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Archive for April, 2009

Why I support Palin (and no, it’s not just to get on Michael’s nerves)

Posted by Sarah Palin Web Brigade on April 7, 2009

Why I support Palin (and no, it’s not just to get on Michael’s nerves)


sarah palin

Well, well. I thought I’d done it – force the founding father of the ‘Moderates for Mitt’ movement to acknowledge that when it comes to star power, there really is no competition in the GOP: it’s Palin all the way. (By way of background: Michael and I had a little blog fight over at my new site about this very same issue the day before). Common sense prevailed – or so I thought. Because now I read that like his political idol, Michael knows a thing or two about flip-flopping.  ”It was all a joke, I still love Mitt!” he declared in the comment section of a Conservatives4Palin piece about his previous post. Oh that’s ok then Michael. I mean, you only p$$$ed off my favorite website in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!

Now I’m a compassionate man, slow to anger. So I’ll explain one more time, Michael, why me, you, and anybody with half a brain cell should prefer Palin over any other candidate out there, let alone that Treasury Secretary in waiting of yours. Stay with me, cause this is where I make the sudden, subtle switch from mild irony to high seriousness.

1. Palin’s brave. And not just a little brave, but bigtime brave. It takes a special kind of guts to take on a corrupt system, even more so when the corruption you’re fighting involves your own party (on whose patronage you’d depend if you wanted to ‘make it’ in state politics). Normally, this would have been a career-ending move, but she went through with it anyway. Most politicians just go with the flow, Palin showed she’s unafraid to swim against the tide.

2. She’s shown to have a real practical streak in her governing style. I’ve seen government on the inside, and its tough. ‘Swimming in syrup’, is what one of my former bosses used to call it. It already takes a half decent talent to get anything done in those sort of circumstances. But she didn’t do just any old thing. She actually managed to crack one of Alaska’s intractable issues, which had been stuck in the permafrosted mud for over 25 years. She did it by meeting with every single member of congress and dealing with their worries and objections on an individual basis. As I said, I’ve seen enough of government to know how difficult it is to get any movement on these ‘intractable’ issues, let alone to actually solve one. The fact that she did manage to do just that, seriously impresses me. The way she did it also shows me she’s a profoundly pragmatic administrator.

3. She’s a gifted communicator. After eight years of George w. Bush (and six long months of John McCain), I long for a leader of my cause (i.e. conservatism) who is able to inspire with her words. Palin’s acceptance speech was dynamite, with cream on top. Her performances on the road showed that that first speech was no fluke. This woman really knows how to rock the house. I thought her debate performance against Biden was great, I also think her retail skills set her apart from almost any other politician out there. She seems as comfortable in front of a group of girl scouts as she was in front of an audience of millions. As a political professional, I’m deeply envious of that sort of exceptional talent.

Michael, take it from an old pro (well, old compared to you, that is): Sarah Palin is the real deal. Here endeth the lesson.


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Sarah Palin — What People are Saying

Posted by Sarah Palin Web Brigade on April 6, 2009


Sarah Palin — What People are Saying

Thursday, April 2, 2009
Why Mommy Is A Republican

Why Mommy is a Republican is currently conducting an online opinion poll about Sarah Palin. The poll will close when 2000 have voted or on April 16, whichever comes first. Vote Here.

Below are some comments left by recent participants in our poll.

The Thing I Like Best About Sarah Palin Is……….

….her honesty
….her call to put government back on the side of the people……conservatism.
….she is real and understands the nations woes.
….toughness,honesty and integrity
….she will stand up and fight for what she believes
….Her direct manner
….her integrity
….her ability to communicate and be real.
….her strong position on energy independence
….she lived her conservative convictions
….her honest human approach
….her candid nature.
….pro-life feminism and fiscal responsibility
….integrity, character, morality, intelligence, she is an American and proud of her country
….she’s real!
….no nonsense approach to getting things done
….Not part of the Washington scum.
….tenacity and courage
….Her personal integrity and her deep convictions
….honesty, steadfastness,braveness

The Thing that Really Bothers Me About Sarah Palin is……..
(Note: Many respondents wrote simply the word “nothing”.)

….I think she was a little to trusting, Now she’s not!!
….her critics who are liars
….Her loyalty towards McCain
….Nothing bothers me about her. Sarah’s the BEST!
….how mean the media is to her
….no complaints
….Could use more experience
….there aren’t more of her
….the inner circle who surrounds her
….She doesn’t have the right handlers
….Needs to be more spontaneous
….she has to take the excrement of the opponents
….She is not my governor.
….needs good people around her

What do you really think about Governor Sarah Palin in regard to her political aspirations?

