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James DeLong: Jonathan Tobin’s criticisms of Sarah Palin are ridiculous

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 22, 2014

From an article by James V. DeLong at the American Thinker:

Commentary and Sarah Palin


A prominent member of the Republican establishment has decided once again to damn Sarah Palin with faint praise.

In a recent column on Susana Martinez of New Mexico, Jonathan Tobin says: “there is little doubt about the reality of another war on women: the one that is being waged by left-wing ideologues against any female Republican who dares to emerge on the national political stage.”

Tobin is a senior online editor at Commentary, so his columns provide a reasonable window into establishment Republican opinion.


Tobin’s criticisms are ridiculous.  Palin was faced with a well-funded assault designed to use vague ethics laws to attack her repeatedly.  As the Progressives know well, mud sticks, so this in itself was seen as useful, and Palin, who was not personally rich, did not have the financial resources to counter a serious campaign.

So rather than play a game rigged against her that she must lose, Palin changed it by resigning.  What does Tobin think she should have done?  There is no point in putting the question to Progressives, who attack the resignation because they have no interest in truth, but it is fair to demand that the Tobins provide an answer.  Should she have gone down in a morass of personal bankruptcy and fraudulent charges so the conservative establishment could wring its collective hands over the nastiness of the left?  (Perhaps this is indeed their view; another Commentary writer recently bemoaned the Koch brothers’ willingness to go toe to toe with Harry Reid.)

As for the “bitter” tone, what does that mean?  Palin expresses anger and firmness, but why is this “bitter”?  If the attacks were unfair, why was it wrong to meet them with anger?  And why is it wrong to keep on meeting the distortions of the left with firmness and humor?  (That Tobin thinks she lacks wit just means he has not seen her speak.)  She does not subscribe to one of Commentary’s themes, which is that we are all reasonable people and that the left will eventually be persuaded by the force of our superior logic, so she understands the importance of determination and élan.

We will see about the electoral future.  Palin will do what she does, which is rally the forces of liberty and support good candidates.  She will not triangulate or dissemble.  The current wisdom of the political class is that this does not result in electoral victories, a conclusion borne out by Obama’s success.  But political climates change, and honesty and patriotism may someday come back in style.  One would think Commentary, a staunch supporter of Israel, would appreciate Palin’s firmness.

The final bafflement is that Tobin thinks he can kowtow to the left over its treatment of Palin, but stand up to it when the same weapons are leveled against other women.  Or leveled against others who try to escape the liberal plantation, such as Justice Clarence Thomas, or Miguel Estrada, denied a judgeship by the Progressives because he is Hispanic.  To abase oneself every time the opposition finds a flaw in one’s champions is a prescription for failure.

In the end, Tobin and his ilk reveal themselves as snobs, anxious to impress the chattering class Ivy Leaguers of Washington and the coasts by rejecting this hick from Alaska.  This makes them easy prey for any leftie who looks down his nose and says of some Republican woman, “She’s not really one of us, you know.”

So they need to wise up and get in the game. And that game is not beanbag.

James V DeLong has two degrees from Harvard.  He agrees that Palin is not one of us chattering-class Ivy Leaguers; she is better than that.

Read more.

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AmmoLand: Marathon of ‘Amazing America’ April 22-25

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 21, 2014

Posted at today:

Amazing America with Sarah Palin

Sportsman Channel

New Berlin, Wis. --( Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor TV for American sportsmen and women, will offer marathon coverage of Amazing America with Sarah Palin beginning on Tuesday, April 22, 7 p.m. ET, and running during the 7 p.m. hour until Friday, April 25.

Viewers will travel cross-country with Sarah Palin and field hosts Jerry Carroll, Benny Spies and Mark Christopher Lawrence, as they experience the people, places and things that make America what it is.

“We really get out to showcase those who believe in the outdoors lifestyle and some have even made an incredible living at it,” said Spies, field host of Amazing America with Sarah Palin.

“Everyone we visit will gladly sit out in the woods with you or sit on the dock with a line in the water, but they also have day jobs that may include driving around a track at 10,000 miles per hour!”

Viewers can expect to see Palin mushing on the back of a dogsled in Alaska, as well as Amazing America field hosts Carroll, Spies and Lawrence taking part in lifelike military training exercises, hunting for pirate treasure, and visiting celebrity outdoorsmen and women, like world class shooter Julie Golob, pro wrestler Cowboy James Storm, and Craig Morgan, a country music star who prides himself on living off the land.  The original series brings hard-working servicemen and women, business owners and more to the forefront of America’s success.

