Miss California events she was contractually obligated to attend.

Trump on Tuesday said there had been miscommunication among Prejean, pageant organizers and the outside groups, but added that “the communication problem, I believe, is totally solved.”

Trump defended Prejean’s statements that marriage should be exclusive to men and women, saying her position was similar to President Barack Obama’s.

Photos of Prejean in her underwear, taken when she was 17, emerged after the Miss USA pageant.

Moakler said Monday that pageant officials were not as unhappy with what the photos of Prejean showed as they were with the fact she didn’t disclose their existence, as the contract she signed required.

Trump, however, while acknowledging the photos were “risque,” said he didn’t think they were bad enough to get her booted.

Lewis said Wednesday he was saddened by Moakler’s resignation but “would always respect the convictions that brought her to this place.”

Prejean spokeswoman Melany Ethridge said Prejean, who turned 22 on Wednesday, was traveling and hadn’t had a chance to speak with pageant officials since Moakler’s resignation.

Moakler, an actress and model, posed nude for Playboy magazine but not until several years after she was Miss USA. The December 2001 Playmate of the Month said in her Playboy bio that her turnoffs include, “People who lie, cheat and are dishonest.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.,2933,520142,00.html

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Sarah Palin Has Book Deal

Posted by Sarah Palin Web Brigade on May 13, 2009

Sarah Palin Has Book Deal

Updated: Tuesday, 12 May 2009, 6:48 PM CDT Published : Tuesday, 12 May 2009, 6:30 PM CDT

By HILLEL ITALIE, AP National Writer

Photo credit: sskennel | Creative Commons License

Photo credit: sskennel | Creative Commons License

NEW YORK – You knew it was coming: Sarah Palin is ready to tell her side, agreeing to publish a memoir with HarperCollins. The book comes out in Spring 2010 — the year she is up for re-election. “There’s been so much written about and spoken about in the mainstream media and in the anonymous blogosphere world, that this will be a wonderful, refreshing chance for me to get to tell my story, that a lot of people have asked about, unfiltered,” the Alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential candidate said during a brief telephone interview Tuesday with The Associated Press. Palin’s memoir, currently untitled, will cover her personal and political life, from her childhood in Alaska and last year’s campaign to her political beliefs and her family life, including the pregnancy of her teenage daughter, Bristol Palin, who gave birth in December to a baby boy, Tripp. (She and the baby’s father, Levi Johnston, have since ended their relationship.) “In fairness to my family, this is going be a good opportunity for them, too, because there have been so many misperceptions out there about who we are and what we believe in, and I’m excited to get to put my journalism degree to work and tell my story as it relates to my family,” said Palin, 45, who in 1987 graduated from the University of Idaho with a degree in journalism. Palin declined to name any specific misunderstandings and avoided detailed comments about her family, her political aspirations or about the divide in the Republican Party between moderates and conservatives, a divide her vice presidential run helped widen. A Palin book has been rumored virtually from the time the election ended. Although Republicans Sen. John McCain and Palin were easily beaten by Democrats Barack Obama and Joseph Biden, Palin emerged a favorite among conservatives, an object of tabloid gossip and — as the only candidate in the race who had never written a memoir — a natural for a publishing deal. The book will be co-released by the HarperCollins imprint Harper and, for the Christian market, by the HarperCollins-owned Zondervan, which publishes “The Purpose Driven Life” author Rick Warren, among others. A memoir (or two) have become a virtual requirement for White House seekers, especially after Obama’s “The Audacity of Hope” and “Dreams From My Father” established him as a stylist and storyteller with a vast following. Although Palin denied any presidential ambition during Tuesday’s interview, she did pick the most presidential of literary representatives, Washington attorney Robert Barnett, to handle negotiations. Barnett’s clients include Obama and former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. As he did when arranging a publisher for memoirs by Bush and Clinton, Barnett did not solicit competing bids, but chose to negotiate only with one publisher, HarperCollins, which Barnett praised for being “first and fervent in pursuing this project.” Financial terms were not disclosed, but Palin was widely expected to get a multimillion-dollar contract. Barnett and Harper publisher Jonathan Burnham both declined to offer details. Palin’s book will address, and complicate, the push-pull between home and public life. With the release date just one year away, the governor will have to work quickly. Barnett said that the governor has formed an outline in her mind, but has yet to start writing. Burnham said Palin did not submit any writing samples when she met with HarperCollins executives in Washington, earlier this year. She will work with a collaborator, to be determined. “She’s obviously going to be engaged in the whole process of the book,” said Burnham, adding that the role of the collaborator would depend on who was chosen. “Every word of the book will be her words,” Barnett said. Palin and Burnham said the memoir will emphasize Palin’s Alaskan upbringing, and the governor will talk about her “unpretentious” lifestyle. Burnham described the book as the story of an Alaskan encountering a national audience, “the soccer mom and the political operative, and how one became the other.” Palin has never written a book and her critics, noting her disjointed CBS interviews with Katie Couric, have questioned whether she could. Two years ago, Palin told PBS’ Charlie Rose that her favorite writers were C.S. Lewis (“very, very deep”) and a Runner’s World columnist, Dr. George Sheehan. Asked Tuesday about her reading, Palin mentioned that she “really enjoyed” Katharine Graham’s Pulitzer Prize-winning “Personal History” and cited works by Obama, McCain and Bill Clinton, whose “My Life” she read “just recently.” “Being a voracious reader, I read a lot today and have read a lot growing up. And having that journalism degree, all of that, will be a great assistance for me in writing this book, talking about the challenges and the joys, balancing the work and parenting, and, in my case, work means running the state,” Palin said. “I’ve read a variety of books, and that helps shape my opinions and my views.”