I think she has a bright future with a large base of support who would organize for her.

She is our best choice for president because she is most fully committed to restoring the form of government which is best for the people — a Republic — which is what our founders gave us to begin with.

I really like her. She represents me as a woman and mother very well. I do think she needs to be more educated on global issues and maybe be a little more well spoken. I think she was too passive with the media and allowing them to crucify her during the election. I just hope that she doesn’t overuse the media the next four years so people get sick of seeing her. I think Hillary Clinton did that. It makes everyone think the only goal is of being President, and not of really performing the job well.

I like her because her family and moral values and most of all her beliefs on prolife

I think she would be a much better president than our current one–I don’t think she would be spending us into oblivion and her moral values could not hurt us in any way

I hope she continues to serve her country and stand up for conservative (true conservative) values

She went in as Governor of Alaska and straightened out a big mess. It will take someone like that to go into Washington and straighten out the Obama/ Pelosi mess.

I truly believe that Sarah Palin should run for president in 2012. Give Clinton a run for her money!!

I think her focus now is serving Alaska as governor by finishing out this term and running (and winning) for a second term. I think she will consider running for President in 2012 or possibly wait until 2016. I think she is a very charismatic, personable, intelligent, future-focused, and optimistic public servant. Although she is not perfect, I think her fiscal conservatism and optimism is what the country will need after the out-of-control spending and disappointing rhetoric of the current administration.

I really admire and respect her

I think Sarah palin is extremely a promising young conservative; however, I am concerned that she may not be getting the best advice and support.

She needs time. 2012 would be great but I think she needs to grow and leave a legacy of an incredible 8 years.

I think she could become president

She has limited herself, but she still has a good number of fans who want to see her do something politically. Only time will tell.

I think that Gov. Sarah Palin would be a wonderful President in 2012.

I think she is more qualified than Obama! She has MORE experience than he does! It would really be a toss-up between Huckabee and her for my vote! I think her number one priority is doing a good job…no matter what the task!


I think she has been abused severely by the Democrat Liberals and by her own party that fears it won’t be able to control her!

She should remain a strong conservative Republican leader.

Sarah is a great person with good values and strong faith. She understands what our country needs and has the ability to make people listen, even if they try not to. John McCain is a fine man, but he was the reason they lost so badly, not Sarah. If she had been tied to Romney, he would have won.

Great Candidate

Not sure, but I hope and pray she runs for POTUS.

I would like to see her become president. I don’t understand the personal attacks on her. Am I missing something?

She took a lot of flack this time, but I think she’ll be ready next time.

Go for President…she’s got to! She’s the only hope I have for our country.

I think she is letting the grassroots pave the way for her presidential campaign, which is a smart move. People all over America love her and are ready to fight for her.

She’s a breath of fresh air and exactly what this country needs.

Whatever Governor Palin does she will do well and it will be her decision.

I think she has a servant’s heart.

I think she should get some good advisers, that will be looking out for her best interest. Listern to what they tell her. But, in the end she has to make the best decision for her and family. I think she has what it takes to be president!!

She is presenting clean, clear, balanced thinking in an America that is very confused about it’s foundation as a sovereign nation

I think she governs with her heart and she put government back on the side of the people!

Needs to run in ’12. She is who America needs.

I think she wants to run for president. I will volunteer for her, donate to her campaign, and my entire family will vote for her!

She should run for prez in 2012

She would make a great President.

If the opportunity presents itself for her to join a national ticket again, I think she’d do it. If she had the right partner to stand with her on principles and clean things up in WA…support her all the way. Otherwise, I see her in an advocacy role for special needs population.

I trust her instincts and her God given wisdom. I agree with her perspective on the roll of government.

If Sarah runs the campaign on her own convictions, she will win.

I don’t know what her aspirations are. I like her and would vote for her as I agree with her conservatism and love of America.

I think right now she is focused on governing Alaska. Alaska will come first as long as she Governor.

I think she can be a force of reform for years to come.

We need her as president for the sake of the country

I would love to see her hold any office.

Honestly, I think she should train the rest of them to have integrity and honesty. She is truly a breath of fresh air!

She has so much potential and she could really shine if the media would let her.

She is intelligent, deeply committed to the American people and her family. She is a real Christian and leads by example. She should continue in politics. I hope to see her in the Oval Office very soon.

She should let the public know what her aspirations are. She would be a great president and she could lead the nation to prosperity with the goal of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. She would get the government out our lives.

I think she might just see how totally corrupt it ALL has become and just decide to be a mom and tell everyone to JUMP UP A PIG’S *(&^, AND EAT A HAM SANDWICH!

She’s a winner, and she can make this country a winner.

