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Governor Palin alarmed at Obama’s downsizing of National Guard units, personnel and equipment

Posted by Dr. Fay on December 3, 2014

Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page on Monday:

Sarah Palin

We’re very proud of all our U.S. military forces! That includes our National Guard units, which can’t be taken for granted as they’re needed more than ever in these tumultuous times. When provided with good leadership, the Guard can always be counted on to complete successful missions and assignments in defense of our nation. All supporters of our military look forward to being encouraged by a President who will respect the Guard and elected officials who will prioritize budgets to strengthen all our fighting forces. Of specific concern is the ratcheting down of units, qualified personnel and equipment, and this particular issue I cite is due acknowledgement by state and national leaders, asap. I look forward to politicians’ response to this, as it’s coming from the guys carrying the load in the Guard.

- Sarah Palin

(4 photos)

This is the petition webpage that she linked to:

Petitioning Representative Don Young and 5 others

This petition will be delivered to:


Don Young


Lisa Murkowski


Mark Begich

Alaska State House

Alaska State Senate

Alaska Governor

Save Alaska’s Long Range Surveillance Company

Russell Throckmorton

Wasilla, AK

We are expressing our concern regarding the potential loss of one of the Alaska National Guard’s most iconic and capable units, the Charlie (C) Company, Long Range Surveillance (LRS), 297th Squadron. This Airborne Company is the pride of the Alaska National Guard, having served Alaskans in many forms since 1964, when it was first stood up as the 38th Special Forces Company, as the Alaska Territorial Guard was being disbanded. This is one of the few federally recognized Airborne Companies of the Army National Guard, and we take pride in our unique Alaskan heritage and mission.

The war-time mission of LRS is to infiltrate up to 100 miles behind enemy lines, and provide eyes on enemy assets, reporting information back to their command while remaining undetected. The same technology that is used for that is also useful during a domestic disaster, especially their state-of-the-art radio communications equipment and airborne capability. LRS can emplace a self-sustaining six-man team anywhere within the state of Alaska within hours of a natural disaster, and establish communication with the rest of the world, regardless of the loss of satellite, cellular and landline communications. They also have the ability to set up helicopter landing zones and parachute drop zones, in order to coordinate life-saving supply drops and medical evacuation helicopters.

Their expertise is augmented by the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, which is housed on Fort Richardson and is one of the key airborne brigades of the US Army. Soldiers transitioning out of 4/25 actively seek LRS. For many Soldiers who joined the Army specifically to become paratroopers, the opportunity to continue to serve in an Airborne unit within our great state is a key part of their decision to join the Guard. LRS serves as a crucial recruitment vehicle for retaining valuable Active Duty knowledge and experience.

The mission of LRS ensures that its Soldiers have access to unique military schools. Should LRS disband, then access to the Army’s premiere leadership training also disappears. LRS has acted as a gateway to many of the Guard’s senior leaders, who “grew up” in LRS, and used it as a stepping stone to advance to their current positions. We understand the nature of force reduction. We are not asking you to not make changes. We are simply asking that you consider the advantages to retaining this unit.

C Company has a unique set of capabilities, which are essential to protecting Alaskans. Eliminating LRS could damage the belief in Alaska’s homeland defense, and be detrimental to the Guard’s recruiting and retention efforts. LRS has spent fifty years building this capability, along with relationships with Alaskan. Once this capability is removed, it will take several years to rebuild, due to the years of training required to create a qualified Long Range Surveillance Soldier, and years beyond that to create qualified leaders.

Go here to sign.

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Thanksgiving at the Palins

Posted by Dr. Fay on December 3, 2014

Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page today:

Sarah Palin

Soooo, our Thanksgiving setting may be unconventional for those who spend time worrying about children spilling juice on the pretty carpets, sticky fingerprints on the good China, and gravy stains on the fine linen, but it’s just right for those who want a few less worries when family gets together. Before that scrumptious holiday meal in the makeshift dining hall and a couple wild rounds of Eskimo Bingo in our dressed up workshop where no one worries about spills on the concrete (I just hose it down after dinner, literally), Bristol explains why we pause:

- Sarah Palin

(8 photos)

More photos here.