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Alaska’s gorgeous governor a vice president?

Posted by Sarah Palin Web Brigade on May 13, 2009

Alaska’s gorgeous governor a vice president?

Posted: August 15, 2007
1:00 am Eastern

By Les Kinsolving
© 2009

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's state website photograph

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's state website photograph

Washington’s “Weekly Standard” magazine’s two-page feature article on Gov. Sarah Palin has a photograph of her – that would stop traffic.

With a smile that could melt all the tundra of the Arctic Circle – as well as absolutely astounding political success and integrity – Gov. Palin ought really to be seriously considered by whomever wins the Republican Presidential nomination, as an absolutely glorious running mate.

Even though Alaska has very few electoral votes, Sarah Palin would be an absolutely devastating addition to the GOP ticket – particularly if the Democrats nominate Hillary.

There is infinitely more to Mrs. Palin than the radiant beauty which won her the Miss Wasilla beauty contest, from which she went on to compete in the Miss Alaska pageant.

Editor Fred Barnes of “The Weekly Standard” reported from Juneau that she is known to inevitable critics by the wonderfully stimulating nickname: “Sarah Barracuda” (!) (Politics in the Great North State are never dull.)

Barnes described her as “a politician of eye-popping integrity … now the most popular governor in America with an approval rating in the 90s, and probably the most popular public official in any state.”

(And, let me add, just wonderfully equipped to counter if the Democrats presidentially nominate another – if older – pretty lady.)

Barnes also reports:

“Her rise is a great (and rare) story of how adherence to principle – especially to transparency and accountability in government can produce political success.”

“Palin is a conservative who, only last month, vetoed 13 percent of the state’s proposed budget for capital projects which the ‘Anchorage Daily News’ said: ‘may be the biggest single-year line-item veto total in state history.'”

In the cause of justice, she has been unafraid to take on what she believed were unethical practices by Republicans – like Randy Ruedrich, Alaska Oil and Gas Commissioner, who was also GOP state chairman. He eventually paid a $12,000 fine for breaking state ethics laws. “She became a hero in the eyes of the public and the press – and the bane of Republican leaders.”

In 2005, she joined Democrat Eric Croft in lodging an ethics complaint against state Attorney General Gregg Renkes – a long-time adviser and campaign manager for Gov. Frank Murkowski – who reprimanded Renkes – who resigned. “Palin was again hailed as a hero.”

In 2006, she ran against Murkowski, who was seeking re-election – and won, decisively in an overwhelmingly Democrat year …. “Political analysts in Alaska refer to the bodycount of Palin’s rivals.”

One of her first acts as governor was to fire the Alaska Board of Agriculture – whose replacements stopped the state Creamery Board – which marketed the products of Alaska dairy farmers for 71 years and wanted to close down. “You don’t just close down and walk away,” commented Gov. Barracuda.
I suggest this gorgeous and thoroughly gutsy governor would be a great Veep nominee. She has a husband named Todd. He was her high school sweetheart, who works for BP on the North Slope. He is rugged enough to be a 3-time winner of the 2,000-mile Iron Dog snowmobile race from Wasilla to Nome, to Fairbanks.

She grew up attending nondenominational Bible churches and told editor Barnes:

“I believe everything happens for a purpose. In my own personal life, if I dedicated back to my Creator what I’m trying to create for the good, everything will turn out fine.”

In my having covered eight of the last nine Republican National Conventions, I can remember how usually last-minute – and so-far-from-the-top – has been the selection of a nominee for Vice President ( a number of whom, like Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt, went on to very distinguished presidencies).

2008, in Minneapolis, could be vice-presidentially electrifying – if they choose Alaska’s gorgeous and gutsy governor.

Sadly, however, I am obliged to report – and it is on the record – that at the White House daily news briefing July 16th, Presidential Press Secretary Tony Snow gave Gov. Palin what I recall – in both tone of voice as well as brevity – was distinctly short shrift.

