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Kevin Scholla: ‘Amazing America with Sarah Palin’ is off to a roaring start

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 6, 2014

Excellent review of the premiere of Governor Palins new ‘Amazing America’ series by Kevin Scholla at

Review: New Sarah Palin TV Show Off to Amazing Start

A double shot of Americana from the Sportsman Channel Thursday night left viewers smiling from coast to coast. Amazing America with Sarah Palin made its long anticipated debut and for an extra treat a second episode ran immediately after the premiere. The back-to-back shows featuring the former Alaska governor were both enjoyable from start to finish.
The first two installments of Amazing America with Sarah Palin gave us a good idea of what we can expect for the season. Each thirty-minute program was packed with unique, interesting stories focusing on the outdoors and the Americans who love to work and play there.
In the first episode, Palin hosted from a studio wearing a pink “Girls With Guns” T-shirt. She introduced the segments and then kicked it over to her field hosts. Palin would interject with commentary and factoids as each story unfolded.
The first stop was Tennessee. That’s where field host Jerry Carroll paid a visit to professional wrestler “Cowboy” James Storm. The grappler gave Carroll quite a show. First he broke the ice by giving Carroll some wrestling duds to wear. Storm then invited Carroll into the ring and picked him up for a body slam. Luckily, for the fifty-something Carroll, Strong did not follow through, instead electing to lay Carroll down gently on his feet. When the real grappling started Carroll tagged out and let his “body double” take the beating.
Storm then brought Carroll along for an inside look at his cowboy lifestyle. They fired guns and rode horses. Storm showed off his Henry rifle. The guys finished up at a local watering hole for some beer. Both Storm and Carroll smiled ear to ear throughout their time together. At the end of the segment Palin returned and lauded Storm for the way he lives his life. “How great is it that so many years after they’ve tamed this land that we love, there are still modern day cowboys keeping the spirit alive in America,” Palin said.
The next amazing American featured was Julie Golob, the world class shooting champion. Field host Mark Christopher Lawrence met up with Golob at her home in Montana. The bubbly marksman proceeding to put on a clinic.
In sub-freezing temperatures, Golob competed with Lawrence in various events. Steel challenge, short course of fire, and IDPA were all on the docket. Lawrence did well and had a lot of laughs, but the world class champion Golob stole the show. Palin called Golob a “modern day Annie Oakley.”
After braving the cold, Golob invited Lawrence into her home. There, the Army veteran, wife, and mother of two showed off some of her most prized possessions…her guns. Lawrence’s eyes popped as he looked at what he described as a “small arsenal.” Golob shared some fun stories including the time she and her husband shot a deer while out on a date, all while she was pregnant. You can see why Palin wanted Golob on the show.
The visit ended with a little venison chili prepared by Golob. Lawrence clearly enjoyed every moment.
“Women are taking up arms and defending this country in droves,” said Palin. “Today more than ever women are becoming some of the most enthusiastic and skilled shooters.” Julie Golob is the perfect example.

The premiere of Amazing America with Sarah Palin left the viewer excited for more. Sportsman Channel accommodated them with a second episode immediately after the debut.  


In the second show, Palin left the studio and took to the outdoors herself. Fittingly, she was in her home state of Alaska. The entire show was dedicated to the Iditarod and one of its legendary mushers.

DeeDee Jonrowe is a hero to many in Alaska and around the nation. Not only is she one of the most accomplished mushers of all-time, but Jonrowe overcame cancer to get back on the sled. “DeeDee’s story is one every sportsman should know,” Palin said. She’s right. The perseverance and passion of this woman could serve as an inspiration to any athlete. Jonrowe, who just took part in her thirty second Iditatrod, was back in action just three weeks after chemotherapy. Her secret? “I feel God on my side,” Jonrowe told Palin.
Palin wanted an up close and personal story about the amazing dogs and mushers involved in the Iditarod. She got it…and then some.
First, Palin visited Jonrowe’s kennel, her office if you will, which is home to 62 dogs. Jonrowe introduced many of them to Palin including two playful pooches named Track and Trig. The Mama Grizzly gave the dogs some snacks and then things really got interesting.
Jonrowe suited up some of her dogs with pink, paw-protecting booties and took Palin out on the sled with a full mush team. “Unless you’re the lead dog, the view never changes”, Palin joked.
The ride got off to a rough start as Palin completely wiped out and fell off the sled. In typical Palin fashion she jumped right back on with a smile. “I’m good, let’s go,” said Palin.
As the two Alaskan women trekked down the historic trail, Palin let it all soak in. “What a  privilege to get to experience nature in this way,” she said. “This is what freedom means.”