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(Updated) Gov. Palin: Happy Thanksgiving and may God continue to bless our country!

Posted by Dr. Fay on November 27, 2014

UPDATE:  Later in the day, Governor Palin posted another Thanksgiving greeting along with an SPC video on Facebook:

Happy Thanksgiving! “A joyful and pleasant thing it is to be thankful.” – Psalm 147

Enjoy the video! And it’s not too late (if, like me, you want a second – or third – dessert) to whip up this simple, scrumptious pie! See here:

- Sarah Palin


Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page this morning:

 Photo: At a time when our nation is too often divided on the challenges facing us, it’s such a great blessing that we can all come together to remember just how blessed we are to be Americans. Thanksgiving is an opportunity to remind our children why our nation is exceptional. God has truly shed His grace on thee, America! Let’s take time today to express our gratitude for the providential hand that has always guided us to a better future. And remember to hug your loved ones and tell them how grateful you are for them. We can never do that too much. Happy Thanksgiving and may God continue to bless our country! - Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

At a time when our nation is too often divided on the challenges facing us, it’s such a great blessing that we can all come together to remember just how blessed we are to be Americans. Thanksgiving is an opportunity to remind our children why our nation is exceptional. God has truly shed His grace on thee, America! Let’s take time today to express our gratitude for the providential hand that has always guided us to a better future. And remember to hug your loved ones and tell them how grateful you are for them. We can never do that too much.

Happy Thanksgiving and may God continue to bless our country!

- Sarah Palin

We at SPIB would also like to wish all of our friends and readers a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving Day and weekend ahead.  As we enjoy time with friends and family, let’s take time to remember that first Thanksgiving and why the Pilgrims came to America.

It is saddening that revisionist history, whose goal is to deny our country’s religious roots,  describes the Pilgrims as members of a “radical Puritan faction” (  Keeping that in mind for the first site linked to below, here are some sites that contain some interesting information about the Plymouth Colony:

The Plymouth Colony Archive Project

Members of the Leyden congregation ultimately made the decision to leave Holland, but they were uncertain in choosing a new place for habitation. They could not return to England for the same reasons that had forced their exile into Holland twelve years before. It appears that English America was the closest possible substitute for Old England, and they would be free to worship as they saw fit. In their struggle for a new residence, many of the group expressed a new desire “of laying some good foundation . . . for the propagation and advancing the gospel of the kingdom of Christ in those remote parts of the world . . .” (Bradford 1981: 26). This notion was significant and remained a motivation for English emigration into New England for decades to come.

Plymouth Colony

Plymouth Colony founded in 1620 in what is now Massachusetts, was an early English colony in New England. It was founded by “Pilgrims”, who were members of a Puritan religious group known as the Separatists. It is most famous for introducing Thanksgiving and, more important, introducing self government into America through the “Mayflower Compact,” signed aboard their ship, the Mayflower. Plymouth Colony later merged with the Massachusetts Bay Colony to form the colony of Massachusetts.


Plymouth holds a unique role in American history as the beginnings of the nation’s democratic culture through the Mayflower Compact. Rather than a commercial venture like Jamestown, its citizens sought freedom from religious persecution and a place to settle and worship God in a way they saw fit. The social and legal systems of the colony were closely tied to strong religious beliefs.

Many of the anecdotes and events surrounding Plymouth Colony have become part of American identity, including the tradition of Thanksgiving and the monument at Plymouth Rock. Despite the colony’s relatively short history, it has become an important clue to what is “American.”

Thanksgiving: A Timeless Lesson

But the earliest settlements of New England were not established easily. The first permanent settlement had its origins in the restlessness of a small, devoutly religious group of Englishmen living in the Netherlands. Since they felt that their only hope was withdrawal from the established church, they were called Separatists.