Amazing America with Sarah Palin is an anthology of stories that explore some of the most original, interesting – and sometimes inspiring – people, places and pastimes connected to America’s outdoor lifestyle.  Governor Palin takes viewers coast-to-coast into what Sportsman Channel calls “Red, Wild and Blue America” – where the American Spirit and the Great Outdoors are celebrated in equal measure. From everyday people to business leaders and celebrities; in cities, suburbs and towns; the leader of the “Status Go” movement – Palin – will help tell the stories of people and places that share and reflect her passion for what makes America amazing.

To find Sportsman Channel in your area, visit the Channel Finder

Read more.

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Gov. Palin: God bless you on this Easter Sunday

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 20, 2014

Retrieved from Early Bird Mom.


We at SPIB hope all of our friends and readers have had a wonderful and blessed Resurrection Sunday.  May the blessings of Easter follow you always.

We also want to wish Trig and Track Palin a Happy Birthday.  May your lives be filled with blessings and happiness.

Governor Palin posted the comment and photos below on her Facebook page today:

Sarah Palin added 2 new photos.

Happy Easter! This is a glorious day. May you be blessed with family and friends, a chocolate egg or two, and seeing some smiles on faces – young and old. I hope you’ll share the joy that this day represents as we renew and remember the redemptive love of God and the true hope that only He can bring.

God bless you on this Easter Sunday!

“And He departed from our sight that we might return to our heart, and there find Him. For He departed, and behold, He is here.” – St. Augustine

- Sarah Palin

PS: Happy birthday to both my boys, too! Here’s the littlest one on Friday heading into school to share birthday treats with his classmates – Peeps and applesauce!

Sarah Palin's photo.
Sarah Palin's photo.

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Gov. Palin: Our government’s priorities are so skewed.

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 18, 2014

Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page tonight:

Thank you, Jake Tapper, for covering this shocking story about anti-Semitic propaganda distributed by pro-Russian militants in Ukraine demanding Jews “register” their religion and property. Our U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine confirmed the story. The rest of the media must pursue this story and demand answers from the Obama administration as to what our President’s intention now is in light of this atrocious development that harkens back to frightening times for Jews.

Our government’s priorities are so skewed. The Middle East is a tinderbox; Russia flagrantly invades a sovereign nation, and we just draw more invisible red lines daring bad guys not to cross; we’re fed dishonest domestic denials as we discover our own government is spying on and harassing innocent U.S. citizens; our porous national borders are ignored while clueless politicians excitedly plan welcoming parties and more rewards for illegal foreigners to simply step right on over those borders; Democrats boast about our fake and jobless economic recovery, etc., etc. Yet the top priority of the President (he who is the face of the Democrat Party) and his bureaucrats seems to focus on heavy handedly lassoing Nevada cows to stick it to an American rancher. Meanwhile, the President’s minion, the most powerful man in the U.S. Senate who hails from the great state of Nevada, calls patriotic Americans “terrorists” as we try to get facts on the Bundy ranch cows and controversy in his state. Really? Prioritize much, Democrats?

Here’s the article to Jake Tapper’s report on the story in Ukraine:

- Sarah Palin

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T. W. Shannon Liberty Rally with Cruz and Lee first of 5 Palin events next week

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 17, 2014

Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page last night:


21 hrs

I really look forward to Rallying for Liberty with my friends Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Mike Lee as we gather in Tulsa next Thursday, April 24th. The Liberty Rally is in support of the enormously impressive constitutional conservative candidate T.W. Shannon for U.S. Senate! Hope to see you there – and hope time allows us to grab some great Oklahoma BBQ while we’re in town! More information about the event is available here:
Help spread the word – T.W. Shannon will make America proud!
This event will be the first of 5 events Governor Palin has scheduled for next week that we know of so far.  We listed 4 of them in a previous article, and another one was announced today.

From article by Roseann Moring at

Published Thursday, April 17, 2014 at 10:44 am / Updated at 11:47 am

article photo

Sarah Palin, Mike Lee coming to Nebraska for Ben Sasse rally

Read more.


h/tp Ron Devito

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Gov. Palin: April 27 “Heels On, Gloves Off” ShePAC rally to Support, Honor & Elect conservative women

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 16, 2014

Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page this evening:

3 hrs

Looking forward to being back in Iowa on April 27 for the “Heels On, Gloves Off” ShePAC rally to Support, Honor & Elect conservative women like U.S. Senate candidate Joni Ernst! Hope to see you there! See the photo for details and how to RSVP at — Spread the word!