Amazing America with Sarah Palin is off to a roaring start. If the rest of the season is as well put together as these first two shows, Sportsman Channel has a real hit anchoring its Thursday lineup.


Follow Kevin Scholla on Twitter @KevinScholla

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Kunich and Henderson: Sarah Palin’s Remarkable Staying Power

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 5, 2014

The authors of this article don’t appear to be Sarah Palin fans, but they have made some noteworthy observations.

From the article byJackie Kucinich and Nia-Malika Henderson at the Washington Post:

Sarah Palin’s remarkable staying power

Read more.

The Washington Post posted this graphic of  the success rate of Governor Palin’s 2010 endorsements:

Campaign 2010:  The Politics of Palin


Ron Devito has these stats on Palin’s 2012 endorsement success:

2012 Endorsements Success Rate: 57.14% of endorsed candidates in which an election has been held. In cases involving a runoff, we are counting the runoff as the election having been held for purposes of calculating the success rate of Gov. Palin’s endorsements. Six out of the eight wins were endorsed during the primary season and went on to win the general election. The success rate on this subset is 75%.


See also:

Keeping Score: Sarah Palin’s Winning Endorsements

Endorsement Power! Sarah Palin: 75% Success Karl Rove: $100′s of Millions Spent Only 1% Success



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Sarah Palin tells Iditarod musher she eats organic but has to shoot it first

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 4, 2014

Sportsman Channel news release posted at KVNU Radio:

Sarah Palin Talks About Killing Her Own Dinner


The Sportsman Channel(WASHINGTON) — Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin served up some down-home Alaska charm — and a platter of moose hot dogs and bear-meat chili — on her new reality TV show, Amazing America.

Hosting a television show is nothing new for the former governor, who began her career as a sportscaster for an Anchorage-area TV station and later hosted Sarah Palin’s Alaska on TLC.

She promises the new show, which premiered Thursday, will be “unscripted, uncensored, unchained.”

“I tell my kids, ‘Yes, we eat organic, we just have to go shoot it first,’” she told her first guest, DeeDee Jonrowe, a veteran Iditarod musher.

“Our meals happen to be wrapped in fur, not cellophane,” Palin said, noting she didn’t realize people actually bought meat until she attended college out-of-state.


In Thursday’s double-episode premiere, the conservative politician-turned-reality-show-host hit the trail with Jonrowe and her dogs.

“I love my life!” Palin screamed as she sped across the snow.

But Palin also made sure to slip in a reference to her political celebrity. “When I do some kind of hit on national television, and people see the background, they think it’s fake — it’s not!” she said.

Read more.


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Palin to Hannity: No Senate bid this year; Paul Ryan’s budget increases spending

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 4, 2014

Retrieved from iizthatiiz.

Governor Palin recorded a Hannity segment from Naples, Florida yesterday at the site where she was campaigning for Lizbeth Benacquisto .

FOX Nation posted a video and transcript:

HANNITY: All right, joining us now is former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. That is — how did that come about?

PALIN: Oh, man, you shouldn’t have shown me that! That was flippin’ funny. It’s the first time that I’ve seen it having aired. That was funny.

You know, in the neighborhood, just stopping by. Jimmy Fallon — I have great respect for him. He’s a comic genius, and I knew that he would do right by the mission that we’re on, and that is telling Putin, you know, Get your troops out of Ukraine, and America is going to be strong and we will see peace through strength. So it was fun to get to participate with Jimmy.

HANNITY: You know, I thought about you. It was just announced a couple hours ago that your old buddy, David Letterman, is retiring. And I was a — I’m a Leno guy, and I like Jimmy Fallon a lot. What is your reaction to Letterman getting out after he was so vicious to your family?