Persecution had forced them to flee to Holland in 1609. Yet, after a decade in the Netherlands, the English Separatists were eager to move again. Holland’s society was hospitable and tolerant, but it was too densely settled for the Separatists, who desired to remain apart from the world.

William Bradford, in his History of Plymouth Plantation, explained why the Separatists moved from Holland: “But that which was more lamentable, and of all sorrows most heavy to be borne, was that many of their children … were drawn by evil examples into extravagant and dangerous courses, getting the reins off their necks and departing from their parents. Some became soldiers; others took upon them far voyages by sea; and others some worse courses tending to dissoluteness and danger of their souls to the great grief of their parents and dishonor of God” (Louis B. Wright, The Atlantic Frontier, Cornell University Press, Ithaca, New York, 1959, p. 105).

Another of their reasons, says Bradford, was an “inward zeal … of laying some good foundation … for the propagating and advancing the gospel of the kingdom of Christ in those remote parts of the world; yea, though they should be but even as stepping stones unto others for the performing of so great a work” (Wright, p. 106).

So it was that the Mayflower weighed anchor September 16, 1620, with 101 prospective settlers aboard. After 65 storm-tossed days, the Mayflower landed, not on Virginia soil that the sojourners had contracted for, but at Cape Cod. Ill and weary, the Pilgrims abandoned their hope for Virginia land and settled in New England. Throughout the rough voyage, they had lost one by death and added two by birth (ibid.).

Is Thanksgiving Rooted in a Biblical Festival?

Why did the Pilgrims have this strong attraction to the Hebrew Scriptures? Is it a coincidence that the Pilgrims were the first successful colony in New England and were able to set their stamp on American culture and religion? Let’s explore these questions and see what history reveals.

Few realize how solemnly and literally the Pilgrims took the Bible. Jewish sources in particular continue to note, although recognizing there is not a direct link between the two, the striking resemblance of the Thanksgiving celebration to the Feast of Tabernacles, which Scripture also calls the Feast of Ingathering.

Here is one typical opinion: “Sukkot, the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles, celebrates the autumn harvest; a similarity to the Thanksgiving holiday observed in the United States which is not coincidental. Prior to making their way to the New World, the Pilgrims, themselves the victims of religious persecution, spent several years among Sephardic Jews in Holland. When they later celebrated the legendary first Thanksgiving, their conscious frame of reference was Sukkot” (“Sukkot ,”


“The festival also celebrates the harvest, coming, as it does, at summer’s end, so that it is a time of thanksgiving. (The Puritans, who took the Old Testament more seriously than most Christians, modeled the American holiday of Thanksgiving after Sukkot [the Hebrew name for the Feast of Tabernacles])” (1996, comment on John:7:2).

This connection is not well known among most secular U.S. historians, but the Jews, who also arrived very early at the New England colonies, have kept track of this historical parallel.

“As Leviticus 23 teaches,” explains Barney Kasdan, “Sukkot was to be a time of bringing in the latter harvest. It is, in other words, the Jewish ‘Thanksgiving.’ In fact, it is widely believed that the Puritan settlers, who were great students of the Hebrew Scriptures, based the first American Thanksgiving on Sukkot” ( God’s Appointed Times, 1993, p. 92).

William Bradford, who became the first Pilgrim governor and proclaimed the first Thanksgiving celebration, used the Scriptures—both Old and New Testaments—for guidance in governing the colony.

“Though it’s a uniquely American tradition,” adds a Jewish Web site, “the roots of Thanksgiving go back to ancient Israel. In a real sense, the Jews invented Thanksgiving. I count 28 references to the word thanksgiving in the King James Bible—all but six in the Old Testament. For the ancient children of Israel, thanksgiving was a time of feasting and fasting, of praising God, of singing songs. It was a rich celebration—and still is for observant Jews today.

