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Palin: Bolling’s Offer Must Suffice for Now

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on March 11, 2013


Sarah Palin used her Facebook page to draw attention to the closing of the White House tours.

Bake sales, anyone? I make a mean Baked Alaska, but afraid Nanny State would shut ‘er down. Bolling’s offer must suffice for now.

Palin then shared this story:

Fox News anchor offers to personally pay to keep White House tours open

As critics pounce on the White House for closing their doors to tourists because of the automatic spending cuts that went into effect this month, a Fox News anchor is offering his own solution that will certainly create some buzz.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, anchor Eric Bolling announced that he will offer to personally pay the costs to keep the tours at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue open for a week.  More

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Palin: “The Tea Party is Alive & Well”

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on August 1, 2012

Earlier this afternoon Governor Sarah Palin appeared on FOX News channel’s “Your World” with guest host Eric Bolling.  Palin addressed a number of topics including the Ted Cruz victory in Texas thanks to the Tea Party and the upcoming Republican National Convention in Tampa at the end of the month.

h/t SarahNetToo

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Palin: Call In to “The Five” 4/17/12

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on April 18, 2012

As a follow up to Friday night’s “Pain at the Pump” special with Eric Bolling, Governor Sarah Palin called into “The Five” to discuss President Obama’s recent move to crack down on oil speculation.

H/T SarahNetToo

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Pain at the Pump

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on April 13, 2012

Posted to Sarah Palin’s Facebook page earlier today:

Here’s an interview I did with Breitbart News about our energy policies. Eric Bolling and I are hosting a special called “Paying at the Pump” at 10pm ET tonight on Fox News.


In an exclusive interview to Breitbart News, Sarah Palin discussed energy policy and her Fox News Special (with Eric Bolling) “Paying at the Pump,” which airs tonight on FNC at 10pm ET. The program will re-air on Saturday and Sunday.  She also touched on some other topics of the day…      More


Eric Bolling posted the following to his FOX News blog regarding tonight’s special “Paying at the Pump”:

In a special called ‘Paying at the Pump,’ Governor Sarah Palin and I are extremely concerned about the gasoline crisis in America. It’s an energy crisis that threatens our fragile economy at a time most Americans cannot afford it. The gas price spike affects every single American in ways you would never think of. That’s why we decided to offer the Obama administration our help. Combined, Governor Palin and I have five decades of experience in energy, and we will offer the administration some actionable steps they might take to save Americans hundreds of billions of dollars. But, will they listen? Will they act or let the American people suffer more pain at the pump? Don’t forget to tune in Friday at 10p ET.

There’s a series of 9 photos from the filming of the special here. You won’t want to miss them.


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Palin: “Follow The Money” Tonight – Game Changing Statement

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on February 15, 2012

Sarah Palin will be appearing with Eric Bolling tonight at 10:00 p.m. Eastern on “Follow The Money”, the FOX Business Network.

Earlier today, Eric Bolling posted the following to his Facebook page:

“ALERT! Palin breaking big news… the 15 minutes with Gov Sarah that may change everything.. stay tuned 10p FBN”

This statement has created quite a buzz on Mr. Bolling’s Facebook page.  A portion of Governor Palin’s segment (recorded earlier today) has been posted via transcript and it seems that the excitement surrounds a comment made when discussing a brokered GOP convention. She is quoted as follows:

“I mean nobody is quite there yet. So I think that months from now, if that’s the case, then, you know, all bets are off as to who it will be willing to offer themselves up in the name of service to their country. I would — I would do whatever I could to help”

You can read more here on the Time website.   

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Palin: Appearing on “Follow The Money” Tonight

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on January 10, 2012

Earlier today Eric Bolling posted to his Facebook page that Governor Sarah Palin will appear on “Follow The Money” tonight. Tune into the FOX Business Network starting at 10:00 p.m. Eastern.

Mr. Bolling’s post:

ALERT! Gov Sarah Palin weighs in on NH results AS THEY HAPPEN! tonight FollowTheMoney 10pet-> until the Fat Lady sings!

H/T Texans for Sarah Palin

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