PALIN: Well, it’s cool! You know, out with the old, in with the new. Maybe he’ll start a trend when we talk about politics, too, politicians who, you know, have maybe been there in Washington, D.C., a bit too long, allow some new blood in there, some new energy, new ideas to get the country back on the right track, like Elizabeth down here in Florida, district 19, where I am, supporting the candidate who is running for the right reasons.

Maybe Letterman’s going to kind of start that trend. Out with the old, in with the new.

HANNITY: Well, any — a lot of people still want you to run. You don’t show any inclination yet that you’re interested in running for anything?

PALIN: Not for Senate this go-around, no. But in the meantime, I’m going to be out and about across the country getting, hopefully, the right people at least on the map, perhaps some underdogs, some unknowns, those who are, as I say, running for the right reasons, understanding government’s role in our lives.

Government’s role is to be as irrelevant in our lives as possible so that the individual can make decisions for themselves, their families, their businesses, and succeed and prosper, making sure that candidates who have that within them and want to allow that and those opportunities across the nation…


PALIN: Get them elected.

HANNITY: You know, I had Paul Ryan on my radio show today. And I brought up your criticism, and I read it to him, about the Ryan budget. He was adamant that if he had a chance to explain his budget to you — you had supported a previous budget of his — that he would convince you this is going to balance the budget in 10 years, it’s going to reform Medicaid, Medicare. It’s going to get rid of, you know, all sorts of spending, green energy, slush funds, and corporate welfare and workfare would…

PALIN: No. No. Well, no. Bless his heart, he probably has more faith in politicians than I do because I’ve been in this political arena on the local, state and now national level for a long time, and I don’t trust to future legislative bodies to adhere to today’s legislative body wishing that from 10 years from now, they will cut some budget.

What Paul Ryan’s budget does is, ultimately, it increases spending over 10 years $1.116 trillion. That’s trillion with a “T,” and that stands for trouble, trouble for our nation because it’s still — it still is involving deficit spending, increasing debt, and we can’t afford that because as I say, future — future congressmen and women don’t have to obey what today’s congressmen and women wish for in terms of budget cuts…

HANNITY: No, they’re not obligated.

PALIN: … that may happen in 10 years.

HANNITY: You know, I — look, I…

PALIN: No, they’re not obligated…

HANNITY: I wish we’d freeze spending…

PALIN: … and that’s why I don’t have that faith in politicians today.

HANNITY: I wish we’d freeze spending, cut one penny out of every dollar for six years, budget balanced, penny plan.

PALIN: Yes. Yes.

HANNITY: All right, Governor…

PALIN: That and we also need a balanced budget amendment.

HANNITY: That, too.

HANNITY: We need to elect those future officials who will support a budget that would be balanced.


PALIN: I mean, that’s common sense. We do that on the state level. Let’s do it on the national level.

HANNITY: All right, Governor, good to see you. Looks like you’re having fun down in Florida. Appreciate you being with us.

PALIN: On (ph) out (ph). It’s really good down here. Thank you.

HANNITY: All right, my home away from home.

Read more.


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Gov. Palin campaigns for Karen Handel in Georgia Senate race

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 4, 2014

Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page last night:

Liked · 8 hrs


Great to be back in Georgia today! Thank you, South Fulton County Women’s GOP, for your sweet southern hospitality as we swung in to your beautiful state to campaign for U.S. Senate candidate Karen Handel. She’s a superb commonsense conservative who’s willing and able to serve for all the right reasons! Tomorrow I’ll post Karen’s speech from today’s luncheon which should inspire you to get enthusiastically involved and fight hard for her and other selfless Americans offering to work for us in public office. We should be so thankful she’s willing to go to Washington to shake up the status quo. Please click the link below and help send Karen to fight for all of us as the next U.S. Senator from the great state of Georgia!

Here is a video from the event:


Retrieved from Karen Handel (h/tp Kal at Palin’s Army Blog
Handel is running to replace Senator Saxby Chambliss, who is retiring this year.  Christina Cassidy at OnlineAthens writes of yesterday’s event:

Sarah Palin campaigns for Karen Handel in Georgia Senate race

Former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, center, speaks at a county women's group meeting to campaign for Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Karen Handel, right, Thursday, April 3, 2014, in Union City, Ga. Palin is riding to the defense of the only Republican woman in the nomination fight for Georgia's open Senate seat, hitting back against GOP rival David Perdue's apparent dismissal of Karen Handel's high school education. (AP Photo/David Goldman)<br /><br />

UNION CITY | The hotly contested Senate race in Georgia was all about the political power of women Thursday, with Sarah Palin defending GOP hopeful Karen Handel against dismissive remarks by a male rival and Handel arguing that she’d nullify any Republican war-on-women talk by Democrats in the high-stakes November election.