“Bradford himself studied the Hebrew scriptures. The Pilgrims took them very seriously. The idea of giving thanks to God with a feast was inspired by that knowledge of the Bible. In a very real way, the Pilgrims saw themselves, too, as chosen people of God being led to a Promised Land…

“In addition to proclaiming a day of thanksgiving, like the ancient Hebrews did before them, Bradford and his flock also praised God’s loving kindness, the famous refrain of Psalms 106 and 107 and Jewish liturgy (‘Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, for His kindness endures forever’)” (“Thanksgiving, The Puritans and Prayer,”

So let us remember that the Thanksgiving celebration by the Pilgrims followed a journey to America for religious freedom and “for the propagation and advancing the gospel of the kingdom of Christ in those remote parts of the world.”   Our children need to know that America was founded on religious principles.  They will not learn that in public schools today, so it is our responsibility to make certain that America’s religious heritage is not forgotten.

Happy Thanksgiving Day, everyone!

Why We Celebrate Thanksgiving


UPDATE 2:  CBN posted a must read story with video today:

The Unlikely Hero of the First Thanksgiving

Also see our previous article:

From Joseph to Squanto and God’s Amazing Provision

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Governor Palin named by Smithsonian as one of ‘100 Most Signficant Americans of All Time’

Posted by Dr. Fay on November 24, 2014


This story  is lighting up the blogosphere this morning.  First reports are in:

C4P:   Smithsonian Names Governor Palin Among ’100 Most Signficant Americans of All Time’

US4P:  Smithsonian 100 Most Significant Americans: Sarah Palin

Palin4Prez:  Congratulations To Governor Palin Making The Smithsonian’s “100 Most Influential of All Time’ List

Free Republic:  Smithsonian makes list of 100 Most Significant Americans.(Bush, Palin, NOT Obama..)

Smithsonian:  Meet the 100 Most Significant Americans of All Time


From the Smithsonian:

Meet the 100 Most Significant Americans of All Time

A new, special issue of Smithsonian magazine attempts the impossible: to list out the most significant people in United States history

Smithsonian Magazine | Subscribe
November 17, 2014

How much does Thomas Paine matter? More than Harriet Beecher Stowe? Less than Elvis? On a par with Dwight Eisenhower? Would you have answered these questions differently ten years ago? Will you answer them differently ten years from now? In a culture so saturated with information and so fragmented by the search possibilities of the Internet, how do we measure historical significance?

Steven Skiena and Charles B. Ward have come up with a novel answer. Skiena is the Distinguished Teaching Professor of Computer Science at Stony Brook University and a co-founder of the social-analytics company General Sentiment. Ward is an engineer at Google, specializing in ranking methodologies. Their answer involves high-level math. They subject the historical zeitgeist to the brute rigors of quantitative analysis in a recent book, Who’s Bigger? Where Historical Figures Really Rank.

Simply put, Skiena and Ward have developed an algorithmic method of ranking historical figures, just as Google ranks web pages. But while Google ranks web pages according to relevance to your search terms, Skiena and Ward rank people according to their historical significance, which they define as “the result of social and cultural forces acting on the mass of an individual’s achievement.” Their rankings account not only for what individuals have done, but also for how well others remember and value them for it.

Their method requires a massive amount of big data on historical reputation. This they found in the English-language Wikipedia, which has more than 840,000 pages devoted to individuals from all times and places, plus data extracted from the 15 million books Google has scanned. They analyzed this data to produce a single score for each person, using a formula that incorporates the number of links to each page, the number of page visits, the length of each entry and the frequency of edits to each page. Their algorithms differentiate between two kinds of historical reputation, what they call “gravitas” and “celebrity.” Finally, their method requires a means of correcting for the “decay” in historical reputation that comes with the passage of time; they developed an algorithm for that, too. By their reckoning, Jesus, Napoleon, Muhammad, William Shakespeare and Abraham Lincoln rank as the top five figures in world history. Their book ranks more than 1,000 individuals from all around the world, providing a new way to look at history.