We need a refreshing change in Washington. She has a great fiscal philosophy, i.e. tax cuts and small business is the backbone of our American economy. Sarah is not afraid to tell you where she stands. I think people are starving for this kind of honesty and competence in politics. She should definitely run and not let the Katie Courics and Charlie Gibsons dissuade her from running.

I really hope that she does run for pres. we need a fiscal conservative in office

I appreciate her conservative principles and governance. I believe that she is principled, and that she governs by those principles. While she has had to make decisions that neither she or I would be happy with (Alaska Supreme Court pick), I appreciate that she governed in accordance to the state constitution. I think she would make a wonderful President, but I do believe that she should run for re-election as Governor just so she could have another year or two experience as Governor. I understand the political landscape in Alaska may not allow that however.

If she wants to be reelected are what ever she wants i feel she can and will go after it

I support a Palin-Bachmann 2012 ticket. Governor Sarah Palin for President, and Rep. Michelle Bachmann R. MN for Vice President. I also support them being elected, not just nominated by the GOP.

If you haven’t already participated in our poll, do so now. Please send the link to friends, too.

See Also:
Sarah Palin — What People Are Saying, Part II
Sarah Palin — What People Are Saying, Part III


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Governor Sarah Palin and the CPAC Straw Poll

Posted by Sarah Palin Web Brigade on April 6, 2009

Governor Sarah Palin and the CPAC Straw Poll

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why Mommy Is A Republican

Governor Sarah Palin’s supporters and critics alike have been trying to make sense of why it is that she is avoiding the limelight at the national level and is instead concentrating on the needs of Alaskans. Among the criticisms, the most repeated of all has been her decision to forego an appearance at CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, which is the largest annual event held by conservatives in America.

I admit that I was a bit disappointed initially when Palin backed out of CPAC because as a conservative who wants to see her run successfully for President in 2012, it seemed obvious that a pow wow with conservatives would be the right thing to do politically. In hindsight, though, considering the kind of coverage CPAC received in the mainstream media, considering the makeup of the voters in CPAC‘s straw poll, and considering what Governor Palin did in the meantime, I must ask readers, what could she really have gained from an appearance there? More favor with conservatives nationwide? Not likely. Most of those polled were of college age (18-25, by a majority) and most were males. Male students aren’t traditionally thought of as the backbone of the conservative movement. Their strong numbers make a Mitt Romney win seem much more understandable to most people who are familiar with political demographics, yet background information on the straw poll wasn’t reported widely. Only the results were offered in most places reporting on the poll.

Let’s look at some of the numbers provided by CPAC for a glimpse at the demographics. CPAC reports that 1,757 votes were cast in the straw poll, all of them by people who officially registered. Voters from 48 states and D.C. were represented in this straw poll.

More than half of voters in the CPAC straw poll were registered as students. (Click image for larger version.)

Almost half of the straw poll voters indicated dissatisfaction with the field of candidates. Now, I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time believing that so many conservatives nationwide would answer that way. The list of candidates included the following (by order of votes received): Romney (20%), Jindal (14%), Palin (13%), Paul (13%), Gingrich (10%), Huckabee (7%), Sanford (4%), Guiliani (3%), Pawlenty (2%), Crist (1%). (Click image for larger version.)

Now, here is where the scales might just fall from your eyes. Most of those voting placed far higher priority on fiscal issues than social issues. Check it out. (Click image for larger version.)

and……the second exhibit on this point is this image below. (Click image for larger version.)

Aha! Folks, these people obviously don’t remember the famous words of Mother Teresa.

“What is taking place in America is a war against the child. And if we accept that the mother can kill her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another.”

If we can accept abortion, we can accept anything, my friends. If abortion is okay, so is war for oil. If abortion is okay, so is socialism. If abortion is okay, anything goes, my friend. Anything. Once you put human life on a lower rung than other issues, you have lost not only the battle, but the whole struggle to make the world a decent place for people to dwell in.

Mind you, Mitt Romney has expressed that he is firmly pro-life…….and I believe him. I do. I truly *like* Mitt Romney and trust that he is solidly pro-life. He is not, however, the great champion and powerful witness that Governor Sarah Palin

Am I saying it is “evil” not to put your support behind Sarah Palin? Of course not. I have an opinion of her that is based on my level of trust in her. Do I TRUST her to be the best promoter of the Culture of Life? Of course. Personally, I believe her trustworthiness on this issue is obvious to all and it’s the main reason liberals hate her. She is the “impossible woman” — mother, wife, servant of the public………and even very easy on the eyes. Whether or not she is worthy of YOUR trust, my fellow conservatives, is your decision to make according to your own heart. There are, of course, other great pro-life candidates including Bobby Jindal and Mike Huckabee. I would vote for either of them in a heartbeat………..but for conservatives who value life as the inalienable right that it is, without which no other rights can exist, Governor Sarah Palin


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Sarah Palin immortalized as comic book character

Posted by Sarah Palin Web Brigade on April 6, 2009


Published Sunday, March 8, 2009

FAIRBANKS — Lipstick or not, the Female Force is strong.