“I would really love to see (Democratic hopeful) Michelle Nunn drop the ‘war on women’ on me,” Handel said to big applause at a luncheon with Palin for a county Republican women’s group. Handel gained notoriety as the former Susan G. Komen for the Cure executive at the center of a public outcry over the breast cancer charity’s decision, later reversed, to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood.

But Nunn, the likely Democratic nominee, has so far steered clear of the theme that proved effective for Democrats in 2012. In her first ad, released Thursday, Nunn instead appealed to Georgia’s independent voters by touting her leadership in the nonprofit Points of Light Foundation and mentioned its inspiration, President George H. W. Bush, by name.

Palin and Handel saved more of their ire for Republican rival David Perdue, a top candidate in the crowded GOP field who apparently put down Handel’s qualifications during remarks captured on video.

In the footage, the former Dollar General CEO discusses the economy and the federal deficit and notes Handel’s lack of a college degree. “There’s a high school graduate in this race, OK?” he says. “I’m sorry, but these issues are so much broader, so complex.”

Palin, the 2008 vice presidential nominee, former Alaska governor and GOP star, leapt to Handel’s defense.

“She pulled herself up. Nothing was handed to her on a platter, fed to her on a silver spoon,” Palin said of Handel during a campaign event Thursday. “For those who would criticize and mock that, it really makes me question their judgment.”

Handel, a former secretary of state, has said she left an abusive home as a teen and has used a message of overcoming obstacles as a key element of her campaigns. With Palin looking on, Handel took issue with Perdue’s comments.

“Some in this race think the problems in Washington are a little too complex for a gal like me,” Handel said. “I’m here to tell you that solving the problems in Washington is going to take guts and resolve.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution first reported the video in which Perdue appears to dismiss Handel’s education. His campaign spokesman said Thursday, “David was simply making the case that, based on experience, he is the best person in this race to help get our economy back on track so that we can start paying down the massive federal debt.”

The Georgia primary scramble for both parties isn’t until May 20. Seven Republicans and four Democrats are seeking their parties’ nominations.

Thursday’s early maneuvering reflects the political clout of women in Georgia and across the nation.

Female voters are always a key demographic and will remain so in the 2014 midterm elections. Every House seat and 36 in the Senate will be on the ballots and Republicans need gain only six seats in the Senate to win the majority.

Georgia’s open Senate seat is among the country’s most fiercely competitive, with female voters playing a key role.

According to the Georgia secretary of state, far more women voted in the last two elections than men. In 2012, 2.1 million women voted compared with 1.6 million men, and in 2010, 1.4 million women voted compared with 1.1 million men.

[...]But Handel has struggled to raise money to compete with the other GOP candidates. Her campaign said Thursday it had raised $100,000 since Palin announced the endorsement last week.

Perdue, cousin of former Gov. Sonny Perdue, and Kingston have been the money leaders while Gingrey has substantial funds from his prior congressional campaigns. Broun has been drawing support from conservative organizations, but he also trails in fundraising. Both Perdue and Kingston have been airing TV ads, and Perdue appears to be gaining momentum based on early polls.

Perdue launched another TV ad Thursday, emphasizing his “outside perspective” and “over 40 years of experience in the real world.”

Republicans Art Gardner and Derrick Grayson are also running. On the Democratic side, Nunn is competing against Democrats Steen Miles, Branko “Rad” Radulovacki and Todd Anthony Robinson.

Read more.

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Gov. Palin campaigns for Lizbeth Benacquisto in Florida

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 4, 2014

Governor Palin campaigned for Congressional candidate Lizbeth Benacquisto at a barbecue in East Naples yesterday afternoon.  Jacob Carpenter at writes:

Sarah Palin campaigns for fellow ‘mama grizzly’ Lizbeth Benacquisto

Scott McIntyre/Staff  State Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto, left, and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin joke with guests while they serve barbecue at a private fundraiser for Benacquisto's congressional campaign in East Naples on Thursday April 3, 2014.