Skiena and Ward would be the first to acknowledge that their method has limitations. Their concept of significance has less to do with achievement than with an individual’s strength as an Internet meme—how vividly he or she remains in our collective memory. The English-language Wikipedia favors Americans over foreigners, men over women, white people over others and English speakers over everyone else. In their rankings of Americans only, past presidents occupy 39 of the first 100 spots, suggesting an ex-officio bias.

That’s where we come in. Smithsonian magazine has been covering American history in depth from its inaugural issue, published in 1970. Among the Smithsonian Institution museums we work closely with is the National Museum of American History. By synthesizing our expertise with the systematic rigor of Skiena and Ward’s rankings, we sought to combine the best of quantitative measures and qualitative judgment.

First, we asked Skiena and Ward to separate figures significant to American history from the world population. Then, rather than simply taking their top 100, we developed categories that we believe are significant, and populated our categories with people in Skiena and Ward’s order (even if they ranked below 100). This system helped mitigate the biases of Wikipedia.

We have highlighted what we decided was the most interesting choice within each category with a slightly fuller biographical sketch. And finally, we made an Editors’ Choice in each category, an 11th American whose significance we’re willing to argue for.


First Women

Eleanor Roosevelt
Hillary Clinton
Sarah Palin
Martha Washington
Hellen Keller
Sojourner Truth
Jane Addams
Edith Wharton
Bette Davis
Oprah Winfrey

Read more.

There are many more “reports” by the liberal left.  As the Free Republic put it:  “Read their angst.”

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Gov. Palin: Voters did not make Obama king in 2012

Posted by Dr. Fay on November 21, 2014

Tony Lee at Breitbart reports on the video that Governor Palin posted on Facebook yesterday:

Sarah Palin on Exec Amnesty: Obama Giving Americans ‘Middle Finger,’ Endangering Nation

20 Nov 2014

On Thursday, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin blasted President Barack Obama for endangering the country and screwing American workers–U.S.-born and legal immigrants–of all backgrounds with his executive amnesty for illegal immigrants.

In a video released on her Sarah Palin Channel before Obama’s White House executive amnesty address, Palin, who called for Obama to be impeached on behalf of American workers for his lawlessness on illegal immigration, said Obama is “betraying our trust” by going “against the wishes of the American people” with with his executive amnesty.

“In 2012, voters reelected President Barack Obama but they did not make him king,” she said, noting that the “error of Obama is almost over.”

Palin also mentioned that Obama said that his policies were on the ballot in the midterm elections, and voters elected a new Congress that is opposed to Obama’s agenda. She said the new GOP majority in Congress “has no obligation” to work with Obama to usher in “his agenda to fundamentally transform America.”

Palin said that to Obama, “democracy is an inconvenience” and “something to be discarded when the votes don’t go his way.”  She also said that Obama is “endangering our nation” by sending “an even louder message to the world that illegal  entry will be rewarded and lawlessness in the United States of America will be rewarded.”

She predicted the illegal immigration “flood” will become a “tsunami” after Obama’s executive amnesty. Palin feared that terrorists and dangerous criminals can take advantage of Obama’s executive amnesty and even receive free social services paid for by American taxpayers.

Palin, who has has always stood up for working-class Americans against the bipartisan permanent political class that has always wanted massive amnesty, reiterated that the the “last thing that working-class Americans need is more cheaper labor” flooding into America when many working-class Americans have not recovered from the recession. She said Obama’s executive amnesty will have serious “economic consequences for hard-working Americans of all backgrounds who were born here or came to America legally.” But she Obama does not care about the consequences for American workers and is willing to “appease one part of shrinking political base” and will disregard the law so more  “undocumented Democrats” can come out of the shadows.

Read more.

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Gov. Palin: America’s eyes are now focused on Louisiana!