Governor Palin has 3 events scheduled for next weekend. From our Upcoming Palin Events page:


APRIL 27, 2014


SP FB:  Looking forward to being back in Iowa on April 27 for the “Heels On, Gloves Off” ShePAC rally to Support, Honor & Elect conservative women like U.S. Senate candidate Joni Ernst!

Heels On, Gloves Off Rally for conservative women in West Des Moines, Iowa


APRIL 26, 2014


Guns, celebs and politics: NRA convention bringing offbeat buzz to Indy


APRIL 25, 2014


Sarah Palin to speak in Baldwin County

Gov. Palin Set to Speak at Baldwin County Republican Dinner”



Make that 4 events NEXT WEEK:


 APRIL 24, 2014




h/tp Ron Devito

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Gov. Palin: Chag kasher V’Sameach. Happy Passover

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 14, 2014

We at SPIB want to wish all our Jewish friends and readers Happy Passover also.  Chag Sameach.

Posted on Governor Palin’s website tonight:

Tonight Jewish families all over the world celebrate Passover, the commemoration of their freedom from bondage and their Exodus to the Promised Land. We join with them in spirit in celebrating mankind’s universal aspiration for freedom, and our prayers are especially with our Jewish friends in Israel. May they continue to flourish as a democracy in a region of the world so troubled by despotic regimes. Chag kasher V’Sameach. Happy Passover. And next year in Jerusalem!

- Sarah Palin

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(Updated) Eric Bolling: Gov. Palin to be on Cashin’ In Special this morning

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 12, 2014

Posted on Eric Bolling’s Facebook page this morning:

You’re not going to want to miss this lineup! 30 minutes that will shape the debate!

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h/tp Ron Devito



Here is a video of Governor Palin’s segment with Eric Bolling.

Video retrieved from sarahnettoo.

Governor Palin talked about Obama’s disrespect for the Constitution, a convention of states if necessary to reign in government overreach, her thoughts on a 2016 run by Hillary Clinton, and her own PSA with Jon Stewart.




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Sarah Palin talks about her new show and politics during Manhattan photo shoot

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 10, 2014
Alexandra Wolfe at the Wall Street Journal describes a photo shoot and interview in Manhattan for Governor Palin’s new outdoors series, ‘Amazing America.’

Sarah Palin is walking through a suite in the Peninsula New York Hotel in midtown Manhattan trying to find the great outdoors. The former GOP vice presidential candidate is being photographed before the launch of her new reality series, “Amazing America,” which features human-interest tales about outdoor adventures, ranging from a blacksmith championship to a car race among pastors. But the suite doesn’t even have a landscape painting. She finally finds a window to pose in front of, but it’s facing a brick wall, not the wilderness.

Crammed into two tiny rooms with eight other people—including her husband and two handlers—Ms. Palin doesn’t want to be “burned” by unflattering photographs, which has happened in the past, she says. Wearing a V-neck shirt, black skinny jeans and a glittering “Girls with Guns” belt and buckle, she also doesn’t want to wear the camouflage jacket that the photographer has brought for her, nor will she succumb to his French charm. She certainly doesn’t want to perch on any furniture.

As the photographer clicks away, Jason Recher, a former George W. Bush aide and her longtime aide, tries to move things along. “Next frame, next frame, next frame,” he says, glancing over the photographer’s shoulder. Ms. Palin has a busy schedule this day. She has had back-to-back meetings and appearances, and over the course of the hourlong interview and photo shoot, she drinks several glasses of Diet Coke.

Her handlers say that she wants this interview to focus on her new show on the Sportsman Channel, not on politics. But she hasn’t shied away from the political debate, as shown by her daily Facebook and Twitter posts (often in all-caps) about foreign and domestic policy. She has given public support to a few Republican candidates and will soon head to a fundraiser for Lizbeth Benacquisto, a state senator in Florida who is running for Congress.

Ms. Palin deflects questions about whether she herself will run for office in 2016. “My plans are more immediate than that,” she says, “and that is helping get good people elected in 2014 to undo much of the blundered Barack Obama agenda that has not allowed the economic recovery in this country that Americans deserve.” By trying to put new people in positions of power, such as Greg Abbott, a Republican gubernatorial candidate in Texas, and Joni Ernst, a Republican Senate candidate in Iowa, she says that she hopes to help “get America on the right track in getting people hired and industry back here cruising and booming—that’s what we need in America!”