Calling her a “mama grizzly” who will protect Southwest Florida, Republican political power Sarah Palin backed congressional candidate Lizbeth Benacquisto on Thursday, breezing through Southwest Florida for a private fundraiser.

Palin, the former governor of Alaska, 2008 vice presidential nominee and Republican firebrand, served up barbecue and a side of support for Benacquisto, one of four GOP candidates running in the April 22 special election for a vacated U.S. House of Representatives seat. The pair were joined by about 100 people in an East Naples backyard, listening as Benacquisto’s most high-profile endorser rallied her troops.

“It’s time to get a good character in there that we can respect and that we know will do well for the future of our country,” Palin said, alluding to disgraced former congressman Trey Radel. “She’s a mama grizzly. She’s one of those who will stand up to protect the next generation.”

For Benacquisto, still serving as a Fort Myers state senator and the Senate majority leader, the appearance was a calculated move to bolster support — and fundraising totals — with less than three weeks until the primary.

She skipped a Senate vote, hopped on a charter plane and arrived at about 6 p.m. for the $500 per plate fundraiser — though not all in attendance paid the full amount, Benacquisto said. She also missed a Sanibel Island forum attended by other three Republican candidates Thursday, choosing the Palin fundraising bump over the island event.

“To have Gov. Palin come into the district and share her thoughts and inspiration on the days leading up to Election Day, to have her here on behalf of my campaign, is just overwhelming,” Benacquisto said. “We’re just thrilled she’s here.”

Read more.

Video retrieved from iizthatizz.  h/tp US4Palin

Ron Devito has a series of tweets (some with photos) from the event as well as the video above here.  Isabel Matos, who attended the event, has a firsthand account and another video here.


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(Updated) Palin tells Putin (Fallon) he is no match for a ‘mama grizzly’

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 3, 2014

Video retrieved from pbbump.

Governor Palin and Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show sketch in which he played Vladimir Putin was hilarious and well-played.

Lisa De Moraes at Deadline Hollywood has a partial transcript:

Fallon set up the sketch, saying he had footage of the phone call Putin made right after calling President Obama a few days ago to discuss the situation in Ukraine. The second call was to discuss Palin’s claim she predicted Putin’s invasion of Ukraine back in 2008:

Palin: Hey, this is Sarah.

Putin: Hello, Miss Palin? It’s me. Vladimir.

Palin: Putin, what you doin’ calling me?

Putin: Well, I heard that back in 2008 you predicted that I would invade Ukraine. Is that true?

Palin: You betcha, Vlad.

Putin: I once invaded a country called Youbetchavlad. …  Anyway, since you so great at guessing my next move, who do you think I should invade next? I’m thinking Finland, Sweden – I hear Jamaica is nice this time of year.

Palin: My advice to you would be, you get those troops out of Ukraine right now.

Putin: Whoa, Captain Buzzkill. It was joke. But seriously, I could have used your predicting powers in office March Madness pool – my bracket’s totally busted.

And so the night wore on, Palin bringing up shooting a bear, Putin mentioning he preferred to take them down in hand-to-hand combat.

Palin: That’s why people say you’re such a strong leader.

Putin: Well, I come from strong genes. Obama comes from mom genes.

Palin:  (Giggles) Did anyone tell you you sound like that guy from Despicable Me?

Governor Palin and ‘Putin’ performed ‘Happy’ as a duet, with Fallon on a Russian balalaika and Palin on her flute.  ‘Putin’ then expressed a wish that a neighbor would bring him a bottle of vodka, and Palin, noting that Russia and Alaska are neighbors,  obliged by walking across the set and handing him one.  Putin remarked that Alaska really is close to Russia and maybe he should invade.  Governor Palin’s response was the highlight of the show:

Palin: I wouldn’t if I were you, Vlad. You may be able to take down a bear, but you’re no match for a Mama Grizzly.