Posted by Dr. Fay on November 16, 2014

Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page earlier today:

Sarah Palin

North Louisiana, it was so great to be back in Monroe! With your warm southern hospitality you sure made us feel right at home amidst the duck weather that arrived ahead of season! It’s an exciting time here. America’s eyes are wide open after this month’s election, and those eyes are now focused on Louisiana. This sportsman’s paradise is poised to send the final message to Barack Obama in the runoff election on December 6th. Congressman Bill Cassidy is ready to serve in the U.S. Senate as a fighter for Louisiana, as opposed to Senator Mary Landrieu who has been a voice for Barack Obama (voting with him 97% of the time) and has virtually ignored good Louisianans’ concerns for so many years. The status quo has got to go; Louisiana deserves the best, and Dr. Bill Cassidy is the best candidate for this great state! It’s so encouraging to see concerned Americans all across the country rally for the good doctor – including Louisiana’s own Duck Commander, Phil Robertson!

Never been prouder of Col. Rob Maness, a man of great character and commitment to serving our country. His efforts to unify the party behind Dr. Cassidy are truly admirable. (With the Colonel’s bright future in public service, one can envision a future Cassidy/Maness team fighting for conservative principles in Washington.)

And Zach Dasher is a bold, sharp leader with a beautiful family and shining future who has unified behind his former opponent, Dr. Ralph Abraham, for U.S. Congress. Dr. Abraham, another veteran, has a servant’s heart with his “Pilots for Patients” service that provides free flights for patients far from medical care. Thank you to Dr. Abraham’s great charity for letting us use their hangar for the Unity Rally yesterday. Todd felt right at home surrounded by all the aircraft and gear!

Louisiana, your spirit inspires the rest of America; your great candidates bode so well for you on December 6th. We’ll cheer you on as you exercise your right to vote for these good guys. The USA needs them fighting for us all!

Here’s information on Dr. Bill Cassidy:
and Dr. Ralph Abraham:

- Sarah Palin

photo credit: Dacia Idom/The News-Star

(11 photos)

See more photos here.
Governor Palin and Todd also had dinner with Duck Commander Phil Robertson and his family that evening.  Read about that and see the photos  here.

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98-year-old veteran’s last salute on Veterans Day

Posted by Dr. Fay on November 16, 2014

Governor Palin shared a link to this story on her Facebook page yesterday:


Final Salute: Veteran Dons Uniform on His Deathbed

A proud soldier to the end, U.S. Army veteran Justus Belfield, 98, saluted from his nursing home bed in upstate N.Y. on Veterans Day after donning his uniform for one last time. He died the next day.

Read more.

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Gov. Palin congratulates Walker and Mallott on their Alaska win

Posted by Dr. Fay on November 15, 2014

Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page today:

Sarah Palin
Congratulations, Bill Walker & Byron Mallott!
Photo: Congratulations, Bill Walker & Byron Mallott!

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Gov. Palin: Kudos to Richard Engel for his excellent special with Lieutenant General Barbero

Posted by Dr. Fay on November 15, 2014


Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page last night:

Sarah Palin shared a link.
Kudos to Richard Engel for his excellent special with Lieutenant General Michael Barbero (ret.) about why we should have kept a residual force on the ground in Iraq to prevent a situation like the rise of ISIS. Barbero candidly admits that our military made the wrong assessment in believing Iraqi forces could take over for us when we withdrew. He explains that they had to believe it at the time because “it was stated policy” – in other words the Obama administration’s policy trumped the reality on the ground, and the result of this political shortsightedness has been the disastrous rise of ISIS. Check out this short video from Engel’s report. It’s great to see another network join the excellent reporting that FOX News has been doing all along on this topic.

- Sarah Palin

Barbero: US miscalculated response to ISIS
Video on Lieutenant General Michael Barbero explains to Richard Engel why he believes U.S. forces should have remained on the ground to train and advise the Iraqi Army more effectively, which would have better prepared them for…

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Gov. Palin: Happy birthday, Secretary Rice!

Posted by Dr. Fay on November 15, 2014

Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page last night:

Sarah Palin

Happy Birthday, Secretary Rice! Thank you for your leadership and for serving as a great role model for American women. For your birthday, I hope the Browns keep their streak going! Hope you have a great day!

- Sarah Palin


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