I asked Tony Snow:

Q: Washington’s ‘Weekly Standard’ reports from Juneau, Alaska, that the new Republican Governor, Sarah Palin, has an approval rating of 90 percent in the polls; that’s 9-0. What is the president’s reaction to this and her future?

MR. SNOW (very quickly) “He’s happy for her.”

That’s it. Nothing more.

Which seems to me to be very sad.

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Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the GOP’s Newest Star

Posted by Sarah Palin Web Brigade on May 11, 2009

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the GOP’s Newest Star

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

By Fred Barnes

 the weekly Standard

JUNEAU, Alaska — The wipeout in the 2006 election left Republicans in such a state of dejection that they’ve overlooked the one shining victory in which a Republican star was born.

The triumph came in Alaska where Sarah Palin, a politician of eye-popping integrity, was elected governor. She is now the most popular governor in America, with an approval rating in the 90s, and probably the most popular public official in any state.

Her rise is a great (and rare) story of how adherence to principle–especially to transparency and accountability in government–can produce political success. And by the way, Palin is a conservative who only last month vetoed 13 percent of the state’s proposed budget for capital projects. The cuts, the Anchorage Daily News said, “may be the biggest single-year line-item veto total in state history.”

As recently as last year, Palin (pronounced pale-in) was a political outcast. She resigned in January 2004 as head of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission after complaining to the office of Governor Frank Murkowski and to state Attorney General Gregg Renkes about ethical violations by another commissioner, Randy Ruedrich, who was also Republican state chairman State law barred Palin from speaking out publicly about ethical violations and corruption. But she was vindicated later in 2004 when Ruedrich, who’d been reconfirmed as state chairman, agreed to pay a $12,000 fine for breaking state ethics laws. She became a hero in the eyes of the public and the press, and the bane of Republican leaders.

In 2005, she continued to take on the Republican establishment by joining Eric Croft, a Democrat, in lodging an ethics complaint against Renkes, who was not only attorney general but also a long-time adviser and campaign manager for Murkowski. The governor reprimanded Renkes and said the case was closed. It wasn’t. Renkes resigned a few weeks later, and Palin was again hailed as a hero.

Palin, 43, the mother of four, passed up a chance to challenge Republican senator Lisa Murkowski, the then-governor’s daughter, in 2004. She endorsed another candidate in the primary, but Murkowski won and was reelected. Palin said then that her 14-year-old son talked her out of running, though it’s doubtful that was the sole reason.

In 2006, she didn’t hesitate. She ran against Gov. Murkowski, who was seeking a second term despite sagging poll ratings, in the Republican primary. In a three-way race, Palin captured 51 percent and won in a landslide. She defeated former Democratic governor Tony Knowles in the general election, 49 percent to 41 percent. She was one of the few Republicans anywhere in the country to perform above expectations in 2006, an overwhelmingly Democratic year.

 Palin is unabashedly pro life. With her emphasis on ethics and openness in government, “it turned out Palin caught the temper of the times perfectly,” wrote Tom Kizzia of the Anchorage Daily News. She was also lucky. News broke of an FBI investigation of corruption by legislators between the primary and general elections. So far, three legislators have been indicted.

In the roughly three years since she quit as the state’s chief regulator of the oil industry, Palin has crushed the Republican hierarchy (virtually all male) and nearly every other foe or critic. Political analysts in Alaska refer to the “body count” of Palin’s rivals. “The landscape is littered with the bodies of those who crossed Sarah,” says pollster Dave Dittman, who worked for her gubernatorial campaign. It includes Ruedrich, Renkes, Murkowski, gubernatorial contenders John Binkley and Andrew Halcro, the three big oil companies in Alaska, and a section of the Daily News called “Voice of the Times,” which was highly critical of Palin and is now defunct.

One of her first acts as governor was to fire the Alaska Board of Agriculture. Her ultimate target was the state Creamery Board, which has been marketing the products of Alaska dairy farmers for 71 years and wanted to close down after receiving $600,000 from the state. “You don’t just close your doors and walk away,” Palin told me. She discovered she lacked the power to fire the Creamery Board. Only the board of agriculture had that authority. So Palin replaced the agriculture board, which appointed a new creamery board, which has rescinded the plan to shut down.

In preserving support for dairy farmers, Palin exhibited a kind of Alaskan chauvinism. She came to the state as an infant, making her practically a native. And she is eager to keep Alaska free from domination by oil companies or from reliance on cruise lines whose ships bring thousands of tourists to the state. “She’s as Alaskan as you can get,” says Dan Fagan, an Anchorage radio talk show host. “She’s a hockey mom, she lives on a lake, she ice fishes, she snowmobiles, she hunts, she’s an NRA member, she has a float plane, and her husband works for BP on the North Slope,” Fagan says.