At one point in the sketch, Mr. Mom Jeans (Obama) was discovered listening in on their conversation (he quickly hung up).  Governor Palin posted a photo of herself with Mr. Strong Genes and Mr. Mom Jeans on her Facebook page last night:

Photo: Ran into Mr. Strong Genes and Mr. Mom Jeans at the Tonight Show. Tune in to the Tonight Show tonight and tomorrow to “Amazing America” on Sportsman Channel!


Lisa De Moraes updated her post with this information this morning:

Jimmy Fallon led comfortably in the ratings last night, despite Jimmy Kimmel’s big “get”  –  first-ever JKL appearance by former President Bill Clinton. Fallon got a last-minute assist from former VPOTUS-candidate-turned-reality-TV-regular Sarah Palin. In Nielsen’s 56 metered markets, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon scored a household  3.0/7; CBS’ Late Show With David Letterman a 2.5/6, and ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live a 2.4/6. In the 25 markets with Local People Meters, adult 18-49 results were: Tonight at 1.1/5; Late Show’s 0.5/2; and JKL’s 0.8/4.

Also see:

Sarah Palin Cameo Mocks Obama, Shows ‘Tonight Show’ Knows It Can’t Lose Working-Class Crowd

Vlad Putin Calls Sarah Palin in What Might End Up Being One of Your Favorite ‘Tonight Show’ Skits Ever

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Gov. Palin: Ryan Budget IS a joke because it STILL is not proposing reining in wasteful government overspending TODAY

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 2, 2014

Sarah Palin during an appearance on NBC News'

Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page yesterday afternoon:

My Own Final Four Bracket For America’s Future

Holy Moly! Are you kidding? You’d think one who is representing the mighty Badgers, who made it to the Final Four based on sacrificial work ethic and discipline that obviously pays off in the end, he who represents the great state of Wisconsin that hosts this underdog celebrated college basketball team, would understand that future success depends on hard work and sacrifices. The latest Ryan (R, Wisconsin) Budget is not an April Fool’s joke. But it really IS a joke because it is STILL not seeing the problem; it STILL is not proposing reining in wasteful government overspending TODAY, instead of speculating years out that some future Congress and White House may possibly, hopefully, eh-who-knows, take responsibility for today’s budgetary selfishness and shortsightedness to do so. THIS is the definition of insanity. Do we still not understand how dangerous it is to allow government to grow unchecked as we shackle ourselves with massive debt – a good portion of which is held by foreign nations who don’t necessarily like us? If we can’t balance the budget today, what on earth makes us think it will happen at some future date? The solution is staring us in the face. We need to rein in spending today, and don’t tell me there is nothing to cut when we know every omnibus bill is loaded with pork and kickbacks.

Reading the article linked below gave me the same reaction that my daughter just caused when she punked me with a very unfunny April Fool’s Day announcement. As my Dad would say after these April Fool’s announcements, “This would kill a lesser man.” This out-of-control debt is killing our economic future.

- Sarah Palin

Here’s the article:

Governor Palin successfully managed the budget for Alaska during her tenure as governor of that state..  Stacy Drake’s article at C4P entitled Governor Palin’s Executive Accomplishments details  just how well she did in the Budgeting and Spending section.

Also see:

Sarah Palin on the Issues:  Economy

Here is the article that Governor Palin linked to:

Tea Party: Paul Ryan’s New Budget A Work of April Fool’s Day Fiction


1 Apr 2014 post a comment

On Tuesday, Paul Ryan, Chairman of the House Budget Committee, released his proposed Fiscal Year 2015 budget, which increases spending in 2015 and 2016 but would balance the budget within ten years with planned cuts in out years that are more speculative.

Leaders of the Tea Party movement around the country reacted to Ryan’s budget with derision, calling it a work of fiction.

Judson Phillips, founder of Tea Party Nation, told Breitbart News “Ryan’s budget should be found in the book store in the fiction department.  If there is one thing we know about Washington, increased spending now with the promises of spending cuts on the future means we will get the spending but never the cuts.”

Phillips had a message for Ryan.  “Why don’t we reverse the order?  Spending cuts now and maybe spending increases in ten years. “

Ben Cunningham, founder of the Nashville Tea Party, told Breitbart News it is fitting that Ryan released his budget on April Fool’s Day. “On this day when we celebrate fools, we are once again presented with a budget by Republicans and asked to believe it is something more than a political document,” Cunningham said.