Much of Ms. Palin’s campaigning has been on social media. She likes putting her views online, she says, because she thinks that she can get her message out more directly. “I’m not a big fan of the conventional—[what] I call ‘lamestream’—media because they too often filter my message,” she says. “I get to go right to the people and the millions of followers I have on my Facebook, and I get to talk to them and interact with them.” Ms. Palin has 1.05 million Twitter followers and more than 4 million Facebook-page likes.

As she starts to discuss how political correctness is part of the media’s filter, the publicist from the Sportsman Channel, who is sitting next to her, clears his throat. (When asked later if he was cuing her, he said that he wasn’t; he had a cold.) She changes gears quickly: “A show like this, which is unfiltered, is going to be very refreshing because, no! It’s not going to be politically correct,” she says. “Thank God! Because most people aren’t politically correct, and that’s relatable.”

Why didn’t she run in 2012? “Too busy,” she says quickly. “Young family, busy family, lots going on, and today there’s still a lot going on.” She prefers endorsing candidates, “finding underdogs who have a servant’s heart and have the ability and they have the willingness to serve America for the right reasons,” she says. The publicist clears his throat again, and she continues: “But the show isn’t political at all; it is about hardworking, patriotic, everyday American life that needs to be highlighted. We need more family-oriented, positive, uplifting shows to watch, and this is going to be one of them.”

The great outdoors have inspired many of Ms. Palin’s key phrases and political ideas. She came up with the term “Mama Grizzly” a few years ago after watching a group of bears catching salmon in Homer, Alaska. She soon realized, “The mamas are doing all the work!” While the male bears played and wrestled, she says, the females “are catching the fish and feeding the babies, and they’re protecting the babies and taking swats at any other bear that would come bug their cubs and perhaps be a threat to their cubs,” she explains. After observing the bears that day, she discovered, “It’s the mama grizzlies that are looking out for that next generation,” she says. “So politically, I’m finding mama grizzlies who will look out for America’s future.”

How would she convince women to vote Republican in 2016 if Hillary Clinton ended up being the Democratic nominee? “Hopefully gender isn’t going to be an issue in anyone’s judgment of who the best candidate will be to help lead America,” she replies. “I’m fortunate to have grown up in a very independent and hardworking family where gender was never an issue.”

Ms. Palin doesn’t hesitate to criticize members of her own political party. Earlier that week, she had called Rep. Paul Ryan‘s budget proposal a “joke.” She wrote on her Facebook page, “It STILL is not proposing reining in wasteful government overspending TODAY.” Today, she says, “We should make government as irrelevant in our lives as possible.”

Ms. Palin also resents government surveillance, as she makes clear in referring to Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor who leaked documents about the agency’s collection of data, including the phone call records of millions of Americans. “Snowden isn’t the problem!” she says. “The American government spying on its own people is the problem!” She finishes her thought by saying, “The smaller the government, the bigger the people, and this show talks about big, bold, beautiful America.”

One area where Ms. Palin doesn’t want to reduce government spending is the military. She says that with a strengthened military, she would have handled Russia’s annexation of Crimea differently from how President Obama did. “I’d put the fear of God in our enemies!” she almost shouts. “Like Ronald Reagan did! I wouldn’t be cutting the military. You strengthen the military!”

In her view, is Russia or China a bigger threat? “We don’t know enough about what China is capable of yet, so I’d have to say Russia,” she says. But she remains concerned about the Middle East. She calls the area a “tinderbox with dangerous cells going that are full of bad guys,” adding, “We need to have our defenses ready!”

Read more.

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Gov. Palin warns Eric Holder about ID bracelets for gun owners: “You don’t want to go there, buddy.”

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 9, 2014

Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page this afternoon:


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Attorney General Eric Holder thinks government should force gun owners to wear special “identifying” bracelets?

Hey Eric, these are my identifying bracelets:
One honors our military;
One honors independent Americans who have a healthy distrust of Washington’s permanent political class and who will fight against elitists hell-bent on fundamentally transforming the USA;
And one celebrates the year 1791 – that glorious year our Bill of Rights came to be, with the cross and bones symbol representing our Founders’ “Death to Tyranny” commitment, and on each side you’ll see symbols of my faith. Complete with Swarovski crystals, I might add.

Eric, you can replace my identifying bracelets with your government marker when you pry them off my cold, dead wrists.

And, Eric, “You don’t want to go there, buddy.”

- Sarah Palin

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