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    • The Duck Commander crew in Alaska! September 4, 2014
      Click here to see the video! Great to have the Duck Commander crew in Alaska! The Robertson family joined us this past weekend to honor wounded warriors flown up for a healing retreat at Franklin Graham's camp in the wilderness; and we chowed down together on scrumptious moose BBQ in our back yard. It was a spectacular day with down-home friends and fam […]
    • Iowa, Vote Joni Ernst for U.S. Senate! June 3, 2014
      Hello, Iowa! It's time to get out the vote for conservative Joni Ernst for U.S. Senate tomorrow, June 3rd. Joni's a mom, a constitutional conservative, a farmer, and a military vet – and America is fortunate she's willing to serve! Joni will make Washington's big spenders squeal. Let's send Joni Ernst roaring on her Harley all the wa […]
    • Mississippi, Vote Chris McDaniel for U.S. Senate! June 3, 2014
      The good citizens of Mississippi have a clear choice tomorrow. If you realize the status quo has got to go and you're ready to send reinforcements for the good guys in the U.S. Senate—the independent constitutionalists who can spark our economy and make sound national security decisions—then please vote for Chris McDaniel tomorrow, June 3rd! His opponen […]
    • New Jersey, Vote Steve Lonegan for U.S. Congress! June 2, 2014
      New Jersey: thank you for raising Steve Lonegan because he is the fighter America needs today! Steve Lonegan has proven commonsense conservative results as a mayor and successful businessman in your great state. Steve has overcome hardship and created needed jobs with the small business he built with his own hands. He lives a life that teaches first hand the […]
    • NEW VIDEO - Roaring To November! May 14, 2014
      In 2013, Governor Sarah Palin said that she was "Loaded for Bear." She said she was ready to get behind good, common sense, grassroots, conservative candidates from outside the political status quo in 2014, because "the last thing we need is to have Washington D.C. vetting our candidates." November is just around the corner and Governor P […]
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National Tea Party Convention

Anti-Palin Faux Controversy of the Day: The Black Bracelet

The complete Sarah Palin Tea Party speech video

Did Palin Scribble Notes on Her Palm?

Fox reports Feinstein used Palin palm notes, generation impact–a-generational-difference

Fox to air Palin’s Tea Party address

Gibbs’ Charm Falling Flat With Press Corps,2933,585481,00.html

Glenn Reynolds: Nashville Shows Tea Party Is America’s Third Great Awakening–83762647.html

Hell Hath No More Childish Fury Than Andrea Mitchell and Robert Gibbs Scorned

‘How’s That Hopey, Changey Stuff?’ Palin Asks

It’s Her Party: The Brilliance of Sarah Palin ( – Mixed),8599,1963564,00.html?xid=rss-fullnation-yahoo

Latest Attempt to Smear Palin Fails Miserably (Update: Huffington Post Effectively Retracts)

McCain knocks Obama in defense of Palin’s crib notes

Michele Bachmann pulls out of Tea Party Convention; Sarah Palin stays in


National Tea Party Convention Website

Obama’s staff needs to grow up

Palin: Administration has Pre-9/11 Mindset On Terrorism; ‘That Scares Me’ (w/vid)


Palin Delivers Sparkle, Warmth (HuffPo!)

Palin engaged in ‘kid stories’ before speech

Palin-Farah ticket at 1st national tea-party convention

Palin Goes After Obama at Tea Party Convention (FOX News)

Palin live

Reports Of Sarah Palin’s Bracelet ‘Blunder’ At Tea Party Convention Incorrect

Sarah Palin to Tea Party Convention: ‘This is about the people’

Sarah Palin condemns Obama at first Tea Party convention (BBC)

Sarah Palin delivers the goods in Tea Party speech

Sarah Palin Keynote Speech at the National Tea Party Convention (5 videos)

Sarah Palin watch: She looks trim, fit — and brimming with energy and plans

Sarah Palin Wows Tea Party Convention in Nashville, TN … “Freedom is a God given right” (w/videos)

She’s baaack! Sarah Palin launches her next political journey at a Tennessee Tea Party (with Andrew Malcolm’s special sense of humor)

‘Tea Party’ Activists Eagerly Await Palin’s Words

Tea Party Convention Diaries: Palin Already Drawing Crowds

Tea Party Convention’s Keynote and Other Events Will Be Televised (NYT)

Tea Party limits Palin event coverage

Viewers will see Palin, other convention speakers (at Tea Party Convention in Nashville)

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