“If Republicans are serious about avoiding national bankruptcy they will stop appropriating nonexistent funds for $400,000 camel statues. Until then WE are the fools if we trust but do not verify,” Cunningham added.

Mark Kevin Lloyd, a Virginia Tea Party activist, was equally dubious. “I got tired of watching Popeye reruns when I was a kid in the ’60s,” he told Breitbart News. “Wimpy was always asking for a hamburger today, and offering to pay next Tuesday.  That is exactly what this budget does for us.”

“The sad fact is that the promised reductions never come,” Lloyd said.”Future congresses are not bound by the dreams, schemes, and chicanery of previous congresses.  These people think the American people are stupid, and the fact that we keep letting them get away with it makes me believe they might be right.”

Read more.


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Palin to Stump for Benaquisto in Southwest Florida

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on April 2, 2014


From Lizbeth Benaquisto’s Facebook page:

Excited to announce that Governor Sarah Palin is coming to Southwest Florida this week to join me on the campaign trail!

Want to meet Sarah Palin on Thursday? Email for details #LizbethForCongress #FL19

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Sportsman Channel’s ‘Amazing America’ Ads: Amazing Photography

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 1, 2014

Following is  a series of  posts from the Sportsman Channel’s Facebook page  inviting folks to watch the premiere of Amazing America this Thursday at 8 PM EST. ——————————-

If this mother grounds you, you’ll regret it. Don’t get grounded. Watch Amazing America with Sarah Palin. Premieres Thursday at 8 PM E/P.


This video is what the hype is all about. Sarah Palin explains America and Amazing.!



Guess who is coming WITH dinner? Sarah Palin locks and loads on Amazing America, premiering this Thursday at 8 PM E/P.
Photo: Guess who is coming WITH dinner? Sarah Palin locks and loads on Amazing America, premiering this Thursday at 8 PM E/P.
W.W.S.P.D? Now you know. Learn more about Sarah Palin on Amazing America, premiering April 3rd at 8 PM E/P.
Photo: W.W.S.P.D? Now you know. Learn more about Sarah Palin on Amazing America, premiering April 3rd at 8 PM E/P.
Naughty or nice, just make sure you watch. That’s our advice. Amazing America with Sarah Palin premieres April 3rd at 8 PM E/P.
Photo: Naughty or nice, just make sure you watch. That’s our advice. Amazing America with Sarah Palin premieres April 3rd at 8 PM E/P.
Lions and Tigers and Bears… oh @&#$! Sarah Palin hosts Amazing America starting April 3rd at 8 PM E/P.
Photo: Lions and Tigers and Bears… oh @&#$! Sarah Palin hosts Amazing America starting April 3rd at 8 PM E/P.
She’s coming to “pump you up.” Sarah Palin arrives in 6 days to host Amazing America. BE there. April 3rd. 8 PM E/P.!
Photo: She’s coming to “pump you up.” Sarah Palin arrives in 6 days to host Amazing America. BE there. April 3rd. 8 PM E/P.!
If God didn’t want us to eat animals, He wouldn’t have made them out of meat. Sarah Palin brings dinner on Amazing America, premiering April 3rd at 8 PM E/P.
Photo: If God didn’t want us to eat animals, He wouldn’t have made them out of meat. Sarah Palin brings dinner on Amazing America, premiering April 3rd at 8 PM E/P.
GUN IT. with benny spies, co-host of Amazing America, gives us the goods on why he thinks America is amazing. Amazing America premieres on April 3rd at 8 PM E/P.
GUN IT. with benny spies will even run with massive, horned bulls. What’s the craziest and most amazing thing you have ever done?! Amazing America with Sarah Palin premieres April 3rd at 8 PM E/P. Learn More:
Photo: GUN IT. with benny spies will even run with massive, horned bulls. What’s the craziest and most amazing thing you have ever done?!  Amazing America with Sarah Palin premieres April 3rd at 8 PM E/P.  Learn More:
Sarah Palin is getting ready to go “Red, Wild, and Blue.” Amazing America premiers April 3rd at 8PM E/P on Sportsman Channel.
America Prepare to be Amazed. Don’t miss Amazing America with Sarah Palin
*Show premiers April 3rd!*

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