Todd Palin, her high school sweetheart, is a three-time winner of the 2,000-mile Iron Dog snowmobile race from Wasilla to Nome to Fairbanks. It’s the world’s longest snowmobile race.

Gov. Palin grew up in Wasilla, where as star of her high school basketball team she got the nickname “Sarah Barracuda” for her fierce competitiveness. She led her underdog team to the state basketball championship. Palin also won the Miss Wasilla beauty contest, in which she was named Miss Congeniality, and went on to compete in the Miss Alaska pageant.

At 32, she was elected mayor of Wasilla, a burgeoning bedroom community outside Anchorage. Though Alaskans tend to be ferociously anti-tax, she persuaded Wasilla voters to increase the local sales tax to pay for an indoor arena and convention center. The tax referendum won by 20 votes.

In 2002, Palin entered statewide politics, running for lieutenant governor. She finished a strong second in the Republican primary. That fall, she dutifully campaigned for Murkowski, who’d given up his Senate seat to run for governor. Afterwards, she turned down several job offers from Murkowski, finally accepting the oil and gas post. When she quit 11 months later, “that was her defining moment” in politics, says Fagan.

Her campaign for governor was bumpy. She missed enough campaign appearances to be tagged “No Show Sarah” by her opponents. She was criticized for being vague on issues. But she sold voters on the one product that mattered: herself.

Her Christian faith–Palin grew up attending nondenominational Bible churches–was a minor issue in the race. She told me her faith affects her politics this way: “I believe everything happens for a purpose. In my own personal life, if I dedicated back to my Creator what I’m trying to create for the good . . . everything will turn out fine.” That same concept applies to her political career, she suggested.

The biggest issue in the campaign was the proposed natural gas pipeline from the North Slope that’s crucial to the state’s economy. Murkowski had made a deal with the three big oil companies–Exxon, BP, ConocoPhillips–which own the gas reserves to build the pipeline. But the legislature turned it down and Palin promised to create competition for the pipeline contract.

She made three other promises: to end corruption in state government, cut spending, and provide accountability. She’s now redeeming those promises.

Palin describes herself as “pro-business and pro-development.” She doesn’t want the oil companies to sit on their energy reserves or environmental groups to block development of the state’s resources. “I get frustrated with folks from outside Alaska who come up and say you shouldn’t develop your resources,” she says. Alaska needs to be self-sufficient, she says, instead of relying heavily on “federal dollars,” as the state does today.

Her first major achievement as governor was lopsided passage by the legislature of the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act, which is designed to attract pipeline proposals this summer. The state is offering $500 million in incentives, but the developer must meet strict requirements. The oil companies have said they won’t join the competition.

Palin’s tough spending cuts drew criticism from Republican legislators whose pet projects were vetoed. But her popularity doesn’t appear threatened. “It’s not just that she’s pretty and young,” says Dittman. “She’s really smart. And there’s no guile. She says her favorite meal is moose stew or mooseburgers. It wouldn’t shock people if that were true.”

Fred Barnes is executive editor of THE WEEKLY STANDARD.

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The 2009 TIME 100 Most Influential People: Sarah Palin

Posted by Sarah Palin Web Brigade on May 8, 2009

The 2009 TIME 100

Sarah Palin

By Ann Coulter


Richard Fleischman for TIME

 Sarah Palin was arguably the most influential person in 2008, but no one notices because she wasn’t influential enough to overcome the deficits of her running mate and win the election.

Until Palin, 45, burst onto the scene, Obama was headed for a Nixon/McGovern landslide. Palin may not have changed the election result, but she killed what otherwise would have been a rout. 

John McCain was so preposterous a candidate (at least on a Republican ticket) that Palin was responsible for far more votes than the usual vice-presidential candidate. The biggest red flag proving her popularity with normal Americans is that liberals won’t shut up about her. Palin is a threat to liberals because she believes in God and country and family — all values liberals pretend to believe in but secretly detest. There’s a reason there’s no “Stop Olympia Snowe before it’s too late!” movement. 

The American voter can be hornswoggled occasionally, but we can generally spot a real American, and that’s what Sarah Palin is. She really was a housewife who went into politics because she didn’t like the way her taxes were being spent. She really did take on the old-boy network — the oil companies and her own party — and won. And yes, she really did walk the walk on abortion when she found out she was carrying a Down-syndrome baby. 

The combination of Palin’s attractiveness as a candidate and her ability to expose liberals made her a celebrity among Republicans. The only thing I have against her is that she threatens to surpass me in attracting the left’s hatred.  

Coulter is the author of Guilty: Liberal “Victims” and Their Assault on America 

See why Sarah Palin made the TIME 100 list,28804,1894410_1894289_1894287,00.html

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