A new comic book series from Washington-state-based Bluewater Comics tells the real-life story, in comic book form, of forceful females in today’s political spotlight — including Gov. Sarah Palin. While Palin was not the first woman featured in the four-part series, she may be the most important, at least in Alaska.

“I really like your governor. I hope she likes (the February 2009 issue of Female Force),” said Bluewater Comics editor and Female Force co-creator Darren G. Davis.

The series is a sort of biographical look at four major female political figures — Hillary Clinton, Caroline Kennedy, Michelle Obama and Palin — told in a tongue-in-cheek manner. For example, Palin’s issue, released last month, involves a four-armed Jiminy Cricket-type character leading a cartoon Davis through the process of researching Palin’s life. The Cricket character appears on Davis’ shoulder after he fears that writing about Palin will be a problem: “I’m a part of the elite liberal media! I couldn’t possibly write a fair biography of Sarah Palin!” he exclaims on the opening page.

The idea for a comic series focused on powerful women in politics began when Davis, who admittedly hadn’t followed any political campaigns before the 2008 presidential battle, became annoyed with what he called attacks on Palin and Clinton.

“These people would say these outrageous things, pounce on these women, without any real knowledge or doing any research at all,” he said. “I was really frustrated at how they were being portrayed.”

Clinton became the first star, chosen shortly after she lost her bid for the Democratic presidential nominee. Davis said he and his colleagues wanted to “give her the attention she deserved.” His stated goal was to provide in-depth, accurate, unbiased information in a new, entertaining form.

“We wanted to tell these stories for a different demographic, and give people knowledge from a different medium,” he said.

Striving for objectivity, Davis said he believed his mission was accomplished, relating a story from the Clinton book.

“I chose an artist to work on that issue who really didn’t like Clinton. By the end of it, he said he still wouldn’t vote for her, but he gained respect for her. I think that is important,” he said. “We want the to be something these women will be proud of.”

Palin’s profile begins with her birth in 1964 and extends through the birth of her new grandson, Tripp, and the arrest of her potentially future in-law, Levi Johnston’s mother.

Included in the story are quotes from many memorable moments from Palin’s time on the campaign trails, such as her accusation that Barack Obama was “palling around with terrorists,” her flop of an interview with Katie Couric, and her somewhat popular vice-presidential debate, in which she promised to “talk straight to the American people and let them know my track record also.”

Davis noted the Bluewater team’s luck that the stars of the books are still in the media spotlight months after the end of the presidential election.

“A lot of people said Palin would be long gone from the media spotlight at this point, but she’s still a governor and she’s still been in the news almost daily. And Clinton is now our Secretary of State. We’ve been pretty lucky,” he said. “We chose Caroline Kennedy before the whole Senate seat fiasco, but it was in our favor that she was in the news again. Even if these figures aren’t in the spotlight 24 hours a day, they are still relevant figures.”

The series, which was released in January with Clinton’s issue — Palin’s issue was released mid-February — has already seen promising success. The Palin issue sold out of its first printing and is in a second printing now. Local comic venue The Comic Shop ordered 200 copies, which are set to arrive in the coming weeks as part of the second printing.

“So far so great,” Davis said of the series, noting a trade paperback of all four issues is set for a September release.

The Female Force series will continue, featuring women in powerful positions in other arenas, such as television, literature and more. Davis dubbed J.K. Rowling, Rosie O’Donnell, Margaret Thatcher and Oprah Winfrey as potential future Female Force stars.

Asked about the challenge of portraying these “strong independent women” in a comic book without presenting them as caricatures, Davis said he and his team tried not to “go too cartoony.”

“We didn’t want to insult these women at all. We want these people to shine out of these things,” he said.

A male version, expected to be dubbed Political Power, also is in the works, featuring former Secretary of State Colin Powell as its first star.

Davis, who has been in the comic book industry for about 10 years, said this is the first time his work has “jumped into the real world.” His topics generally deal with “superhero type stuff,” he said, but the recent delve into politics has turned his life into a somewhat less realistic version.

“It has been very surreal. To see the play this has gotten, to see myself in Sun Magazine and on CNN and Fox News, it is just surreal,” he said. “I think the time was right for something like this.”

More information on Bluewater Comics is available at

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